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Extended families: A thing of the past, or more common again?

Extended families: A thing of the past, or more common again?
It was a very common thing for multiple generations to live on the same home. It faded out in the early to mid 60's or so. People no longer lived with parents and grandparents in the same home. It became a taboo. You grew up, married, bought a home and raised your family. It was no longer acceptable to live as an extended family unit. There is an old saying " it takes a village to raise a child". I believe this to be true. Once again, it has become more common for kids to stay at home longer. Wait to marry and have kids. Grandparents, living with their children and grandchildren. Raising the family together under one roof. The kids that are raised in a multi generation home, haveore benefits. The knowledge of Grandparents and parents together. Grandparents once again are more in tuned with their grandkids. They're babysitting and helping them grow. More hands on than In the recent past. Parents and Grandparents are closer as well. Better communication between the generations. My kids had this opportunity . With my first husband, we lived with his parents for quite a few years. My on laws loved the kids being there. They were able to spend time with them other than just holidays and birthdays. My kids loved being with their grandparents. They learned so much from them. My oldest daughter and her family live with me.amdy hubby. I love having my grandkids around. To see them get excited about something new or tell me what they did in school that day first hand. I get to see the grow and learn. To be a part of their lives everyday. We as a family unit raise them together. We all have something to give them for their future of learning and life goals.

Do I want my house back to being quiet and clean? I'd say yes in a heartbeat. But, nothing can beat the love and joy of helping to raise your family. To know you're there when needed .

I love having ALL my kids around me.

Extended families: A thing of the past, or more common again?
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  • I this is more of a MyTake. But a great story.

    See I never had everyone living under one roof. So it's something I never got to experience it growing up.

    But I'm enjoying it now. The kids, grandkids and of course us the grandparents.

    You know what, don't tell anyone this. Even though my home is noisy, I have little time for myself, sometime the generation gap can cause arguments and everything else that comes from everyone living here.

    The day it all stops and if everyone moves out. I will feel loney and miserable. I have grown to love to have everyone home. Even my oldest daughter who we bump heads with each other. (Because we are a lot alike. Even if she don't think so). My home would not be the same with them there.
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  • Syrian_survivor
    In western countries? Mostly a thing of the past, families are getting more and more seperated each generation, there are tons of factors supporting this and it's depressing as it renders society as a whole much more seperated therefore weak.

    Eastern countries like mine? Extended families are very common, so I think that's one thing people gotta learn from us 3rd worlders, brotherhood and family values are precious.
  • Redstang88
    Depends on culture. Still very common among Asian and Middle Eastern families, not so much in white families

    Personally, I like my peace and quiet. I moved out at 19 and have ZERO interest in having 10+ family members in my house
  • ticketshirtboy
    I'd say more commoin today. I have several friends who have extended families.
  • October808
    This has been a thing in Hawaii ever since immigrants came over.
  • More common today.