The Criminal Cop

The Criminal Cop

I opened up my laptop and found myself staring at my childhood friend's mug shot. He looked like he had been through hell with his face drawn tightly and deep bags under his eyes. My mind just didn't want to believe this was the *Alex I knew, but there he was.

I hastily scrolled through the article which read something like: Alex, officer of the law, had been arrested for selling drugs at the housing unit in which he both lived and worked. He had been busted by his fellow officers in a sting in which they found drugs, money, and paraphernalia, in his personal unit. As a result, he had been temporarily discharged from the police department and a drug test had been administered on site. If charged, Alex would be facing third degree felony charges with a punishment of 2 to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The Criminal Cop

I first met Alex in Kindergarten. The reason he stood out was that we were both exceptionally tall for our age. Whenever we would line up, we were stood next to each other because our teacher often relied on arbitrary ways to line us up, like "tallest to shortest." As we moved through elementary, we joined band together, and would eventually graduate together sitting right next to one another. After that I didn't see Alex for a long while and we lost touch because we went to different schools, but low and behold my freshman year of college, there he was, living in the dorms with me, and taking the same major as me, and eventually we graduated just as we did in elementary, sitting side by side because we were alphabetically sat, and with the same major, getting our diplomas one behind the other.

Alex was an all around stand up guy. His family was the church going military generations type. They were supportive and loving and Alex was the same. So when Alex became a cop, it surprised literally no one. He was one of those people it seemed for whom his destiny had been spelled out pretty close to his birth.

The Criminal Cop

I called my mom immediately because she knew Alex. I told her what had happened to Alex and she couldn't believe it either. There was still a picture of all of us kids sitting on my parents mantle with toothless Alex in it. I didn't know what to say or do and with the sh-t storm swarming around him, but I just wanted to hear from him. So I texted him and asked him to tell me everything. His answers were really cold and vague and didn't tell me much. He spoke briefly about everyone in his life practically abandoning him and old friends not wanting him to babysit their kids anymore. I wanted him to tell me it was all a lie, that none of it was true, but he couldn't say the words. Instead he talked about how his life was ruined now and no one would hire him.

I wanted so much for there to be some tale of woe, some deeper explanation for how he had thrown his life away---was it depression, was it something that had happened to him, anything---but there wasn't much. I had to make this internal decision in my mind in that moment, and I walked away from our friendship that very day. Alex was a grown man who knew the law better than most of us being a police officer, and he still chose that path. He seemed to blame the world for leaving him, but he left the world to engage in several crimes which some very good lawyers got reduced charges for him on account of him being a "pillar of the community." The trust was gone and it was all so ironic that he could sit there with a straight face and arrest others who did the same crimes he was doing himself and throw the book at them.

The Criminal Cop

Our choices as adults can affect everyone around us, not just us. Each of us has the power to chose not to do things that will land us in situations like Alex if only we do the strong or the right thing and chose what we know won't land us in a terrible situation. Alex hurt a lot of people who loved him and put his family in a negative light that they did not deserve in the community. Your actions don't even have to be crimes, but can be just as hurtful to others, so really ask yourself how willing you are to blow up your entire life....and for what.

The Criminal Cop
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  • DarkWinterNights
    Drugs are truly scary. The anti-drug stuff they teach in schools isn’t a proper deterrent. Some drugs can literally change who a person is.

    I once read a guys story of what happened to his wife who got into heroin. They started off a young couple who had a near perfect marriage with a young daughter until his wife started hanging out with a group of women at her new job and over a couple of short years had transformed from a loving, caring beautiful woman into an angry, vindictive person who cheated on him, would abuse and antagonize him until he kicked her out of the house. Eventually she showed back up, divorced him for a petty sum of money, completely forgot about her child, got into a bad car accident in which one of her friends she had been hanging out with died. She didn’t really care. Ended up going to prison, rehab, got drugs in rehab somehow, and overdosed and died in her early 30’s.

    It’s horrifying what happens to some people when they get into this lifestyle. I’m sorry about your friend. I hope he is able to get some real help.
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    • Anonymous

      They have some sites with photos of people before and after meth, and they are insane. Some of the people like in your story are these beautiful model types, people you'd want to be friends with or date, maybe they had kids, but a few years into meth addiction, it's like something out of a Halloween horror shop. It will destroy you and burn down your entire life if you let it.

  • molonski2
    I share some empathy for him , even though many will say he's a drug dealer and deserves what he gets , but he is unlucky , many cops deal drugs , some during their entire career , and the ones they catch are the ones that are " tossed up " by others , you see these guys breaking the law , making a plethora , and you get greedy.
    At one point in my life , the largest drug dealers in Australia were NSW police , it went on for years. Your friends big challenge , will be where he can go from here , he has certainly ruined a big part of his life.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • PeacefulRainDrop
    This guy and you grew apart. I personally dont count people I grew up with as friends anymore. I am not who I was. Either are they. Either are you or him. Alex knew right from wrong and still chose to do what he did. What stood out to me is how you said you were hoping for some explanation of why he did it or they made a mistake they have the wrong guy sorta deal. So what if he was depressed would that make his actions justified of course not! He turned away from God and the devil is the one who is controling him. Hopefully he will come back to God!! Sometimes people need a reality check to get them back on track other times they blame God for what happened when God gave them free choice.

