Have you ever tried subliminals?

My friend said that she recovered from depression with a combination of healthy lifestyle, prayer, and subliminal message videos. She sent me the playlist she used.

I'm willing to listen to it, especially since I need something calming to listen to on my headphones to block out the sound of my roommate talking on the phone when I am trying to sleep.

However I am wondering how effective these are, and if anyone has experienced negative effects. I have heard about the incidents with "Mind Power Subliminals" and it sounds pretty terrifying, but my friend said that the subliminals she used (from Vortex Success) are trustworthy & haven't had any negative effects on her, only healing. I haven't heard any negative experiences.

So have you had any experience with subliminal messaging videos? If so, what impact did it have, if any? Please read all options before voting :)

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Have you ever tried subliminals?
I've tried them, and they had no effect
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I've tried them. Overall, effects have been positive, although there have been negative effects at times.
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Overall, effects have been negative, although there have been positive effects at times.
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Effects have been solely positive, not negative.
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Effects have been solely negative, not positive.
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I haven't tried them but I don't think they're dangerous
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I haven't tried them. I think they're dangerous
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Have you ever tried subliminals?
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