When do guys usually ask girls to be their girlfriend?

You've already established that you both like each other, but at what point does the guy ask a girl to be his girlfriend? What are hints he is going to ask you to be his girlfriend?


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  • i get what your saying but think of it how a guy looks at it, if he says something too soon, then she might run, or say something like well I just want to keep it casual or worse well I don't know this is going to fast and maybe we should just be friends. I am in the same situation I like this girl, she likes me, we talk on the phone pretty much every night, and I want her to be my girlfriend but I don't know if she wants that just yet, so the best thing for a guy to do would be to wait for her to say something, like so wheres this going, or do you like me as your gf.

    • Wow wow wow, urttttt!! stop, are you serious (wait for her to say something like, so wheres this going, or do you like me as your girlfriend bad move/bad idea, don't wait for her to ask you that girls expet us to make all the moves, if you wait for her to ask she's gonna think:

      1: how come he won't ask me

      2:does he really like me

      3:is he too shy to ask me out

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    • Seriously dude, don't wait for her. shell want you to ASK her. I waited almost two years for my boyfriend to ask me out. and I would have waited longer becuase there was no way in hell I was asking him where it was going. girls like me expect guys to get up the balls and tell us when they like us and want us to be their girlfriends.

    • It's not really about the whole well he doesn't have the balls, oh hell no I have the balls to do anything, its more along the lines of ok well what is a good time to ask her out because I don't want freak her out and make her run so I'm play it cool but is a month long enouph you think, I've been on dates talk to her on the phone, made out with her so there's a connection its just when is a good time to ask her if she wants to be my gf?

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  • I hate this about girls, look. There isn't a written law that says, "the guy has to ask the girl out" if the guy is too shy to ask you out, and you like him and he obviously likes you, break the ice and ask him out. Its not going to kill you.


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  • Chances are he might not and you might be waiting for awhile.. so if you both are sure with your feels then ask him out. I'm sure he will like that