Why does my dad hate me so much?

Ever since I was born, I swear this man has hated me. I have done nothing by step on eggshells around him and help him out.

When I was 16 he got upset and angry at me and brought out all of the bills for the household (which includes my mom and brother also) and told me that this is how much I cost him. I'll admit, as a kid I asked for things, but most kids do. I never meant to cause him any financial strife.

I have worked hard to try and get ahead in life. Unfortunately my life is not stable. I've had to move several times due to bad living situations and stress with the people I lived with (I rented rooms). I got out of an abusive relationship 2 years ago and had to live with the guy for a year because I didn't want to break my lease and had nowhere to go.

I recently moved home to save some money up for a new place and just try and get myself on track so that I can find a permanent place to live. My parents said I could move back in with them, and I did.

I do what I can to help them, I may not help pay bills, but I pay for my own groceries and buy them some as well. I help with yard work and drive my mom all over the place (she hates driving) in my car. I help them with computer issues and cleaning and housework all the time. My brother also lives at home, works full-time makes more money than me and doesn't help at all.

Today I was making myself something to eat, I was making toast. He never cooks, hardly ever, I cook and my mom always cooks and waits on him hand and food. Anyway he was making eggs (which is incredibly rare) and he got mad because I was simply in the kitchen. Apparently I was in his way, and I didn't even know. He never asked me to move, and just started yelling. I went directly to my room with the bread, which I'm now eating (nothing on it, I paid for it). My mom was upset that he was being so mean and defended me,
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He told my mom he was upset because he needs sos pads and there aren't any. But I know this is bull bc I offered to get us some. I always offer to help and am given no thanks or anything.

Yet he expects us to bend over backwards for him and talks condescendingly to us all the time (myself, my mom and brother).
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So today is Sunday and this event happened yesterday. Since the event, no one in my family is talking to me. Did I do something wrong?

I feel like everyone just gangs up on me all the time. I'm not a bad child or a bad person, I've always kept my head down and did my work. I don't understand why they all hate me so much :(
Why does my dad hate me so much?
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