Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell

Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell

Having a busy weekend ahead, I scrambled in to the local strip mall to try and round up a Father's Day present for my dad for Sunday which is Father's Day, and WOAH! Seriously, WOAH! Where was the huge bright sign hanging from the rafters of any store heralding the coming of Father's Day? Where was the entire front aisle of the store redecorated with gift baskets, and gift cards, and suggested outfits your dad would love? Come to think of it, how many ads had I heard recently on the radio mentioning Father's Day?

Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell

Thankfully I already had a gift in mind for my dad and could easily find all the bits and bobs, but I'll admit it guys---father's----you're absolutely right. When it comes to those of you who have been in your child's life, their whole life, who have kissed every ouchie, and wiped all the tears, and helped change all the diapers, and held down the fort during broken hearts, at least commercially, it was as if you didn't even exist.

Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell

As much as I am a hardened supporter of Mom's, I also have a dad who raised me right along side my mom and at least for the two of them, most of everything having to do with my care was done equally. My dad didn't just sit back and proclaim raising children is "women's work!" Outside of feeding me as a baby, he helped do just about everything.

Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell

I guess my point is, your dad, if he's one of the good ones, deserves the same amount of love and attention given to your mom on mother's day. Don't just throw him a tie and call it a day, actually spend some quality time with your dad and let him know you appreciate all he's done for you. A Mom's job is never done, but so too is a good dad's. Raising kids is not easy and if you have a father in your life who took on the challenge and did the best he could and loved you and cared for you, let him know. I also dedicate this to all the men who have stepped up in a child's life to become that father figure. Being a dad is not always just about biology, but those uncles, and friends, and adoptee dads, and step fathers who take on the role without question out of pure love for those they see as their children.

Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell
Is It Father's Day: I Can't Tell
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  • nightdrot

    Honestly, I really appreciated this "MyTake," and thought it made a superb point. Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is about gratitude - a virtue we see too little of.

    Still, speaking for myself, every day I get home and those three little gifts my girlfriend gave me run up to me and call me "Daddy" and get all excited and hug and kiss me - that's all the thanks I will ever need. To me, every day I get that is Father's Day.

    Best job in the world - and they, and their mom - are all I could ever ask for and more than I deserve.

    Kids, honey, if you happen to read this - (actually, the kids are too young, but you know what I mean), "I love you with all my heart."

    Now, it is off to the park to play "tickle monster!!!"

Most Helpful Girl

  • Alice2398

    Actually in the uk I've been pretty shocked to see a lot of people are making a big deal out of fathers day this year not like most years before.

    I got my dad a Madness vinyl and some beers. He drives me crazy sometimes but he's my best friend and he's never let me down. Im so grateful to have good, hard working, stable parents who care about me and love me because im aware unfortunately that's not the reality for so many others

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  • dancing_in_nebulas

    Men are less expensive and entitled than women.

    Women expect gifts and attention for all their hardwork and sacrifice, whereas dads are pretty much content with it being just another day.

    Its only about money.

    Valentines day doesn't get upset that Christmas gets a whole almost three months dedicated to preparing for it.

    Its because Christmas brings in more money.

    Mothers bring in more money compared to fathers, due to the expectation and social pressure that it has to be done for them.

    Men literally grow up being taught to be more humble, content, and givers (providers,) rather than receivers.

    Most dads even, are bbqing for their entire families on this day, still providing food, whereas, mothers are taken out to eat and catered to.

    Most dads are receiving the, "I know its Fathers Day, but can you please do A, B, and C, because Im soooo tired / busy," from their spouses - though the mom flips out being asked to do anything for HER mothers day.

    It annoys the shit outta me really. Like let dads have a day to chill and be catered to.

    But, Fathers day doesn't bring in enough money to have all the big money merchants backing them up.

    So, dont be fooled. Its not that dads aren't as important, its just that dad doesn't bring in as much selfishly entitled money as moms do.

