I can’t stand my dads new girlfriend.. what should I do?

So my dad has recently started dating this new woman. I am 23 and live on my own, so it’s not a big deal. But I still am close with him and enjoy spending time with him. Whenever he meets someone new he ditches me instantly and acts as if he doesn’t even know I exist. My mom and him divorced about 13 years ago, and I am very close with my mom (more so than my dad). My dad remarried (a lady I loved at first, she unfortunately turned evil - she was so possessional she wouldn’t allow him to spend time with me) so they divorced. He’s had about 4 flings since her (as of 2016) and these women last 1-3 months at most, the last one he had was so obsessed and crazy she ended up moving directly across the road from my house owned by my boyfriend and I! That was the last draw for me. I told him I don’t want anything to do with these women until he’s serious, well he recently met another lady online whom I just met over Christmas and I did not like her AT ALL. She used to be a stripper, very hard looking, she didn’t speak a word to me the entire night or make an effort to even sit down and talk (I made several attempts). When my dad asked how I liked her (he thinks she’s the most amazing thing), I told him that I think he could do better and is selling himself short with her, and that she couldn’t have been less interested in meeting me. He instantly got rude and defensive and said that she’s the love of his life and they are so in love (it has been 5 weeks) and I have no right passing judgement like that, and it was me who made her uncomfortable because I was so “out going” and talkative with everyone but her. (WTF!) I told him that I hope it won’t affect our relationship again, as he sees this woman as something serious. We civically talked after that like we always do and that was it. I haven’t talked to him since. I actually just don’t want to deal with it in general, and I’m asking advice how to not let this get to me?
I can’t stand my dads new girlfriend.. what should I do?
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