It is totally normal to be childless by choice!


People often label childless people as 'selfish, immature and irresponsible'. Just like having kids is a choice, forcing others is more selfish especially when the couple is not ready to have a kid.

1. Your expenses, your body, your mental health and your sacrifice

It is totally normal to be childless by choice!
  • So you're a monster because you refused to go through pregnancy that 'GIFTS' you life threatening diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures) and almost life taking labor?
  • Emotional, mental toll and a permanent big SCAR below belly button which needs to be handled like a fragile glass otherwise it will cause dangerous complications!
  • You can't stretch, lift, run or jump anymore or even have a slight punch over there! OUCH ! It hurts to see my mom suffer!


2. It restricts you from reaching your full potential or goals

You lose your identity when you're giving everything up for that unpredictable human being. (Unless you're rich or have plenty of people to help).

3. Marriage is not an excuse to have kids when other partner doesn't want any.

Marriage is only a union of two people in love forever. Nothing more than that.

Reproduction is a personal choice. Talk to your partner in advance if you don't want kids at any stage of your life.

4. You are unwilling to sacrifice

It is totally normal to be childless by choice!

Because you know that you will resent your kids if they leave when you need them the most, despite your endless sacrifices and you being a non toxic parent. You don't wanna raise a selfish devil who will not love you back. Unconditional love is a misleading concept. People reproduce so that they'll have someone to rely on when they're old.

5. You HATE kids and value something else

It is totally normal to be childless by choice!

Just like people are wired to love babies and obsess over them, you are also wired in a different way.

No body has the right to shame you or make you feel worthless for not liking and having kids.

Hey !! You aren't scratching their eyeballs out for admiring kids OR ripping off their tongue for saying "goo guu gaaa whats your nameeeee?" to the kids!

So why should they have any right to make you feel guilty?

Live and let live. You don't owe anyone anything. They're not entitled to judge you. <3 XoXo

It is totally normal to be childless by choice!
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  • TOB93
    I never got the logic because we have a handful of people out here with children who are all 3 of those things. People who do not have children tend to be focused on improving self and are afforded time to do such. Sometimes I get the vibe that people witch children who say these things are looking for excuses to justify their decisions and honestly you bring you right to where there are and for others (like my mother for example) just make it seem like because they did it... you should too like some weird tradition and if I dont then "God will curse you" 🙄 like I ignore all the scare tactics. 1.) God will curse you, 2.) You'll regret it when older (even though I have no issues with adopting and can't fathom of bringing my own biological flesh and blood into a world like this...) 3.) No man will want you

    Like all the guilt tripping on top of couples and people with children telling me to no make the same mistakes they have made have caused me to comfortably sit in my decision. I also love my freedom and time to myself
    Sorry not sorry.
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    • Elsa143

      Even my mom said that you'll lose everyone if you don't have children. You're doing a big crime and you're useless. Some men were also pissed at me and said that you'll change your mind.

    • I think your mom is trying to give you a perspective which most people come to later in life.

      With all respect, and I do respect you, at your age you don't know what you want. Life is a learning process and you will change your mind about many many things as you get older and your perspective changes. Maybe you won't ever want to have children, that's okay. But maybe you will change your mind and you will. It's impossible for you to know at 21 years old.

      I think I can confidently say that what your mother is trying to get you to do is see that having children is really the closest thing we have as humans to a purpose in life. Money, fame, material things, these all go away. But children are a gateway to eternity. They are immortality. You live on through them forever. They are hope, they are love, they are the heart and soul of your being.

      Don't be angry at your mother for desperately trying to make you see what she believes is something that is so critical to your happiness and fulfillment in life. It means she loves you. Maybe you are not ready to see what she is trying to make you see. But that does not mean it isn't there.

