Peter's (The Bachelor's) mother is the perfect example of how abusive and controlling mothers can ruin a man's life.


The finale just ended tonight.

Long story short, the bachelor proposed to a woman he didn't love because he's a mamma's boy who lives at home with an abusive, narcissistic and controlling mother who told him too, and told him how she did not accept the woman he actually fell in love with.

The show picked up on this and intervened behind the family's back to bring back the woman peter loved without telling them. Peter's mother then spends the rest of the show, on live television, arguing against his son, the woman he loves and the entire crowd as she's booed as she shows her true narcissistic colors.

Thats her 😒
That's her 😒

How she is a narcissist:

1. She does not care who her son wants to marry.

2. She sees her son as an extension of herself, and therefore does not understand that the woman is not her wife to choose. And that their wedding is not her wedding.

3. She talks over her son and cuts people off, and raises her voice.

4. She speaks for not only her son, but also her husband and, apparently, 🙄, her entire extended family.

5. Peter is a momma's boy, living at home at 25 allowing his mom to tell him who to date, what to do, how to do it and who to marry.

I realize not all women are controlling narcissists. And I am very grateful that they aren't.

But I'm telling you, this is a classic situation that I find very relatable with respect to my family. And, it isn't good.

The woman that peter's mom wanted peter to marry -- Hannah-An-- was pissed off at Peter's cowardice and told him to man up and become man enough to stand up to his mother. And rightfully so, after he proposes to her, and she says yes, turns out that he calls off the engagement because in the end he didn't really want to propose to her but was pressured into doing so by his mom.

That's the poor girl who got caught in the middle. 🤡🤡😷

These mothers are home-wreckors, they ruin the lives of their sons and they don't care, love or respect their own kids because if they did then they wouldn't take actions to sabotage their child's love life, future and future accomplishments.

She's just a bitter hag, and honestly Peter needs to grow some fucking balls and do what he wants to do.

The hag in action for you to see with your own eyes, trash talking the woman her son actually loves:

Controlling women ruin the lives of their sons, make mammas boys and create incels. They're toxic as fuck and god damnit people need to know about it.

That is all. 🤙🏻

Peter's (The Bachelor's) mother is the perfect example of how abusive and controlling mothers can ruin a man's life.
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  • Anonymous
    I’m gonna put out an unpopular opinion and say, I think she had valid points. Now, she could have controlled her facial expressions and left out that comment about, “he’ll have to fail to succeed” bit because that did come off as very hostile. But like Peter’s dad said, the public only sees what made the cut, not the entire exchange. I’m not saying Madison is a bad person or wrong for any of her beliefs but as a mother she has a valid reason to leary of a woman who said she wasn’t in love with her son, of someone who doesn’t have concern for how a situation is affecting others, or of someone who doesn’t have the maturity to at least apologize for keeping them waiting for 3 hours. To clarify, because I know that statement is going to just inflame these passionate Madison supporters, apologizing for making someone wait doesn’t mean you’re apologizing for your feelings or needing to sort some things out before going in, but more of an acknowledgement and consideration towards others that were involved in that event. It’s just respectful. They also said it was a very tense meeting. So yeah, given all the circumstances from their perspective, I could see why his parents were less than impressed. Aside from all of the bias, they had one other solid point and that’s that their values are entirely different. They have this lové conquers all mentality and it’s just not reality. Coming from a very similar situation, I can tell you it doesn’t. If it’s an uphill battle in the beginning and you have to sacrifice who you are to make it work it just isn’t meant to be. That’s not a dig at either of them, it’s just how it ends up playing out most of the time.

    I did also notice that his younger brother commented on instagram about her not being what she was portrayed as because it’s reality tv. We don’t see everything. They actually met this girl. They are entitled to thinking she isn’t a good fit for him. Chris Harrison asked his parents their thought, that’s literally why they were on the show, and they did that, and now they’re villains for being direct? Sorry anyone expecting you to silence your opinions all in the name of love is an unrealistic expectation. I want people I love to keep it real with me and I hope if I was going in a direction that wasn’t going to lead me to being authentically myself, they’d point it out.
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  • Moonchild714
    Sadly, there are a lot of Mother's and Father's that are Narcissist and Control their children lives well into Adulthood. 1. It's up to the Adult Child to step away and take Command of their lives!!!

