My personality has given a rather positive turn of events


I can't give all the details about what is going on, but of my friends told me if they ever have children I could be the step uncle and she was so excited about it and I was so happy! I couldn't believe that she would include me in such a thing!

I mean, we have history that made things awkward for a bit but we recovered and she knows I care about her whole family a lot so maybe that is why she decided to make the decision ^_^

But that isn't all, I have also had one of my friends being in contact with me and she was apologising for something so worrying and it was so sweet that she felt she needed to even had to apologise for such a thing! She couldn't balance paying rent and paying for Netflix and she was apologising so much about how she was going to have to cancel the account for a while and I was amazed that she actually thought she needed to say sorry in that situation, I kept telling her she didn't need to say sorry and I said to cancel the account as long as she needed and that I would hate for her to end up not being able to pay rent, I care about her and her girlfriend a lot so I want them to be safe and not end up losing where they are staying :)

I really love all my friends, even though I have a very different kind of appearance that does not look like I feel that way, I value each friend like family and there have been times when I have been out in town with a mate of mine and when it gets dark and we are going our separate ways I just say goodnight and love you! just like I would with my family and my mates understand it with no hesitation, one of the guys on the first time I did it he just bounced it back to me and said it, saying we were like brothers. ^_^

I can comfortably say that none of my friends are...normal...they are always the ones that stick out among the rest and don't like to act like the rest, I have some friends who genuinely act like proper weirdos but I love them for it because I love people who accept a more exciting behaviour like that and don't feel pressurised into behaving around others XD One of my friends who is shorter than me, she picked me up in the school hallway and yelled that she is a mini titan and must be respected, another was my guy friend who just will not behave in any social souting even if it is in public with strangers, he will just say the weirdest things and I love how he acts, like how he will sometimes sing pieces of a song when you are having a conversation if you say a certain part like if one of the girls said they were worried a person would forget about them, he could make everyone and the girl feel happy and laughing by singing don't you forget about me XD

I think that, while I have made some friends who didn't have this behaviour in the past, I opened them up to be more confident and they eventually also started doing it too so basically almost all my friends are like this ^_^

My personality is one that I think would be better described by someone who has known me for years from their perspective, on my view I would say I am a person who dislikes following social norms and kind of doing my own thing because I don't like being told that there are rules deciding what parts of my personality I can or cannot display, I just show them all and do my own thing. ^_^

When I was younger I honestly never expected to have a desirable personality XD especially to the level that it seems to be in the years of experience I have had with people since, but as a child I had a personality that made me more avoidable to be honest ^_^' I was preparing myself for a life of isolation and no friends but somehow as I got older my personality changed and it became one that apparently a lot of people seem to get along with :p and I feel really happy to be a part of it!

My personality has given a rather positive turn of events
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  • Manduh
    Your friends sound awesome! I know what you're talking about. I was prepared for a life of isolation as well until I met my "tribe of crackheads" as I like to call them 😂 we're all weird in our own way, some more than others but we love each other and we accept each other's weirdness and I think that's all that matters. They're my family as well and they've helped me through some tough times and I couldn't be more grateful for having them in my life. I'm so glad that you have a group of friends you're really close to because having people like that around you is so important in these times. I hope that bond stays for good. 😊
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    • They are a great type of friend group and I really do hope it lasts forever :) obviously we will fight sometimes just like a family would or any friendship will but we get back and apologise because we don't want the argument to last. :)

    • Manduh

      And that's how it's supposed to be. Having fights is normal as long as people understand what they've done wrong and receive the help they need. We need more people like that now.

    • agreed :)

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  • msc545
    You are a nice person and I'm very glad to hear that you're doing better
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    • Thank you :) I am doing better and very thankful to have such supportive people around me ^_^

    • msc545

      :) :) :)

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  • goaded
    "Just be yourself" does work, eventually. I'm happy for you.

    Thanks for the songs!
  • fairykisses
    Uh, i'm not reading all of this but i admire your music taste
  • Joker_
    Well then cheers to that