    • TOB93

      RingOfFire with all due respect.. you have no idea what you're talking about. My mom made many poor decisions in the man she allowed to be paired and have 3 daughters with (my parents marriage was arranged) and choosing to stay a housewife under his sexist, mysogenistic, aggressive and abusive ways. My mom been lost the ability to say whats best for me when she didn't know what was best for her, to give me any advice when it comes to children and marriage... I have no idea what made my parents believe they could come to America with their old school, outdated traditional beliefs thinking it would work in modern American society. I'd rather adopt the already born without a home then willfully birth humans into a world that I observed and lived in for 27 years now. I don't believe many people actually thoroughly think everything out before having children and thats why they are all singing the same tune while keeping up an image for the world. Majority of people bring children into the world for VAIN reasons expecting the child to adopt THEIR way of life and line of thinking... but what happens when the child rejects it? Then what? People tend to IGNORE the REALITIES of raising children Also you dont know my mother... she doesn't care about what I want... never cared and good thing I never cared for what she desired for me because if I did. I'd likely be in the same boat as her now. There are possibilities/risks too with having children. Being stuck or struct with poverty and ending up being a single parent when you didn't intend on it... Also don't tell me I dont know what I want... you dont know me to say that nor know what I know and been through... Its funny how people can pick and choose when your late 20s is too young or too old for some things but I digress.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Who said it's wrong to be childfree? I suppose it's coming only from those freaky natalists, who aren't minding their own business. It's the same as being peer pressured into toxic habits like smoking and you're not part of the clique because you do not give in to smoke tobacco. Same story with getting married and running into bankruptcy as a result.

    The best response to those nosy natalists I can come up with is "Ewww, you want kids? How selfish!"
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    • Elsa143

      Nice response

    • Unit1


    • Liam_80

      My mom was so pissed after looking at this and she said we all are committing sins and those who are not letting someone being born will be soon left alone and their close friends or family will pass away or disappear.

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  • ItsTheNephilim
    Nicely written! :)
    I'd quote my girlfriend on this 'It's not morally to not have kids, it's wrong to have them and treat them and raise them unfairly.'
    I agree with that highly and the points you elaborated are on spot.
    People are just too bothered by other people's lives. It'd be a lot better if they'd start minding their own businesses.
    People are just too bothered by other people's lives. It'd be a lot better if they'd start minding their own businesses.
  • Lliam
    I'm on your side, Elsa. I can relate to everything you said.
    I don't get all warm and fuzzy when I see babies. Ick.

    I love the opposite gender and had girlfriends from the time I was 16. In my mid-30s, I started thinking that I should find a life partner to settle down with. I toyed with the idea of having a kid to pass on my genes and family name.
    After a couple more relationships, I met the right woman when I was 40 and she was 38. Neither of us had ever been married. Two years later, we got married. She got pregnant and we were excited. But she had a miscarriage and we decided that having a kid at her age was too risky.
    As time went by, I am sooooooo glad that I don't have kids. My wife is glad, too. We don't need that complication in our lives. We're happy.

    Plus, I grew up in the most wonderful time in America. But I feel incredible pity for kids growing up these days. They have no freedom at all. Authoritarianism is rampant. They are injected with dangerous vaccines. Food is full of GMOs and toxic chemicals. Schools are indoctrination centers. Alt sexuality and gender dysphoria are being encouraged. I could go on and on.

    And you're right. It's nobody's business but yours. If someone feels sorry for you, you can feel sorry for them right back. If they judge you, laugh. Your life is your life. Enjoy it to the fullest and do what makes YOU happy.
    • Elsa143

      Wow congratulations for a perfect married life. Here people will taunt you that marriage is pointless without kids and you will not be happy and your partner and you will feel alone without kids.

    • Lliam

      Yeah. A lot of people are genetically programmed to reproduce. That's fine. They experience great joy from their children. But, based on my observations, children are also a hardship and can cause tremendous pain. I'm happy to have kept life simple.

  • Yaaten
    I could not agree more! How is it "selfish" to refrain from reproducing because, among other things, you do not believe you would make a good parent, there are already too many of us on planet Earth for its own good, and bringing a child into the world we have now is almost an act of cruelty because of how messed up it is? By the way, that second picture is hilarious! :D
  • Liam_Hayden
    "People often label childless people as 'selfish, immature and irresponsible.'"

