How To Rid Yourself Of Cognitive Distortions

Hi guys and girls. I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day. I will be covering the steps to effectively rid yourself of cognitive distortions in 10 steps. If you do not know what a cognitive distortion is or if it applies to you please review

Cognitive Distortions

Let's get started

1. Identify The Distortion

"Name it to tame it"

Only once you have successfully categorized your distortion can you begin to rid yourself of it. You take your power back when you name the distortion as soon as the thought crosses your mind. If you need to write it down to remember it better I would recommend you do this. Thought records are a cognitive tool to better organize and track your distortions. Check out the sample below

Thought Record Cognitive Tool
Thought Record Cognitive Tool

2. Check The Facts

"Is This Actually Happening"

You have named the distortion and now you need to check it's validity. To determine the validity of a distortion you will need to take it to court. Yes I said it, you will need to take it to court, before a judge, and ask if your distortion is the absolute truth beyond reasonable doubt. Which it will 99.9% never an absolute truth.

3. Self-Compassion


Self compassion is a very necessary next step. Give yourself some CREDIT. After you check the facts you need to be gentle with self. It is okay to have distorted thinking. It happens to everyone but you are trying to change it so give yourself some credit. *Air High Fives

4. Try Thinking In The Gray

"Find The Gray"

It's time to get to the gray. I mentioned this on my previous myTake in regards to black and white thinking. Being in the grey is like being in between white and black. You can logically acknowledge both sides to a given situation and still manage to form your own opinion. Being in the grey will help you see the bright side more often than the negative side.

5. Ask Questions (survey method)

"Am I Overreacting or overthinking"

Ask yourself questions about the distortion. Why do you think this thought came up? Then ask a friend or relative about the distorted thought. Ask multiple people if necessary. This will give you time to operate in the logical brain and process your feelings. Receiving multiple feedback can help to validate or invalidate a distortion.

6. Stop Name Calling And Labeling

"Stop Labeling"

If you discovered that you have been experiencing some distorted thoughts do not beat yourself up over it. This will only create more distortions. You are not flawed, broken, or unloveable because you have distorted thinking.

7. Reach Out And Ask For Support

"Just Ask"

Speak up!!! Do not allow your thoughts to ruin your life and no one around you knows you are suffering. It is critical to reach out to an actual source of support. Some people will attempt to gain support in very maladaptive ways. That's reaching out to an ex, frenemy, bully, etc. Go to people who give great, PRACTICAL advice.

8. Affirmations

"They will be difficult to believe at first but you have to continue to say them everyday"

Affirmations are positive statements that help you challenge your distorted thinking and maladaptive behaviors. For example, I am worthy, I am beautiful at any size, I am strong, I am smart are all affirmations. These are my favorite to use to motivate self love and compassion. What's one affirmation you can say that you don't believe but you wish you did? Leave it in the comments

9. Gratitudes

"I am grateful for"

Gratitudes are statements that demonstrate appreciation for a person, place, or thing. For example, I am grateful that I got paid, I am grateful for my significant other, and I am grateful for my meals are all gratitudes. Start of with one a day.

10. Forgiveness

"I am sorry. Sincerely Self"

Lastly, forgive yourself for having these thoughts. It happens to everyone at some point. What's most important is that you are reading this and looking to change your ways or to help others to change their ways. The end.

"Let Those Distortions Go"

Hi everyone, I hope this completed list was beneficial in some sort of way. Hopefully this knowledge will help you better understand yourself and others. Please leave feedback and review. This is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE!!!! So be kind to one another and spread joy. If you have personal questions or off topic questions please direct message them. I will not be answering them on public posts. Thanks for understanding and respecting my privacy!!!!! Disclaimer: I do not own or profit off of the Illustrations utilized in this post. Please give credit to the artists and support their works by giving a like or a follow to their pages. They are extremely talented and deserve recognition. Sending ☮️ and love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Have A Wonderful COLORFUL Day

How To Rid Yourself Of Cognitive Distortions
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  • Juxtapose

    The people willing to better themselves intellectually are already introspective enough to recognize their own cognitive flaws.

    Most people don't think, they just feel.

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  • RolandCuthbert

    Wow! This is a weighty take for GaG. Thanks for posting this. I wish more people would stop by and read/comment.


    • Thanks so much for the support. GAG is not supporting my mytakes anymore so they will most likely not be promoted anymore. So please check my mytakes on my page♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Yeah, they probably want less complicated topics. Also, they tend to favor takes about relationship issues.

  • SkyKing89

    The universe must be telling me something. I've been having a horrible case of the "shoulds" lately then I randomly stumbled across your post here! thanks for the advice.

    • Thanks so much for reading and leaving feedback ♥️🥰

  • Just-Confused

    Hey good take, thanks for sharing so much, this seems really helpful! :)

    • No problem. Thanks for the feedback ♥️🥰

  • MarketNews

    This is what I've been trying to tell people but couldn't be bothered. Pay attention people, this kind of therapy normally costs money!

  • Anonymous

    Forgiveness, Afirmations and Gratitude are all things found in Yoga. Namaste 🧘🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

    • So freaking true. I practice hot yoga!!! Great tip and awesome feedback 👍