When does your friends hooking up with your EX cross the line?

I've always wondered about this and have gotten so many different opinions. My freshman year of college I had a boyfriend for 4 to 5 months who all my friends knew because since we were freshman and we were all in the same dorm we hung out together. Him and I broke up but continued to hook up occasionally for the next couple months because we both still have unfinished feelings.

One drunk night one of my best friends hooked up with him while she had a boyfriend of 2 to 3 years! I was furious with both of them because he should know better than to hook up with my best friend and a girl that has a bf! and she should just know that that's not right!

Most of my friends were on my side and were furious at her and my ex, but then others said he was my ex, and when she apologized she said she felt worse that she cheated on her boyfriend then that she hurt me. I've also had other friends hook up with this ex a couple months after we stopped hooking up and I still thought it wasn't right but other people would yell at me saying your not allowed to be mad!

Ive also heard people allow it if your friend and your ex really like each other and ask permission I guess

So, when in your opinion does your friend hooking up with your ex cross the line?

I'm always open to hear anyones personal stories!

"Ex's are off limits to friends, that's like the rules of feminism!"
After a while its okay, since there your ex.
If you and your ex aren't together, he's fair game whenever.
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When does your friends hooking up with your EX cross the line?
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