Is it correct that parents spoil their kids?

Even if parents have money to do it so?
I have a relative who has 2 teenage kuds boy and girl.
The boy is and had always been a bad student, rebel, liar, had had several girls at his young age of 18. His father let him stay alone with the girlfriend in their house. The thing is my cousin had always like to brag and show off when he buys nice chic things of good brands. He like to go to chic places to buy groceries and eat at restaurants. When he travels overseas he likes to brag he is traveling. His house on the other hand is a tiny house no luxury. He is divorced and only lives with the son. But he likes to buy pricey stuff to their k7ds like perfumes watches nice brand clothes and they had gotten use to that. my cousin also likes they take classes of scuba diving cause that is chick and fancy. these 2 teenage had gotten use to receive good stuff from his dad. The dad do spoils them belueving that owning a good brand clothes going to eat at chic places etc is important to get around. the materialistic stuff the good impression is good for the life. My cousin will take next year a london trip with only the daughtee because the daughter for 5 years had been wanting to go because his dsd had already been there twice so she also wants to go. So his dad will please her daughter. Now the daughter wants suba diving lessons and the dad will give it to her. so next year in September she and he can go to a scuba diving trip in Cuba with a friend of his dad who has money is an investor and travels around the world in his businesz.
Is it correct that parents spoil their kids?
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