    But I find it Laughable that soneine would use the Bachelor as an example... There is a reason 99.99% of these "Couples" don't make it to the the Actual Wedding... Because hiw can you fall in love n Fantasy Land and you know yoyre possible spiuse is making out with numerous other partners while supposedly falling in love with you. Four couples out of 30 actually got married... It's a Pathetic program that mocks romance and today's society. And unfortunately people actually want to strive for this in their lives...
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    • Robertcw

      Sure, but it is televised so it was the perfect opportunity to make a case in point.

    • Remember it's TV and parts of it are set up to make ratings...

    • Robertcw

      Yeah but the live audience wasn't scripted.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    The "hag"? Would you be calling a man names if it were a man acting this way?
    Because I know plenty of guys who are abusive and controlling and ruin a woman's life.
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    Duuuuude, whu the f are you even watching The Bachelor? Peter's (The Bachelor's) mother is the perfect example of how abusive and controlling mothers can ruin a man's life.
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    • Robertcw

      lol man. I don't normally watch ot

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  • bobalife
    I just finish part 2 of the finale. It was very frustrating to watch how his mom choose not to go with Peter’s choice, happiness, and love. I do hear where she’s coming from that she wants what is best for him and someone that loves him, but she failed to realize that she is trying to take away what’s best for him due to her bias and controlling behavior. By all means, whoever he chose would of fit him well as long as he loves her. It was very obvious Maddi already hold a dear place in his heart. I love how strong and independent Maddi is. It was also good seeing Peter backing her up and choosing what he believe is right. I think they will be fine as long as they continue to heal, stay strong, and love each other. It will take some time for the mom to accept her. But she does need to get over it 🙄 I was also pissed seeing how she was clapping for Hannah Ann when she was always having big talk that it’s about what’s “best” for her son instead of defending her son in that type of situation despite knowing he did do her wrong. He made a big mistake because of his family. It was just so hypocritical of the mom though.

    But I agree the mom does seem manipulative/controlling with all her tears and making sure the family backs her up.
    • DizzyDesii

      Hannah anns goal was to be more model famous anyways (if not to be the bachelor), so i dont feel bad for her because she was using peter in return. Plus hannahs already tryna get with tyler c

  • AmandaYVR
    Wow, interesting.
    I actually have 6 episodes left to watch, recorded, though I couldn't avoid hearing a wrap-up about it all, so I know what happens. This definitely adds another layer to the whole story.
    Yep, this is seriously f'd up. Not all mothers are like this, of course, but I do think you have a point here. Females seem, in general, more involved with the emotional and psychological aspects of peoples' lives, and if it's a mother, watch out. At some point, they need to cut the apron strings. Some do seem to believe it's their birth right to be a continual major influence on their adult child's lives. It's more common in some other cultures than over here in North America, but these two women have a right to be pissed. We want our men to stand up for what they want, and they believe.

    (I mentioned this briefly, the dangers of women acting like mothers or being seen as a mother figure unfairly, in one of my recent questions. Got into a little back-and-forth about this with one commenter.)
    How can we fix the male/female direct/indirect communication gap?
  • Anoniemus
    Sounds like he’s a dumbass for not living his life.
    • Robertcw

      Well, not so fast. Parents control adolescence if you want to go to college. Financial aid offices put liability on the parents for tuition, which means they have leverage over the 18-22 years gia financial blackmail. And. after leaving school one has to live somewhere before finding a job. Options are homeless or back home really.

      So there's plenty of room for damage.

    • Anoniemus

      No. Not necessarily. For those from financially privileged backgrounds, sure.

      Still doesn’t make him less of a dumbass to be unable to fend or think for himself.

    • Robertcw

      Well if you live in a suburb your isolated from the community, miles away from any jobs. (Too far to walk).

      If you have no car, no job and no money to buy a car -- guess what. You're trapped, just how his mom probably wants it.

      I mean, unless you have a friend group that can bail you out and give you a place to stay or hook you up with a job your screwed.

