Our Holiday in Turkey with his Family


So, we finally did it: we went on holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend's family! Since this trip taught me so much about his family and myself, I wanted to share some details with you.

Before this trip, we hadn't seen each other in more than two weeks, so it was lovely to be back with my boyfriend.

Getting there

We spent almost two entire days in a car that was crammed full of stuff - mainly things his dad wanted to take to Turkey (4 electric kettles, a radio, so much more unnecessary stuff). I had the most space (since everyone made sure I stayed happy) and had brought my own food (to mitigate the issues in the past with that topic) to feed me for 2-3 days. We took many breaks, which was good because his dad was the only one who drove - I drove for 2-3 hours but his dad got too nervous and wanted to get behind the wheel again (despite everyone saying I did an excellent job and drove better than him (I focus on the road and the road only, he was fairly tired at that point already)).

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

We were incredibly lucky with traffic, the biggest traffic jam was in Istanbul actually. We had a minor incident in Serbia with the police (he wanted to charge us with 80€ because my boyfriend's sister hadn't had her seatbelt on while passing through the border (because she was always sleeping and insisted that it made her uncomfortable)) but that was quickly settled.

His parents were very nice to me, always offered to buy me snacks, I was happy with just being on the road, getting away from Germany and all the stress with my parents.

His mother kept saying that I wouldn't be able to kiss him as often as I was now, which made more sense once we arrived, given how conservative his dad's side is.

Meeting his dad's side

Once we arrived, at last, we were greeted warmly by my boyfriend's dad's family, who had prepared lovely food. Everyone watched me closely, and despite feeling gross and ugly (I hadn't showered in more than 2 days after all), I passed the test; I didn't cross my legs, I ate all the food and actually enjoyed it a lot, I stayed more than 4 feet away from my boyfriend at all times.

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash
Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Nobody knew who I was, nobody asked who I was, which was rather strange, so I just sat there, smiling and full. My boyfriend's mom had told the family that I was just a friend of the family, which made me really upset when I found out about it because it seemed ridiculous given how I had treated my boyfriend (clearly not the way you'd treat a stranger), I didn't want to come off as a wh*re or an insane person (I genuinely had the fear that they'd think that of me, I think it was just in my head though), so my boyfriend told his dad's family the next day that I'm his girlfriend and that was that, people were a bit nicer to me because they finally knew who was in their house lol.

After more than an hour of sitting with the family on that first day, we were able to go to his dad's part of the house for us to be able to *finally* sleep. Interestingly, me and my boyfriend were given an entire room for ourselves and his mom was shocked to find us in the same bed the next morning (no lock on the door), given that there were 2 single beds in the room (a single bed is 35 by 78 inches here), but sleeping apart seemed unbearable and I slept very well.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Meeting his mom's side

After some more family meals and waiting, we continued our journey to my boyfriend's mom's apartment, where I met her family, who again greeted us with lovely food. Her family almost solely consists of women, which was fairly nice because it offered a different dynamic. We spent the first nights at her apartment, enjoyed time at the beach and played video games, just unwinding and taking everything in (my boyfriend hadn't been to Turkey in a while).

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

After some time, we were able to go to another apartment within walking distance of his mom's, which was very enjoyable because we finally had time for ourselves and the walls no longer had ears, but it was INSANELY hot there and we didn't have access to water the first two nights and then we didn't have access to hot water or a fridge, which made showering unpleasant and would mean that I woke 3x a night, drenched in sweat, unable to cool myself off.

We'd get up in the morning, walk over to his mom's, have breakfast there and then we'd have a lot of time for ourselves, which was great.

We also celebrated the fact that we've known each other for a year now there - his mom's family let me drive with one of their cars, so we went to a nice restaurant, had a great time at the beach, watching the sunset.

Going back home

This was quite the journey because we had to go back to Istanbul, get tested there, pick up the results ourselves and then catch a plane for me to make it back in time for exams.

On the way from my boyfriend's mom's apartment to the house where his dad's family lives, we were accompanied by one of my boyfriend's brothers who happened to be in Turkey too, and I kid you not, he's a lot worse than the other one I had previously met. Him and his wife speak German, his 3yo kid doesn't (despite being born and raised in Germany (???)), yet they also didn't ask who I was, what my name was, why I was here. I laid low because my boyfriend's siblings (those on his dad's side) love to gossip and are jealous as hell (the fact that his family took me to Turkey but never took any of their girlfriends caused a 2h fight that delayed our departure from Germany lol). Still, they were weird during the car ride.

