How society makes a difference in how police handles different situations


It's not a secret that the US police has been a "little too rough" lately, and it has spilled a lot of controversy. A black teen getting lethaly shot, an unarmed robber getting lethaly shot, a homeless person with a blade getting shot, a dog killed while the owner is not home etc...

Now, I think we can agree that lethal intervention "may" be necessary sometimes, but it is hardly the case after I saw a video recently.

Apparently, the US police "is taught to kill" and does not receive the training needed to handle such situations...

Now please take a look at the video if you haven't already.

I found this video a few days ago and it changed my view on how police interracts with criminals. Apparently, the US cops are more than happy to end someone's life than to try and reach a peacefull solution.

In most of Europe (as a continent, no as the EU) the required training a person must go through before officially becoming a police officer is 3 years. The US? Less than 6 months. And it's rather sad, really... How is an everyday Joe supposed to learn to deal with a robber, or even worse a terrorist with virtually no training on how to verbally deal with a situation?

If you saw the video, the homeless man with the knife did not deserve to die. The terrorist certainly did, but it's not necessary. They could have extracted valuable information from him, but they decided to end his life on the spot.

Do you think ordinary patrolling police should be equipped with lethal weapons? A taser seems to work perfectly fine in Europe. Why can't the US police use it too?

There was another case also, recently, when a police officer shot a guys dog in front of the house when the owner wasn't at home. The police officer tresspassed into private property, and shot the poor animal because it annoyed him. The guy was made aware and returned home filming as he questioned the officers...

Cops have just become too arrogant and "trigger-happy" as the man in the video says... And not every cop should be allowed to use a gun without passing a psychological test.

I know they are just trying to protect everyone's safety so we can all keep doing what society expects us to do undisturbed, but ending someone's life without any basis for it is a little too much...

Also, letting people own and carry all kinds of weapons is a big mistake.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you don't necessarilly need to agree with me.

Please share your thoughts on this take and the video whether you're an US citizen or not. Everyone's safety is in danger...

How society makes a difference in how police handles different situations
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  • Redstang88
    God I hate that windbag.
    But anyway, to answer your question, I am perfectly happy with officers being armed. All Canadian police officers are armed, as they should be. We don't have nearly the number of police shootings the US, but we also don't have anywhere near the population, guns or level of violence. But it does happen.
    The thing is, you never know what you are walking into. There is no shortage of people that would be happily kill you simply for the uniform you where. Police need to be prepared for anything.
    Training seems to be lacking in the US, but for one many of the shootings that get so much criticism are perfectly justifiable and second, where does common sense play into this? You're staring down the barrel of one or more loaded guns, who in the hell thinks its a good idea to ignore them? Quite frankly, the gene pool is better off without them. Sort it out in court, not on the street.
    I personally know two officers that were involved in shootings, being armed is the only reason they are still alive.
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  • Neverrrmore
    Stop. Believing. The media. Yes they need to be armed. Letting people own guns is not "a big mistake". To put it all simply.
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    • yourmom89

      letting people who can handle one, is ok. letting one who can't, isn't. those murderers in orlando and all that, not only worked for isis, but also had history of mental issues. should they have guns?

    • @yourmom89 I'm pretty certain you wouldn't agree with my thoughts on gun laws/control. My biggest concern is how this guy was under investigation by the FBI twice and slipped through.

    • yourmom89

      just like 9/11

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  • Johan_Returns
    Really? Right after four blacks torture a retarded white kid, you're really worried about the welfare of the dindus?

    You're a race traitor and I hope Trump purges you. I know for sure that LEOs aren't going to be harassed for doing their job with him in office, and they'll actually be able to execute criminals instead of bringing them to plush, taxpayer-funded jails before their next crime excursion.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    Good take.
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