    Those same people vote for those who tax the childless at higher rates and use the property taxes from the childless to pay for their own children's schooling.
    • Elsa143

      They are already living in hell so that's why they love to make others suffer for having freedom.

  • CasaNorba
    great article sis, glad to see people are growing logic for ones!

    so many people that came before us really can't get over that Disney mentality on how supposedly life is all about getting married, having kids and living happily ever after. yet it may be part of life and all but again being exploited is never justified
  • evangeline777
    Wanting children is more selfish in my opinion.
    You say it's for reproduction, or that's the next step, or you missing out on a fulfilling experience, or you have someone who you can love, or that's the real family, or I want to be a mother.
    I'd say, look at your reasons. None of them is about the child.
    Hardly anyone thinks about the future of that child, or are they actually fit to be a parent, are they mentally healthy to raise a human being. Would that little thing be happy in this crappy apartment with a mom who works 12 hours so that kid won't see her much, and the father is god knows where.
    Even in normal families, would they think that maybe that kid will not want to continue with the family business, or he turns out to be gay so your hopes to have biological grandchildren will not come true.
    Having children is selfish.
    Not having them is logical and sometimes it's more selfless than anything else.
    • Elsa143

      Exactly. I know I have expectations like not leaving me when I'm old but a child is unpredictable so I decided that it's for the best to not have them. My mom wanted to treat me like a puppet but I refused. And physically I am never willing to go through such a life threatening pain and waste my years of life. It's not worth it. People say you can't expect anything from your spouse and your spouse is a human being too, so why should I allow my future husband to force kids from me? It will be the biggest and unfait sacrifice ever.

    • Elsa143

      Yes I've mentioned that the concept of unconditional love is misleading. People want kids so that they can have someone to look for them and provide financially in the future.

    • For me unconditional love also mean that I won't sentence that kid to life. Let's face it, life and adulting is not easy if you weren't born in a privileged upper-middle class family at least.

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  • I have always, ever since I was about five, said I don't want kids. Always. And for 17 years I've heard nothing but:

    "Oh, you'll change your mind" I haven't in 17 years, I can't see a 180º change happening down the road

    "What if your partner wants kids?" That would be a problem, because I'm honest and upfront about not wanting kids early on. If they lied or changed their mind, that would be a deal breaker. It wouldn't be fair on me or my partner to try and compromise on a life changing decision

    "Oh, but your sister didn't want kids either and now she has two!" Yeah and even though she's a good mom and loves her kids, neither of them were planned. So she didn't really 'change her mind' and start trying to have kids

    "Who will look after you when you're old?" I don't know but I'm not creating a human being just to have a caretaker when I'm 80. How selfish would that be

    "Having kids is rewarding!" If you are fulfilled being a parent, I'm happy for you. But I don't have the patience, the commitment, or the discipline to be a parent.

    I really don't understand society's push for everyone to have kids, even if they say they don't want them. It is so much easier to change your mind and decide to have a kid, than it is to have a kid and realize you don't want one. Just let people say they aren't going to have kids without dogpiling all the reasons they should on them
  • Tomsta
    I view is as two ways for myself personally

    1) I'm struggling with feelings and identifying my own emotions; this leads me to be rather cold at times, not something which is gonna work with kids

    2) Having kids is wiping my life of any freedom that i would have. I had a sheltered upbringing meaning that i never got the chance to feel free and 'find myself' as it were till much later (Uni), i'm not ready to give that up yet; probably never will
    • Elsa143

      Exactly and I'm the type of person who expects to be appreciated and loved for every sacrifice so I don't think it will work with selfish kids. Also I wanna find my lost self and live life to the fullest which I didn't got a chance to live as a kid. I had minimum freedom and was trained to be dumb but now I wanna unlock everything this world has to offer so I'm not interested in kids.

  • Liam_80
    My family is so backward and have a fetish for having children. They expect me to give them three grand children. I'm gonna avoid any interactions with them from now.
    • Elsa143

      Screw them. It's your life. No one can dictate you!

  • aWes0MeNeSs
    Very true! Personally, I have never understood when people say it is "selfish" to not have kids. Selfish to whom? Nobody has ever been able to give me a straight answer on this. Not to mention that I can give NUMEROUS examples of selfish parents (not to say that parents in general are selfish, but it's usually the selfish ones who are the pot calling the kettle black).

