Why roughhousing is good for children

Father and son bonding
Father and son bonding

1. It rewires their brains making them smarter: The unpredictable nature of roughhousing helps kids adapt to unpredictable situations. It rewires their brain by increasing the connections between the neurons and cerebral cortex. Coping with unexpected bumps during roughhousing helps them cope in the real world.

2. Teaches them about taking turns and cooperation: Roughhousing requires give and take negotiation. Rules need to be set in place of course which will help them with professional and committed relationships. Roleplaying situations will enhance a child's creative mind. For example when my son and I would roughhouse we'd take on different roles.

3. It toughens them up: Many fathers know the fine line between roughhousing and dangerous fighting. When roughhousing with my son being over 2 feet taller than him I always had to make sure his discomfort was minor. Getting your child accustomed to mild discomfort will help them when encountering uncomfortable situations at school.

4. It balances risk taking with safety: In this setting children can make mistakes without fear of punishment. This teaches them to take risks while balancing safety and security as well as standing up for themselves.

5. It helps kids manage aggression: I would always get arguments from other parents who say that roughhousing will encourage violence amongst children. Children are social animals who need to learn how to deal with their feelings. Often after a tough week of school my son would come home feeling aggressive. The roughhousing would help him channel his aggression in a positive way.

6. Making kids physically active prevents them from depression: Many studies have shown that kids who engage in physical activity regularly have lower rates of depression. The more kids sweat and pant the less sad they'll be and we all want happy kids.

7. Builds a better bond: It gives fathers a chance to physically show their affection towards kids in a playful manner. Throwing my son up into the air and catching him and swinging them upside down built my son's trust in me. As dads tumble around with their kids a hormone is released called oxytocin boosting feelings of bonding and closeness.

Why roughhousing is good for children
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