For example, my boyfriend's brother thinks that his dad will buy him a house to live in. He had a horrible sunburn from laying in the sun all day without sun screen - it was so bad that they had gone to the hospital to get it treated and he couldn't wear a t-shirt. This guy is ~35 but has the same interests as my boyfriend, watches the same videos on YouTube and talks like a 14yo. His wife is boring and didn't talk to me at all. I was nice, polite and quiet.

Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash
Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash

When we arrived at the house, we were assigned to the room we had previously stayed in, which surprised everyone because that meant that my boyfriend's brother, his wife and his child would have to sleep on the couch. They were very disappointed by this and the next day, they started to spread ridiculous rumours about me.

Apparently, I had placed a spoon in the dish washer (like I'd ever use electrical machines at a strange place that isn't mine without asking anyone first). My boyfriend's brother has a very loud voice, so he'd constantly complain about how I was acting as if his wife is a cleaning lady, despite them never cleaning (I vacuumed every other day and mopped whenever necessary because I felt better that way and I love cleaning), dropping their kid off at their relatives and then having a nice day in the city.

Also, I allegedly didn't respond to my boyfriend's brother's wife hollering at me to bring her shampoo while she was showering. HOW would she have hollered at me without knowing my name? I was incredibly dumbstruck about that. Stupid allegations.

The issues

While most of the trip was great and I got to know his parents much better, there were issues that seemed insurmountable.

  • One of the most annoying circumstances was that his sister was extremely jealous of how much time my boyfriend would spend with me, how well he would look after me etc. She'd try to ridicule me, making up stories (e.g. she told his dad's family that I had kissed him in public on the street (in a conservative part of the city), which was completely untrue) and telling everyone that I insult her whenever I speak German (complete bs but I get it, German sounds mean). This didn't get better with time, she even started crying out of nowhere once because she didn't get enough attention in her eyes and made me out to be the scapegoat, like I was keeping my boyfriend from doing stuff with her. We also always invited her, but she never wanted to do something with us.
  • I also had a huge argument with my boyfriend's mom over food. My boyfriend won't eat some Turkish food and is quite vocal about it. While I'm vegetarian, I always ate whatever was handed to me and always said thank you, smiled, made an effort to engage in the conversation etc. I never complained about the food, I actually enjoyed it, my boyfriend didn't.
Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash
Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

Yet for some strange reason, his mom told me that because we ate takeout/snacks a lot (pizza, ramen and Sucuk omelette), we were never hungry when she'd cook, which was simply untrue. She also said that I have a different palate because I'm a foreigner and that my boyfriend had her palate because he grew up with her, at which point I completely lost it. I started telling her how I had been nothing but grateful for everything and that I was excellent at feeding myself, yet she and her daughter had told her family that I was never eating, assuming that I must not like her food. I then told her that while I can't continue to explain this to her (my boyfriend addressed it at least 5x in the past, I can't believe it's still an issue), I have an eating disorder and that eating around others is incredibly stressful for me but that I never go to bed hungry. Unfortunately, whenever I get angry, my dialect gets stronger, so my boyfriend told me afterwards that despite all of my efforts, all of my energy, my yelling, his parents hadn't understood a word of what I had said, because he's the only one in his family used to me not speaking proper German.

  • While we were with my boyfriend's brother and his family, it was the time of Eid ul-Adha, where families who can afford it buy a lamb, butcher and eat it and distribute leftovers to the poor. Again, I'm a vegetarian and I have a very hard time when I see blood, it makes me dizzy. That sheep's meat was being cut up just a few feet away from our room, I didn't say anything. Since I always feel sick when I eat lamb, I politely declined eating some of it, thinking in my mind that this was polite as it wouldn't distract anyone during Eid ul-Adha from thinking about the poor, paying their respects to the elderly etc.
Photo by Tanner Yould on Unsplash
Photo by Tanner Yould on Unsplash
  • Unfortunately, that backfired. My boyfriend's dad sent me some lamb to our room, delivered by my boyfriend's aunt. I was very grateful, had some of it, but the portion was huge so I simply couldn't finish it and threw the rest away (I NEVER waste food so that was sad for me). That evening, my boyfriend's brother and his wife very loudly complained about me not eating anything, IN GERMAN. It was so hurtful that I cried for an hour. They also told the family that I was ungrateful and wasn't a good fit for my boyfriend because I don't cook and don't clean (don't even get me started on that one, I cooked at least every other day and cleaned more than I should've probably).

