Why would a girl give you the cold shoulder out of the blue?

Hi, there's this girl, that I really care for, we are somewhat friends, I say somewhat because sometimes she treats me like a stranger and sometimes almost like wanting something more.

My question is about why would she out of the blue, put herself in close proximity to me, sometimes in a place in front of me, but then just gives me her back, she always does this. Recently she has been weird and closed with me, but regularly she treats me nice and she used to laugh at a lot of my jokes, and even then she used to put herself in front of me with her back turned to me. Its something I really don't know how to translate. I mean if you really don't want to be near me, why put yourself in front of me where I can see you, its like she is teasing me, but I doubt she's doing that.

Extensive details ahead:

OK, now the historical perspective of my situation:

The problem is, I don't really feel as a really close friend, not because I don't want to (even though I really don want to because I like her), but because she doesn't let me become a closer friend. ITs funny, cause sometimes I feel I've been heading my way straight to the friend zone, but, mmmh, nope, I'm neither treated as a brother or as a good buddy, more like a guy that she randomly talk to, and then 1 or 2 days as a guy that maybe would like to know better. It comes and goes, even thought we have been like this for like 3 years. I like her, but I don't want to force it, so I'm really just waiting for the signs of the friend zone or the signs of interest, but neither of them show up, just like a limbo of interest not interest/ take a wild guess.

Some people say, if she doesn't try to be close to you, she's not interested, but, mmh, she doesn't have dating experience, she's a virgin, and I think she hasn't dated more than one guy and even then it was like 3 dates.

So, when I'm about to give up on her and just treat her like a friend, she stars to treat me really nice, and then I'm like, mmmh, ok, I'm waiting for the friend zone signs, but, nope, no there yet. Then I say to myself, the hell with this, I'm going for it, then she goes back to a, I know you are there, but I'm not acknowledging you, almost like she is saying to me, look, I'm here, but I'm not paying attention to you. And when you try to talk to me I'm going to brush you off with a one word answer and looking like I'm busy. And it really drives me nuts, I try to wait, and then I ask her what's wrong, she tells me, nothing and that I'm imagining things. But, obviously there's something.

I'm really going crazy here, haha, hope somebody has an interesting perspective about this. Thanks in advance.
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Why would a girl give you the cold shoulder out of the blue?
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