    I also don't understand how people feel they have a say in whether other people choose to procreate or not. It's very much a personal choice!

    #1, one of the many reasons I've chosen to remain childfree is because to be honest, pregnancy and childbirth are terrifying. I have actually had nightmares about looking down and noticing I am VERY pregnant, my water breaking, and being rushed to the hospital to start the delivery process! Bodily injury and pain very much intimidates and terrifies me.

    #2, another reason I've decided not to have kids (and to be honest, also why I don't want a relationship). I want to focus on my own life and don't want to have to give everything up. Just not for me!

    #3, I think it's very important to discuss this. The decision to have kids or not is not something that's negotiable. If one wants them and the other doesn't, one person will always be miserable no matter what choice you make.

    #4, I've unfortunately seen a lot of this. I know a few parents right now who don't really want to give up their freedom and would rather pawn their kids off on other people given any opportunity to do so (one has her kids with somebody else about 4-5 days per week, about 12 hours per day, and not because of work! Oh, and did I mention she expects free babysitting services?). It's very unfair to the kids, as well as the people they try to dump the kids off on and usually try to manipulate or guilt if they tell them no.

    #5, While I wouldn't say I hate kids, I definitely do not enjoy being around them for long periods of time. They wear me out.
  • winterfox10
    I don't understand why this is such a point of contention... If you don't want kids; whatever. Like it's really not a big deal. We have a lot of people on this planet already. We really don't need more. Actually, it would probably be better if we had fewer people.
  • SavageGirl101
    The men in these comments who think that we need to have children to be content with life are such assholes istg
    • Elsa143

      Lol yes. I used to get so pissed off at them but now I just ignore them. It's so funny the way some men expect us to have children as if we are their wives and they're offended at our opinions on abortion or having our own child.

    • Exactlyyyyy u just said pure facts that’s why I don’t care about men’s opinions

  • shy_am_I
    Who decides what is normal and what is not? It would be so nice if people stopped "labelling" people based on their views of what is right or wrong behavior. I don't want to have children because I'm bisexual. As such, I don't want a child of mine to grow up fatherless in the traditional sense or live with a mother who sleeps around with other women. Personal decision on my part. I don't want to put a child through that.
    • The popularity of an idea determines whether or not it's normal.

    • shy_am_I

      @Madmegalomaniac That is so true! Populist and political views definitely shape what is considered normal thinking and choices in life. That maybe fine for following fashion trends or making healthy food choices but not for ALL aspects of life where individualism and common sense should rule.

  • weysally
    there are many reasons why people become childless. not in order but here are some
    1/ there could be genetic reason in the family,
    2/ some people don't think they are mature enough, and there's plenty out there the same but have children anyway
    3/ some may even leave it a bit late in life then say oh no,
    there's three reasons to start with
  • MarkRet
    Being childless is more acceptable now. When I was much younger, the peer pressure was ‘get a girl’, ‘get married’, ‘have some kids’. If you didn’t, you were looked down on, made fun of, and considered some kind of loser.
  • ThisDudeHere
    I am all for people having the choice to not have children.

    So long as they have no choice but to live off of purely their own savings when old, without receiving a cent of tax-payer pension. Why the heck should the children of people who had kids work to support those who purposefully had none? This already is a problem in Eastern Europe - my generation is one which has more old people per young person to support, as opposed to older generations and quite frankly that sucks.
    • Tomsta

      Why should people who choose not to have kids be treated different than those who had kids. What you're basically saying is if you don't have kids you're not entitled to a pension. That's very discriminatory to the people who choose to not have kids, don't get me start on people who can't have kids at all (maybe they are infertile)

    • @Tomsta
      "Why should people who choose not to have kids be treated different than those who had kids."
      Because they live in a society and having children is one way how to contribute. Again, if they chose to not have children, surely they must have invested time and effort into their career and thus have nothing to worry about when it comes to savings, no?

      "What you're basically saying is if you don't have kids you're not entitled to a pension."
      Pretty much, yes.

