Love and Narcissistic Mothers

Love and Narcissistic Mothers

We've heard that a mother's love is the strongest kind of love. Maybe it is. But that would make it equally dangerous because it would very seductive.

First of all let's remember women do get abortions, some laugh about it. "It's a fetus."

Then what's child sacrifice. Is that mother's love.

Mother's love is dependent on the value you offer to your mother.

If you prioritize her love for you, your life will be altered and ruined to serve her.

This is a problem unique to human mothers because humans are the only animals to have egos. Which corrupts the innocence of all instincts.

A lot of these NPD mothers call themselves "queens" because they enjoy the imagery of a honeybee being under the queens pheremonal control. Look out for "queens".

For her security and happiness.

How selfish is that.

Your mother isn't your friend. She's your mother, she had you because she wanted to have you. You dont owe her anything for giving birth to you. She deserves as much respect from you as any other person in this world.

Mothers only love what their babies for what they imagine you'll be able to do for them.

If you dont end up benefiting her, that strong love never ever existed. She may even try to bully you to do what they want you to do. Then "love" you again if you capitulate.

I've never seen a human give birth but I have seen animals give birth, and it's true that they have a strong instinct towards their offspring.

Yet they also habe a strong instinct to ignore the offspring they think will be weak.

Regardless, it's very real, and trustworthy.

Combine that with narcissism and you get a trustworthy monster.

Love and Narcissistic Mothers
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  • hahahmm
    My very rough theory is that many people have the potential to be narcissists but for most it can only happen when they're in a relationship with someone who allows it. I suppose a single mom is in that situation since the child has zero power in the relationship. So is a mom in a relationship with a guy who is weak. I'm not saying everyone does it but I think the numbers are way higher than the number of diagnosed narcissists.

    I definitely know people who act very differently based on who they're dealing with. And one thing that annoys me is the idea that a woman is a great mom simply because she's treating one kid well. To really know if she's a great mom we'd have to know if she's had abortions. Otherwise it's like someone saying they're against animal cruelty but not mentioning that they beat a bunch of kittens to death with a baseball bat.
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  • Browneye57
    Your mother isn't guaranteed to love you. Some are incapable.
    But you're right, there are many different kinds of love, and maternal love simply isn't the same as romantic love. And why too many guys actually think their romantic partner will love them like their mother did - it's just not ever happening. EVER. A sad but true reality.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Azura_88
    True facts spoken!
    This is what exactly my mother did.
    As long as I'm serving her, benefitting her, winning then she'll show it off, admire me, etc.
    But the moment I want to live life on MY TERMS, she's discouraged me, humiliated me and when I was on lazy days, she showed me her true colors. She acted as if I'm the most useless kid to exist. She BULLIED ME, nagged at me and gaslighted me. But then she remembers I'm her only child so she again does something small like give my favorite food to win me back. All this abuse happened since I was born.
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    • Azura_88

      Mother's love might exist but it's overrated in most cases. Many people will even defend narcissistic mothers.

    • National love is more impressive. People you dont even know chatitably give up some of their money for you to live. And your fathers love, which would have built you a house and got you food for years on end. But mothers love is also good when it isn't corrupted by the ego

    • tdotz

      Sorry for your traumatic upbringing ~sending light and love <3

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  • Subarugirl
    Sounds like you had a sucky mother
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    • Hard to tell. I couldnt tell you of a single person who doesn't like her.

    • t-8900

      People like my mom too but they don't know who she is behind closed doors so that says little

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  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Well it is but it also isn’t
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Have you ever been in psychotherapy?
    • No. But the police told me to go to therapy, and they said nothing was wrong with my mental health. Why do you ask

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