    • SexyAshh

      My dad asked for a boat for fathers day, and thats what he got. A THIRD boat, so speak for yourself. Men are def. expensive, if not more

    • @SexyAshh

      🤣🤣🤣 thats awesome for your dad lol

      Usually the boats, cars, electronics and grill stuff if pushed by the retailers on fathers day, going off what men stereotypically like.

      Its just least likely that guys are really bent on getting gifts for dads day or being treated special.

      Thats more of a feminine thing apparently.

    • HereIbe

      @SexyAshh, bullshit. Your asshole father is expensive. Most men don't act like a woman.

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  • Pinay_ako

    My father is one of the most important people besides my mother. He is my best friend. Growing up, I spent more time with my father than my own mother. My mom was a grade school teacher who's always busy from sun rise to midnight... My dad always was there to attend my school meetings and take me to our favorite bakery and eat ice cream with chocolate cake. He used to take me to the hospital and visit the dentist to have all my front removed because I got greedy and lazy they all rot out lol. My father was the one who would nurse me back to health, all those sleepless nights I remember waking up to my father sleeping on the chair. We were inseparable until I left for college and Canada. Until now, my dad and I would call each other at least few minutes daily to check on each other and remind him I love him and I always miss my father. When you have a good father, rest assured, you are always loved no matter what the circumstances are. If you can, come by and check on your parents while they are still alive. Never ever let any chance pass by because you never know it could be the last.

  • ManOnFire

    Yep, it's the age old problem in this country. Society believes that men must somehow apologize for bad fathers before fathers in general can be allowed praise and thanks.

    I support good mothers like you too, but at the same time there are a lot of moms out there who do take care of their kids but might as well not even bother cuz they don't give a shit or aren't even raising them right anyway. Yet people will still praise mothers. It's pathetic.

  • SkipStop

    That is very kind. It sucks how disgraceful our society is against men. I have seen commercials for fathers day, but only on Fox and non-political channels. Other channels are anti-male. There is never a big deal around fathers day. And feminism / misandry is to blame. They have painted dads and men in general as these evil creatures. Just think about all the things men created. You would not be living in such a big world if it were not for men.
    So yeah, go and have a blast with your father to show him your love and care. I will do the same. 💙

    • morrowlow

      can't believe this. you're basically saying appreciate your dad and 2 women disliked you. you can never satisfy these feminists/ misandrists

    • @Morrowlow. I live in uk and one part of UK it already taken over by anit femmist people. I only here for dogsimst

  • AlienParasite

    I agree that both festivities should be treated equally. In my country both are equally unimportant for commerces. I usually know those dates are coming because national lottery makes special lottery for each date and make special TV ads. Plus, today for me is not Father's day at all... because we celebrate it 19th March coinciding with Saint Joseph's :B

  • AuroraRoseat

    I understand and agree with this Take. Though single mothers do get a bad rap and horrible assumptions about them, it does not mean that all fathers shouldn't be celebrated.

    It's similar to International Women's Day. There's a celebration for women and the many burdens from when women are freed, but there is hardly any celebration for International Men's Day.

    I understand why it's like that, but it shouldn't be.

  • Giggletr0n

    Oh thank fuck! I thought this was going to be a feminist rant about how father's suck or something, I am thankfully wrong! :)

  • softwhelks

    Yes dads are one of the most important things to have and to appreciate them. I lost my dad and we didn’t have a good relationship so I definitely know the absence of one and the jealousy when I see especially daughters with good fathers.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    I forgot its father's day!
    My dad died when I was 7, so I never celebrate it 😂

    Yeah father's are awesome, most work hard to provide for their kids and wife and don't complain about it. Even if no one is appreciating their sacrifices

  • Sweatyotterr

    Men have always been disposable that’s just how it is

  • ThisAndThat

    How could I not agree with this? The west is anti male any and everything. If my dad was still alive I would be buying his father's day gift from another country, not from the US where I'm located, and if not another country it would be from ebay or amazon. And that's exactly what I would do on mother's day too. I'd be dammed if I would patronize merchants that hate on my or my dad. In fact I'm doing that already come to think of it, let them go out of business where they belong.