      "hat's very discriminatory to the people who choose to not have kids"
      And as I said, not having them on purpose will be discriminatory to the kids when they grow and have to support an additional weight.

      "don't get me start on people who can't have kids at all (maybe they are infertile)"
      That's a whole other case. Notice how I did in fact include the word ''purposefully'' when talking about childless people.

  • Apple1996
    It seems like being childless is the new normal thing so not sure who is out there saying its not normal. I constantly get comments saying how rare it is for someone my age to already have kids so totally not basing this on my own opinion just from what I've heard from others.
  • AD240pCharlie
    As much as I support and understand people who choose not to have kids even though I want kids myself, it seems like they have this idea that the entire world around them is against their decision, when in reality, the absolute majority of people don't care about what YOU do. Maybe you've been unlucky with the people in your life and had them be the kind who DO judge you, but it just seems to me like people who choose not to have kids think that they're somehow being socially oppressed or unfairly criticized, which I just don't think is really the case. Not to the extent they seem to think at least.
    The only social aspect in which I could see it being an issue is when it comes to dating. Not everyone wants a partner either, but for people who do want a relationship and not a partner, THAT'S the only place I see it being a bit more difficult to navigate as it's very likely that the one person who would otherwise be a perfect fit for you can't stay in a relationship because they have a different plan for their future.
    • Elsa143

      I live in a conservative country that's obsessed with kids.

  • StrawberrySmoothie
    Well said. Me personally, I love kids but I just don’t have the desire to have my own. I love my freedom. However, if I meet someone and he really, really wants to be a father and we’re married then I can work with him. But if he’s fine either way, then nope not having any kids.
    what I hate is when people start pressuring me to have kids. “You’re not getting any younger” “When are u going to start having kids?” “you NEED to start having kids by now.” I’ve literally heard these things. I think it’s rude as hell but that’s just how some people are.
    • Elsa143

      You're so young and only 26 and I'm just a new adult who moved away from teenage. But still people say that same shit to both of us. After 30 I understand it's expected but it's so irritating and I feel like they wanna treat us like puppets.

    • Yeah I totally agree. People probably say that to me because I was with one guy for years so they use to throw in the “when are you going to get married?” comment too. Not knowing that I was severely unhappy in that relationship & my ex didn’t care about my happiness. My advice to you is to live life on your own terms. As long as you’re living a happy and healthy life, don’t try to please people. But u seem to have a good head on your shoulders so you’ll be fine.

  • LeoElias
    I always found kids annoying. I guess they can be cute but from far away. It's ok to me seeing some women out there not wanting kids. I don't care either way. I think it's stupid when guys get so offended by women that don't want kids. They're the kind of dudes that get offended by basically anything lol they are that sensitive and annoying. I'd like to say something about what you wrote though. You say pregnancy might give you life threatening diseases and other health problems. But I think that's a exaggeration unless any women out there who have been pregnant can prove me wrong. You mention high blood pressure. I probably don't know anything about why she would have high blood pressure but to me i think because she's not eating right. All you have to do is stay away from unhealthy food and you should be fine. I don't see the issue there.
    • Elsa143

      My mom is an example. She got diabetes and a big cut that it's still painful for her to run, jump or stretch. :(

    • LeoElias

      Dang that's awful. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she'll be alright

  • MountAverage
    I've never understood the argument of not having kids being "selfish". Like, selfish towards whom?
    • Elsa143

      Exactly. People think we are selfish for not having kids because parents want grandchildren, relatives want nephews or nieces, society can't see you living your life on your own terms and they're pissed off because you aren't following them.

    • Yeah. What's selfish is parents pressuring their kids into having kids just because they want to be grandparents.

