Should I confront my boyfriend's sister?

So my boyfriends sister is rude to me. I been holding this in and haven’t said anything to his sister about this for 4 months. I gave her a birthday present and said happy birthday to her and she couldn’t say thank you to any of those things. I only got her a gift because it was her sweet sixteen. I commented on her picture and called her pretty and she couldn’t even say thank you. Ever since my boyfriend asked her questions about me she stopped liking my Instagram posts. She use to like them and now she doesn’t. I don’t want my hatred towards her to ruin our relationship. I don’t want the rest of his family to hate me if i talk to his sister about these problems. What should I do? Should I talk to her? She has a cheer competition tomorrow. I was either going to talk to her today or the day after her competition to cause her not to have stress at competition. When should I talk to her?
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Should I confront my boyfriend's sister?
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