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  • Isten
    Not only a man's life, children with controlling parents are ruined by them. I can sympathise with Peter all too well, my mom even tells me what to tell people. I obviously do my shit, but that doesn't mean that I'm not affected by her controlling behaviour.
  • Wouldve never guessed you watch this. And yea my mom is similar. I see that they broke up like 2 days after the finale
    • DizzyDesii

      *He and Madison broke up after like 2 days

    • Robertcw

      Yeah. I bet she played a big part of why they broke up. Madison probably wanted peter to assert himself and confront his parents, and then leave and move out. And he probably refused.

    • DizzyDesii

      I doubt that. Peter did stand up during the finale when he talked back to his mom (before choosing hannah). Still the mom prob overpowered her OR madison knew that peter couldnt live long without his mom, so she let him go. Basically, peter was obsessing over madison. And madison was just playing too many games of cat/mouse. Im pretty sure she left him first.. again

  • sejla
    Honestly looking at her besides what she is saying she looks physical unhealthy. She's not living a healthy lifestyle in some way and that can affect someone mentally.

    It's not like he has to marry this woman. This is just a gloried blind date.
  • Meropatrick
    Wrong!! Controlling women dont only ruin their sons life. They actually ruin any poor soul that is placed in their path by the cruel hand of fate. They backbite their fave bffs. They bully the prettiest coworker in the office. They turn their husbands lives into a living hell
  • You can't really blame him too much. Remember he's been manipulated and controlled by her since he was born. He's probably never been allowed to choose his dinner let alone a girlfriend.
  • PinkMichae
    I wouldn't call her abusive. She definitely should have listened to what her son wanted and not what she wanted.

    But ultimately I think she saw what many others saw. That the other woman was a better match for him. But it wasn't who his heart wanted. His family needed to back off and let him follow his heart even if it would likely lead to heartbreak.

    So I can agree with his mom being a little to controlling. But not abusive.
  • lucas262
    Im 25, i live at home with my mom, iv found a great place to move to when i can afford the repairs.

    I wouldn't let my mom's opinion stop what I wanted.

    Growing up i wouldn't say she was nassastisitic but my sis tells me I was very manipulated, emasculated and controlled.

    So its left me very confused on the inside in how to live life.
    • lucas262

      Since i was adopted and have abuse in my history, doctors told her I'd never have a normal life, id need psych help all of my life so their ,, protection,, became overbearing, made me dependent, was a huge source of my depression in like always felt like a loser.

      Wasn't allowed to hang out with friends, never left the house alone, told i couldn't drive or work because i wasn't right mentally, constantly reminded of needing ,, help,,

      Same thing for my twin
      And similar for my older siblings but it really screwed us up and I find it hard to live with almost like there is a real ugly truth I still can't come to grips with.

      Love my mom to death, and she loves me

      so much just not so well.

  • ashleysmommy
    I get the feeling he wants her virginity and then he will leave her. The drama was probably all for show. But if she and her son are really like that Maddie should runnnnnn! I hope Hannah finds someone insanely rich and nice!
    • Robertcw

      It's not Peter's fault! He's a victim of his mother's narcissism and I think Madison realizes this.

    • DizzyDesii

      lmao i said the same thing that he likes a cchallenge and just wants to take her virginity. I dont like petes mom but the way his fam
      Kept saying “he REALLY likes to party and be sexual...” etc, i feel they were tryna warn madison that he's a fckboy

  • PeacefulRainDrop
    It was obvious who he wanted.. I recorded it haven't seen it yet but honestly I wanted him to pick Hannah Ann too he's crazy for not cause Madison will probably hold that over his head about what he decided to do in the fantasy suite for the rest of his life... Kelsey was my favorite!
  • Exterminatore
    I don’t care about the show or know anything about it.

    Just wanted to say my mother is a malignant narcissist and a man hating feminist.

