The whole dad hates daughter boyfriend thing is weird?

If ur gonna tell me its to make sure the daughters safe and boys suck and this is how its supposed to be, lets roll with that theory.

so the girl is in a masochistic place

and she's also has to defend her boyfriend from her dad

and she loves her dad and is ok with him doing tis

that could drive anyone crazy, right?

its weird.

so the dad can hate the boyfriend but everyone else should be nice to him. Weird.

basically dudes need some form of questioning and antaganizing to keep them in line, because boys are mean to girls. but the girl should be loving to him and view him with an open mind.

weird again!!

lets end the weirdness and stop stressing girls out, and just inform them of fuck boy tendencies and such and help them self respect and the knowledge of the boy and then be nice to her boyfriend unless u see something wrong with him, and as ur dad u can sense bad sign in dude (atleast i hope you can detec). but dont control freak you're daughter ever.

who is with me? and do u think its weird to or not

if its not weird and im just viewing it incorrectly, which i could then comment below nad letme know
The whole dad hates daughter boyfriend thing is weird?
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