My dad sends people after me, what do I do?

Okay so my dad is an alcoholic and so is my mum and they live in the country side.

My dad likes to gossip and slander people. I would say he has very few friends. He is also verbally and physically abusive. He hits me and throws things.


He likes to send people to chase me around and 'check up' on me. He tells people that I may be mentally unstable, suicidal, on drugs.

He always tries to get me medicine or make me go to counseling.

I don't know. I am just an animator and media specialist working remotely on some big projects, really exciting! I am living my life. During Covid I had to do bakery, construction work to supplement my income. Boo fucking hoo. It's all good now. I am educated and trained in my field.

I get these random calls from my mum where she is all bleating and crazy worried cause dad's been telling her I am probably suicidal or he'll make something up like that. He likes to try and sabotage my career and stuff by saying that I shouldn't accept high paying jobs.

It's not just me, he does this with a lot of people. He just targets people and says all the worst things about them in the book to whoever listens.

AN increasingly small number of people listen to anything he says but i get to hear from them! They contact me and like interogate me! Yay!

What do I do? I am getting annoyed now. I literally can't take them and I am just running away.
My dad sends people after me, what do I do?
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