I don’t know if my friends like me?

I have a friend group with three other girls. two of them I have known for quite some time but the third of I have only known for three years. At first when we used to hang out, it was chill and there was no problems. But ever since school started this year, I have felt as though they don’t care about me no more. They always hang out just the three of them, they even have a group chat which I’m not in. Even when I’m around them, they talk about how close the three of them are and they tell each other secrets that I never find out about. Ex: one of the girls was talking to this guy and she told the two other friends about him and I only found out when we were hanging out one time. She didn’t even say it to me, she pretended that I knew even though she never said anything. I know this doesn’t dem like a big deal but that was just one time. They always talk about how it’s just the three of them and as if I’m not there. I think the reason why this hurts me so bad is because I thought we were really close but apparently I am not that important to them. They always post when they hang out on social media. And when I do hang out with them it’s usually because I invited myself and after we hang out I have this bitter taste in my mouth everytime because it seems that they wouldn’t really care if am there or not, as if I’m invincible. This year is my last year in high school and I am not a confrontational person and I don’t like drama so what should I do. If I have to be honest, I only really like one of the girls because she is the only one that seems to put in some effort and we actually can talk without it being awkward , but it would be weird if I am only hanging out with her and not the two other girls. I would really appreciate some answers.
I don’t know if my friends like me?
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