    So just know that God is in control and he can turn what the devil used for harm for good. God takes it all and divinely turns it to escort you into the very plan the enemy is trying to derail if we allow God control. He lost track of his identity in Christ.
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  • Un-stop-p-able
    Psychopath there's a word for people like that. I think there might be past human aid. I don't know what to do with that kind of people. Daniel they need to go feel prison. I grew up in prison lines and casinos because of psychopaths like that loser. If you asked me it would be great not to have another person like that in this world but that's why nobody asks me. I don't think being a criminal is cool I don't think yankees are cool I think Uncle Sam is a bitch.
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  • TwinkleLily5
    Sometimes people need help if u were such a guy friend why didn’t I offer help instead of judging and downing him for his poor choices in life. People make mistakes and there’s always the option to change if willing. I don’t see u as being a real friend in this story just a hypocrite.
  • lilyanony1
    People abandoned me because I was a miserable cow.
    It hurt like hell.
    I won't go into it but I'm still not truly out of it but I am trying to do better.
    Drugs, never.
    Drink, no more.
    Bad relationships, no more.
    Awful job, no more.
    Fake friends. Ditched them bisches.
    Therapy, weekly.

    My life is nothing like it used to be and this was incredibly humbling and necessary.
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  • exitseven
    i know literally hundreds of cops. A very small number of them turned out like your friend. They started drinking a and using drugs thinking the law did not apply to them. Things get out of control and soon they find themselves getting their mug shot taken.
    Who really knows anyone. ?
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    • Interstate

      Who knows why people turn out the way they do? We all have a life to live, and what we do with it is on US. That is the moral of Tyler Perry's "Madea Goes to Jail". In one scene, she stated to one Woman that she needs to stop blaming her Dad for her problems and landing in jail. She is in there because of what SHE did, not HIM. For anybody who hasn't seen it, I would advise it very strongly.

  • FinalFantasyBro
    This is really ironic and condescending a cop who secretly opporate as a drug dealer, I actually would watch a show on that.
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    • But sorry to hear about your friend though but unfortunately he made his decision and need to face consequences of his decision.

    • Anonymous

      Real life is often much uglier than fiction unfortunately.

    • True That, but it is a good life lesson for yourself. Believe me your friend made his own decisions you can use it as a reference for yourself so you don't end up in his situation.

  • Lynx122
    It seems like he hasn't taken responsibility for his actions at all. I hope he'll learn something in prison.
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  • Better_off_here
    yes that is true and everyone can make mistakes and no matter who we are we can do bad things too that mess up our life.
    no one should have their choices held over their heads either. and yes even cops do bad things so no one is above the law and we all do regardless of who we are we do make mistakes. but we can also change our ways too.
  • Staximus
    This story sounds like bullshit. If he was just selling weed, that's not a drug anymore. If he was selling something worse, that's different. I know former cops that have done a lot worse.
    • BillyBalls

      Weed isn't a drug anymore?

      The fuck have you been smoking?

  • Starla1234
    Wow that would be so weird the feeling of seeing someone you used to go to school with in jail
    • Anonymous

      It was the worst because we grew up in this tight knit community where everyone knew everyone, everyone practically lived next to someone else they knew---literally 1950s tv level wholesome, so it's incredibly weird to think anyone who grew up in that bubble could turn to drugs, sell them, and just go down that path, but it shows how it can happen to anyone no matter their circumstances.

    • It can also make him sheltered. A lack of cynicism and awareness can lead to him becoming more easily deceived. Or, a bad day or several could break his faith in the system that much harder.

  • loves2learn
    Really good and interesting take. I am sorry to hear where your childhood friend ended up.
  • es20490446e
  • bgreek

    Why am i not surprised?
    What is the difference between a cop and criminal?
    The cops has a badge, and believes he's above the law
  • Wester1967
    Stats show that 20% of all cops will get arrested at some point in their career for doing dirt. Usually the DA will not touch them. But there is the stat. At any given time 1/5th of all active duty cops are criminals. That's fkn crazy AF. I am from Louisville, where Breonna Taylor was basically executed by a bunch of jacked up, entitled adult toddler redneck cops who take 1/2 the city budget and solve basically 2% of all crimes. The corruption level is insane and the BS excuses from self neutered eunuchs is just as crazy.
    • notwoke

      Umm, standing shoulder to shoulder with a guy who is shooting at the cops get you killed. Breonna killed Breonna, that's according to jury with Blacks on the jury. Play stupid games get stupid prizes

    • notwoke

      who commits most of the crime in Lousiville, 90% of it occurs on the west side

    • notwoke

      20% of cops get arrested? Where'd you get that stat from?

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  • BillyBalls
    Anyone can fall into the addiction cycle. Even good people.

    He he was dealings drugs that would make him an evil person.
  • DiegoO
    I'm really sorry about that. Unfortunately some decide to change for worst. Life is a two ways path.
  • Mangospacho
    Whoa. That’s crazy. Police officers do not do well in prison either.
    • Anonymous

      No, they do not.

  • ManHater
    Yeah well, Life is a bitch. Even the girls I went to high school with. Like WTF happened to you!
  • Avicenna
    That was beyond dumb of him
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  • emperor90
    Our choices have consequences