My conclusion

I truly think that after this trip, his family needs some time to digest everything that I said.

It was exhausting to feel left out because I don't speak the language. I have since started to study Turkish much more rigorously so that I'll be able to say more than "sorry, I don't speak Turkish" the next time we go.

I don't think that that will be anytime soon and I know deep down that this was the last time we ever went together, as a family. Still, I learned a lot about his parents on that trip and we had a great time.

My family had told me that I'd be forced to marry my boyfriend as soon as I go to Turkey. This wasn't just untrue, it turned out to be the other way around; my boyfriend's family had told people I was just a friend, nobody even thought about talking about getting married lol. People didn't treat me differently because I'm not muslim, which is largely because they have respect for my boyfriend and because I tried my very best not to offend anyone.

I'm also a very cleanly person, and I've heard from some mudlim middle eastern people before that they consider western people to be dirty, but my boyfriend's mom's side actually said that I give off very clean and healthy vibes, which was a great compliment.

Our Holiday in Turkey with his Family
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  • monkeynutts
    Sounds kinda horrible. Most people with guests try to find out what they eat, and make sure they are comfortable. Would you ever go back? And did you see any archeological sites?
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    • Well, with the language barrier there and since nobody knew I was coming, I didn't expect that, plus we only stayed with his dad's family for a few days in total.
      I would definitely go back. There was an incident where I went to the beach on my own to get away from it all and my boyfriend got so worried he ran around the blocks until he passed out - he thought I'd be kidnapped and went looking for me with his uncles, who then also managed to find me.
      After that, I definitely realised that unless you're in a touristy region, you shouldn't be on your own as a woman as (according to my boyfriend) Turkish men see women who are out on their own as looking for a relationship/hook up.
      Also, men kept staring at me without any shame. I've been to lots of places around the globe and honestly, I didn't experience that behaviour anywhere else...
      Nonetheless, that holiday was extremely cheap, I got to see the sea (which I always love because my skin clears up when I do), meet some family and was pampered well. I also felt very welcome wherever I went. So yes, I'd definitely go back.
      We didn't see any archeaological sites.

    • It’s very difficult for white Christian’s to got to Muslim countries, some people are generous by nature, and would not harm a fly, but with geopolitical situation going on around the globe, it’s important you don’t do anything stupid, and be careful in countries that are a lot poorer than the west.

    • Couldn't agree more. Also, if you look as white as me (brown hair and very fair skin), you're too different from the other girls there (again, this is something my boyfriend said, just as a disclaimer, I'm not trying to be racist or whatever) who usually have black hair and darker skin than me.
      I'm careful where ever I go.

  • invalid1
    We don't consider western people dirty.
    It's just we struggle more with respect to sanitation compared to your geography. 🤗
    Is this still revelant?
    • Could you explain what you mean by "struggling more" please?

    • invalid1

      Uh lol. Well in the middle east water is found harder than in Europe which is full of rivers and lakes. So it makes sense that we appreciate cleanliness more. Right? All the middle east except Turkey lol cuase they're in rainy green lands.

    • Ah alright I see the point you're making.
      An Iranian friend of mine likes to point out how he can "smell German people's assholes", which is pretty rude because he makes it about their nationality/race.
      I know for a fact that my asshole is among the cleanest on this earth, so I'm offended whenever he drops a statement like that.

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  • innerman
    I dnt know if you been to Turkey before or it was your first time but i ain’t surprised. I seen worse in this country
  • zagor
    If you ever do marry the guy make sure you live far from his family.
    • Couldn't agree more.
      I can't deal with the constant criticism that would only get worse if we were to have children and live near them.
      Luckily, I feel at home almost anywhere in the world and he's flexible too, so we'll make it work if we get married.
      I'm strongly opposed to living in a place near to either one of your in-laws. It gives one partner an unfair advantage.

    • zagor

      Although it can be convenient to dump the kids on the rels when you want to go somewhere without them or need them picked up at school...

  • Adam_West
    If I were you, I would definitely stay away from that country after all this nonsense.
  • Diya010
  • Anonymous
    jesus christ why? my condolenscences for having to go turkey
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    • Because his family wanted to visit their family. I loved getting to know the country a bit better and don't regret going.

    • Wavyy

      Turkey has beautiful nature by the way 36 year old guy, millions of tourists visits every year

    • @Wavyy Yup, have to agree on that one. Turkey is very diverse too, you have everything from the sea to snowy mountains. I think it's a great destination for a holiday, especially because food is so cheap there.