  • supercutebutt

    I credit dad for introducing me to butt stuff. He got me a buttplug for my birthday right before I started middle school. Just kidding. My dad died that year.

    • SexyAshh


    • Hahah. This comment was VERY unpopular!

    • SexyAshh

      I laughed

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  • I don't get along with my dad but the bible doesn't say "Be nice to your parents if you get along with them." I asked my dad months ahead of time what he wanted and he said he wanted a free meal. We're not going to the restaurant today cause my parents are going to a dinner party with four of their best friends tonight. I will either pay for a meal when we visit a tourist location next week or treat them to a restaurant meal in 1-4 weeks. It was supposed to be 2 weeks from now but I have a dental appointment that day so might postpone it.

  • blondfrog

    Welcome to America. You can thank feminists for that. I find it funny that those women who said on social media that fathers day shouldn't be celebrated also denied they didn't had an absent father in their life. Show me a feminist who had a good father in their life? Exactly. I agree with you question asker. I worked at Dollar Tree and Macy's. During Mother's day it was so crowded we ran out of cards and balloons. Keep in mind the whole day wasn't even over. Same at Macy's it was so crowded that we needed to get extra security. When it came to Fathers day it was as if it was a normal retail day and they had way less stuff to sell for Father's day. Even retail owners know that Father's day hardly attracts and customers.

  • almondcake

    I agree with you about everything you say. But I am anti fathers day , as you are hinting at the day
    Is way to commercial now. Im a single dad and have all ways told my kids fathers day isn't real so please do not spend your money on me.

  • Valualty19

    Fathers and mothers should be celebrated all year around not just one effing day. Same we parents don't just look after their kids and love them one particular day a year.

    • Ámayas_20

      There actually is a son/daughter day it's just not widely celebrated. I think mother's day and father's day are sweet, although I'd prefer not to be bought something, it's like a birthday there isn't much point but it's a nice gesture.

  • Adelphïné

    If we're fortunate to have a good dad, every day can be Father's Day. :)
    Free book: "Woman to Women" @ smashwords. com/books/view/938595 🌟

  • thegirlfromthething

    It’s probably because mothers spend more time physically with children caring for them. While dads are taking more of a hands-on role in parenting and that’s wonderful, the average American mom spends nearly twice as many hours a week on childcare as the average American dad, and over 3 in 5 American dads don’t feel they spend enough time with their kids. A lot of this is due to work obligations and while it is extremely important that kids have financial support for food, housing, transportation, etc, children need emotional bonding and support and they get more of that from mothers.

  • GraveDoll

    I literal I have 2 other friends who celebrate fathers day plus my self.

    SOOO many of my female Friends hate thier father or just never knew who they were. And many of my males are like always fighting with thier dads

    My mother use to say mothers babies daddies maybies.

    I love my father to death. He my best friend and he gets me (100 % daddy's girl!) He has always been there. No excuses and no amount of anything could keep him from his girls. And my mother has ever never been a easy woman to love. but they still together today. He told me one time I was ten. He could never imaging waking up and never seeing us. so he makes it work. His father left his mother and he said he refused to be that type and has been a man of his word.

    Happy fathers Days anyway.

  • AynonOMouse

    Good take. And yeah, society pretty much hates men and doesn't value them.

  • Aww! This is so sweet.

    I don't really celebrate mother's day or father's day simply because I feel like, either you love and respect your parents or you don't and you don't need a special day to show it.

    I am more attached with my dad and he has literally sacrificed so much for me and my siblings. In fact I used to feel like my mom is useless and I disliked her for a long time. So I guess my story is quite opposite of what most people have. Two of my closest friends have problems going on in their families only because of an abusive father, so I couldn't be more grateful for mine!

  • Well said. It's just how society's brain hardwired that they believe men's lives don't really matter which sucks. Taken for granted all the time.