  • Totally agree! I'm 32 and have chosen by choice to never have children. I warned my boyfriend in our first year of dating that I didn't want children, and if he ever wanted children, he had my blessing to have them with someone else. 8 years later, we're still together.
    Just like someone has the freedom to choose to have children, others have the freedom to choose not to have children.
    I hate people who want to persecute me for my choices, regardless of what my body is "meant" for.
    Don't get me wrong, I like kids, but I simply don't want to be a mother.
  • genericname85
    i think it's actually a very reasonable decision to not bring a child in this world of 2020 xD
  • Papadingdong
    I am a Manichee, therefore, I percieve producing children to be quite possibly the worst thing a human being can do. Firstly, there are by far and away enough people in the world, therefore, don't feel your genes must be passed along for the good of humanity. Secondly, most children suffer abuse in what is obstensibly an abusive world, thus, bringing a child into this world is a sentence. All-in-all, it is a choice to have children, even though most do not actually choose to have children--if the truth be told--for it is mostly an accidental event; nevertheless, if people gave it more thought than usual, I would personally suspect more people would be childless.
    • Elsa143


    • Jersey2

      Given your beliefs about this world, I am surprised you are still with us.

    • @Jersey2

      A very common reply from those ignorant of the philosophy. One day, none of us are going to be here, so, don't you worry your pretty little head.

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  • nodnol32
    Its normal. Having children is not a necessity in life. Also, it is way better than not being fir enough to be a parent and having a child despite that.
  • admles
    I'm with you!

    Life is not about reproducing.
  • Dsg1193
    That’s what I say. Do you want me to bring someone into the world because everyone else is doing it & have the child resent me? Resent me because I will not be in the right mindset & did it because everyone else wanted me to? Yeah you just know if it’s for you or not.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    I love this my take so much!!! I actually got surgery in July to take out my fallopian tubes. This is called a bilateral salpingectomy and it's permanent birth control.
  • Berethor
    It is immature and selfish, telling people what is the right path is not selfish. If many people had your mindset, then humanity was extinct a long time ago, but even on small scale, you might make your family go extinct, especially if your parents don't have other children. Not wanting to make a sacrifices for your family is selfish, wanting to live your whole life like a teenager in the family aspect is immature. Marriage is not an excuse to have kids? maybe, but a marriage without children tend to be much more pointless, why marry if you don't want children? and there is the fact that children tend to bind a couple more than marriage, though to be fair children tend to bind a couple for better and for worse.
  • OfLife
    @Blood is not always family.

    Well-said! Dogs and birds make better family in my opinion 🤭
  • True. I dont think anyone should be forced to have kids if they don't want to and being a parent isn't the only definition of oneself but it is my absolute dream to be a mother someday and that's just something i desire in my heart and picture myself doing since i was an early teenager babysitting my little cousins and seeing children but i don't think its okay for society to pressure people into reproducing if they don't desire kids or want them. In the end the child will only suffer too because they will not feel loved or wanted by a parent that didn't value or want them to begin with. Having a baby isn't a must for everyone. Some people have other dreams and goals and they should follow those being a parent is just one of those opportunities out there and to me it's a joy to raise you're own human you created.
  • John_Doesnt
    Not having any kids is great. All my money goes to me and my investments. If I had kids I would be flat broke.
  • DocT1977
    With the world going where it is with a future uncertain, it makes sense that someone would think twice about having children. You have to admit, our future is very questionably at this point with how messed up this world is. At this rate, I might even question people for bringing kids into this world despite all that. I might even call that cruel. Then again, it's not my business. So with my decision not to do it, other people are told to stay in their own lane. Besides that, not having kids opens up all kinds of avenues for my wife and I that we are all too happy to explore. Sorry, not sorry.
  • OddBeMe
    Yes. More and more people are making that decision. I think there may be some biological element, like a natural stop gap against over population.
  • Vviiccttoorr
    It’s up to you to have kids or not but, it’s another thing to “abort” an innocent life.
  • silvermoon84
    I don’t hate kids. I would have them if I could but I can’t, and I still get shamed for being childless at my age. I don’t think you’re wrong for not wanting children
    at all. I think it’s just that as women we’ve been expected to bear children for centuries and while social norms have changed a lot, a lot of the attitudes towards childlessness haven’t and we’re still seen as failures or wastes of women in the eyes of some (mostly older) people. I respect my elders, but I can’t help the way I am, and if you don’t want children it’s really nobody’s business except your own. The only thing you can really do at this point is try not to let it get to you (I know that’s easier said than done but as long as you know your own worth you’re fine).
  • sp33d
    Not an unreasonable choice given current state of the world.
  • Jersey2
    No it’s not normal. Don’t kid yourself. Heh.

