I live alone but my parents follow me can anyone help me I'm 23?

I have a year I moved to studio. My mom doesn’t have stable place to live as she wants buy her home so Living with a friend. Recently I only see mom 1x every 2 wks but each time we meet its misery. I’m crying we r fighting & she wants find any reason to beat me or me not to have my life happy. She says she’ll tell my owner how much I pay rent & who I let inside my studio? She doesn’t want any person or boyfriend never visit never live with me. It’s not right as I see girls living With boyfriend & I feel even if I’m married one day parents will kill me that I’m pregnant. That show crazy they are. All my siblings are gone live with partner But don’t have mom going to thier house bothering owner or watching what they do. Only with me parents don’t stop texting calling me many many times a day. I live in a studio that’s inside the owners house, but I have private back entrance. But 1x owner let mom inside through her front house door & up the stairs to my room. This caught me offer guard & worry owner won’t give me my privacy. My boyfriend does visit studio each time we go out for date many times he as eaten here together see movie etc. but most of the time I’m alone. It makes me sad as mom with her friends she’s talking of sex and ex bfs & I feel she’s jealous. In June 1st I’ll have a lease of 1 year & I would want move by End September that way she don’t give me lease, & I don’t give parents new address even tho they are controlling will say they will call police if i don’t give my address. Mom forces herself visit studio wen I say I’m seeing boyfriend for date. She don’t care of me she just wants me miserable! I might hav to stay for 1 year lease as owner might not let me move September & I fear I won’t find any place by September as due to Covid no ones paying rent & I check online and there’s no studios anymore for rent. There used to be 100 places daily on Craigslist now there’s 0 per day. I’m very worried.
I live alone but my parents follow me can anyone help me I'm 23?
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