    I despise narcissists and sociopaths. They are toxic, drama filled people. I feel bad for the guy and you if everything you describe is accurate as I can somewhat relate. Unlike Peter though I left my house when I was 18 and make my own decisions in life and am not controlled by my mother.
  • ECityGirl89
    Omg where were you when I was watching this season alone. Your 5th one is so on point with Mamas boy. I was team Hannah Ann when it came down to the final 4. I bet his moms friends with her. I feel like when someone signs up for this show knowing she's “ saving herself for marriage.” Makes it even harder for the bachelor and his family choice. This season was another EPIC FAIL. How did I miss this myTake.
  • liburnia
    I have 2 sons and I love them the most that a mum can love and beyond that. All I want in life is for them to be happy. If they one day find a girl that I would for any reason think is not good for/to them I will feel invited to tell them what I feel and why I feel it like that (due to my life experience). What I will never do is tell them that they can't be with that person. I will be good to these women because they are somebody's daughters too. If my sons love them who am I to disagree. And if it fails between them I will be there to offer comfort like only mother can and encorage them to seek again the love they deserve.
  • hellacray
    Well this isn't too uncommon. Like there were pageant shows where you can clearly tell the moms didn't care about the child.

    Parents need to learn to let their child go and to stop being so controlling.
  • rapfan107
    Yeah I mothers like that and they definitely ruin their sons life with that type of mindset!!! Thinking they only know whats good for them and not caring about how they feel.
  • That lady was funny as fuck she had me rollin on the floor everytime she was on camera rofl
  • DiscomfortZone
    An abusive narcissistic bitch recieving prime time spots on television, becoming a celebrity? No way, who'd have thought? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • I didn't watch the show, thank God I didn't lose those hours of my life.

    Mom might be right... the father sounded spot on. It sounds to me like the see very opposites in these twos and commonality with Hanna-Ann! Opposites "feel stronger" and it isn't always good. I'd wonder what the attraction is to Madison...

    Now this girl is rejected by the family. This thing has low chance of working out... unless Madison operates out of spite...

    So am I right this girl is a "bull" personality, she'll push and be bossy? She's clearly in a bad place now...
    • I see they ended it already. there goes a bunch of peoples lives watching a useless show...

    • DizzyDesii

      All madison said is that she's waiting til marriage for sex and petes fam went ballistic because they know he's a hoe. If anything theyre trying to warn her that she’ll be waiting alone as he’ll likely cheat on her. But i dont condone thebway the mom treated her. Not even sure what the mom saw in hannah ann aside from the fact that hannah gave it up on national tv. I mean clearly the fam is all about getting laid. Plus when the mom said she prayed and was thankful for hannah ann, i wondered just what devil she prayed too because she was TOO against her son being with a Christian woman (madison) who was waiting til marriage

    • @DizzyDesii You are so right, I watched the followup videos. Madison dodged a bullet with that one, her senses were good. I think mom saw Hannah as herself. Gotta wonder why that family is so "slutty" accepting... something is up there... Must be Californication...:)

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  • art84
    His mother babies him. Once she passes away, he won't know how to continue without her being there as she's had control of his life since was a baby. Feel bad for him, reminds me of The Waterboy.
    • Anoniemus

      If there isn't a point in his life where he decided that he wanted to do things for himself instead of being taken care of, he deserves it.

  • rickle
    Did an "abusive and controlling" mother ruin your life?
  • Pipeliner87
    I don't watch that stuff and feel sorry for people who do. It's all fake...
  • es20490446e
    Sorry, I didn't watch the videos. I cannot stand people blaming others for their own choices.
  • AustintxDiver
    His mother is a narcissistic hag and she’ll go to hell for who she’s being. Her son should piss on her grave!
    womens can ruin anyone's life... it's horrible sometimes... so glad i ain't been hit by that
  • msc545
    Considering the whole thing is scripted from beginning to end, it's difficult to take the mom in this one seriously.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Now, I don't want to watch the episode even more.
    • the whole time I was sitting there watching it like what the fuck

  • Chris1690
    The boy needs a slap
    Damn 😮
  • angryyhedge
    People actually watch this crap
  • LexyIsSexy23
    Edward Gein
  • PineappleCrop
    My mom is the same and yeah, it's not ok
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • annabelle35
    Hi how you doing
  • esotericstory
    Wow what an evil mother. Thats insane.
  • littleredhead
    She's a shit show
  • Daniella1
  • Anonymous
    Women pull this shit all the time...
  • Anonymous
    It's his fault. Men don't let their mothers run their lives