    Your whole body is set up to have children... even down to your hormones.

    Society is set up for children. Everything from women’s dresses, make-up, high heels, school dances, the way houses are built, neighborhoods, employment benefits, even dating sites and the bar scene.

    No children is to deny yourself the life’s biggest pleasure. People would die for their children that shows how important they are to people who even originally didn’t care for children, such as myself when younger.

    No children is also a dead end for your DNA. A waste of resources for your parents who also wanted their line to continue. You then become a genetic dead end for your DNA and line. Its sad for your parents. What a waste. Dad would have been better off orgasming the following month.
  • Larson7
    I thought about that a lot in my life. It's abnormal actually but as more time goes by it's certainly more acceptable. As the world grows in its its love of evil and it's false conception of good wrapped up in the virtue signal humanities fraud. I guess we're a lot more merciful than we used to be but we still kill just as many humans.
    . It's a gift to have a child, specially for a woman. You could even say it is the reason to be alive in a physical way. I don't have any kids and I know that it's something that I've missed out on. I just didn't want to be a deadbeat dad and I was so afraid of that. And the two women that I love the most both killed the baby without really giving me much thought about what I thought about it. both of them and I wanted them both to keep it. know that it was a boy and a girl and I know which one was a girl and which one was a boy. The last one was a boy and I'm still with her well if you call it that boohoo boohoo
  • SkullsandBeauty
    Its 2020 and people still care? Fuck off i dont want kids. If I did I'll adopt.
  • Selfish? I have never heard anyone say it was selfish. Obviously you have no duty to have children.

    But as someone who has no children myself, I have come to the conclusion that it is a mistake and I am missing out on the most fulfilling experience a human being can experience and our highest calling as living beings. All living things rely on reproduction for survival. It's the natural course of life. That doesn't mean all individuals of a given species aid in survival of the species by reproducing. A certain percentage will not for various reasons. That's also natural.

    When I was younger, I didn't fully understand how the thought of leaving this earth someday and not leaving offspring behind would be a crushingly painful idea. Until you are older, you cannot fully understand it.

    I plan to have children even though I am 65. Some people aren't pleased with that idea either. I don't really care what other people think and neither should you. You only get one life.
    • Elsa143

      It's good to adopt also. :) someone will remember you forever.

  • MAC1983
    I agree, but what is you question?
    • Elsa143

      People expecting kids from me or any other young female and assuming that I'll get married to only produce kids in my early 20's. That's so disappointing. They even dismiss your feelings when you said that you don't want it.

    • MAC1983

      Yes, but that is a statement. If your question is that your feelings are valid and legitimate...

      ... You can bet your life on it! You won't lose. Don't listen to people who want to run your body for you.

      Tell then to get their own 🤬 uterus!!

    • MAC1983

      Or as Bill Hicks said:
      "You're right. YOU'RE right! Not these 🤬 who want to tell you what to do! YOU... ARE... RIGHT!!! 😤
      I am available for children's parties, by the way"

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  • prince350
    I don't know about choosing that - I do find the fact that I am still childless against choice terrible
  • clampfan101
    It’s is normal and fine, although I’m still against abortion.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    I'm just wondering who ever you saying it's not normal. A bunch of ignorant judgmental people?
    I'm you are 21. Why would you want a kid right now?
    • Elsa143

      Because people irritated me since I was 5. All I mum said about my future was "you'll get married then will have 2 children then your children will have children".

  • So true!
  • Gedaria
    Yes, if that is what you want...
  • Anonymous
    It’s not only normal but it’s pretty much been the popular choice for 2 decades now. Seems like no one wants kids and a family any more.
  • Anonymous
    life is not about any of us

    its about Christ


    but at this point in time
    would not recommend it

    IN A FEW MONTHS so no kids
    • The mark of the beast is the internet, WWW (666). You got it all wrong!