Mom asked me if I’d live with her if my parents got divorced. What do I do?

So I’m 18, broke/working a minimum wage job, and in college. I never had the perfect life I like to pretend I have. But, my mom asked me if her and my father were to get divorced, if I’d live with her. We live in NY and I love it here and all my friends. She’d wanna move to NC and my dad would stay in NY, because if his job. My mom and I bicker a lot because I believe she is very controlling, and I crave freedom. My dad is a hardworking man but, does drink a lot. My mom has more money than my father, and I love them both but, love my dad more. I feel like I’d be lonely if I lived with my dad but, I’d have my childhood home and all my friends. But, my mom takes the smallest things to heart and got mad at me when I responded with that I honestly don’t know, I told her I’m not married and don’t have a boyfriend so how would I know what to do. I honestly hate her for asking this question, I get that it’s her relationship but how fucked up do you have to be to ask your daughter what she’d do and get mad when she didn’t say what you wanted her to say. It’s not like my parents argue, but they rarely sleep in the same bed anymore. She acts as if I don’t see a therapist and I’m not on meds for GAD and don’t have my own problems. When she asks and tells me stuff about their marriage it really upsets me but then she gets mad at me for walking away and not wanting to listen. If my grandparents didn’t live in NC, I would gladly move in with them instead but they don’t and I don’t wanna upturn my whole life and lose all my friends and life in NY. She’s giving me so much anxiety with this fucking shit and I’m an only child, it’s not like I have anyone to talk to and it’s not like I wanna tell my friends about this either. So here I am asking strangers on the internet what they’d say/do in my current situation.
Mom asked me if I’d live with her if my parents got divorced. What do I do?
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