  • Hidden_P

    Fathers Day is not as pushed as mothers days but I have to say a couple of things.

    1. If it’s that important to you, you should remember.
    And 2. Following on from that, any day you deem important should be remembered. Eg your dads birthday probably isn’t widely celebrated.

    I ignore mothers days completely but remember Father’s Day and dads birthday (which can be tricky given it’s Christmas so I usually need to plan before the Christmas cards)

    If you want to make it a special day just do it yourself. Surely?

  • bangyourhead

    On the plus side, cargo shorts are on sale at Old Navy for $11

  • Klara-Hitler

    A very good take.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • jujuthehottest

    sexist post

  • now it is

  • I can’t tell either lmao

  • I thought father's Day was September 1st

    • In the US and Canada, it’s the third Sunday of June. Might be different in other countries, but the point she’s making still stands.

  • Father's Day is on the 16th of June, (2019)

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea where you’re from but here in the UK they always give it the same attention as Mother’s Day.

  • Anonymous

    I would celebrate it if I'd had a father. But mine was literally never involved in my life. I've only met him once (when I was 22) and then never heard from him again.

    From what I've seen in other people's fathers, they tend to do much less than mothers, other than helping financially.

  • Anonymous

    Where do you live? Everyone in my community treats Father's Day just the same as Mother's Day. Hell we couldn't go out to eat with my grandfather because every decent restaurant was filled to the roof so we had to eat at his house. I even got my dad's present on a discount for Father's Day. Am I missing something?

    I always give my father a present just as well thought out as my mom's. I honestly didn't even know people had a problem with Father's Day until I came on GAG.

    • What country do you live in?

    • Anonymous

      @backdoorman The U. S.

    • Where in the US? Just curious because in every place I have lived in the US father's day has never received nearly the attention mothers day has, commercially or otherwise.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a great MyTake. Thank you for writing it, and for acknowledging the problem that so many people seem to deny. It's part of a bigger issue that extends well beyond just Father's Day. There is very little appreciation for anything good men do. It is far more fashionable and politically correct to appreciate females than male. It's almost as if people think it is somehow offensive to women to acknowledge men for anything. I understand why that may have been a thing 30 years ago, but today? Come on, we really need to get beyond that. Our young boys deserve better than what they get from society today. It matters.

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Your love, sacrifice and hard work ARE appreciated, and of course are critically important in helping your children (BOTH boys AND girls) become happy, healthy and well adjusted adults. My dad is the best person I know and has been the best teacher and mentor I could want. He taught me a lot about how to be a good man and how a husband should treat his wife.

  • Anonymous

    it sucks. my father is not a decent man and a good father but i know the majority of fathers are not like him. i always felt sad when i saw how other fathers cared for their children. i'll go so far as to say these men that i know have sacrificed way more for their children than the mothers have. it's just sad to see no one appreciates them thanks to all feminists

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be the devil’s advocate here. Not everyone was so fortunate to have had a father growing up, or if they did, a father who played as active a role in their upbringing as their mothers. Since he worked all the time as sole provider for the family, I never really saw my dad growing up. He hardly made it to important events in our lives, and while he loved us, was never the one to render care if we were sick or hurt. This isn’t to say that banners and ads are unnecessary for father’s day, but to explain why Mother’s Day tends to be a much bigger deal.
    Plus, there’s that saying, “Mother’s baby, father’s maybe.”

    • MrOracle

      Yet, had he not gone to work every day to keep you fed, clothed, housed, and comfortable, he'd have been the bad guy too.

      You really should recognize that he made tremendous sacrifices on your behalf - including missing your events. He may not have shown it, but I bet he's had nights full of regret that he couldn't be there.

      Dads definitely deserve some recognition, just as moms do.

    • Anonymous

      No doubt that’s true.

    • Ámayas_20

      The same can be said about mothers, there isn't a decent reason it shouldn't be as celebrated.

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