Will you mind paying a little more only because you are reuniting with a friend?

Because for you money, saving and not paying much is very important for you, even if it is to meet with a friend and you want to spend some fun hours with a friend that you haven't seen in a while and it will be only one time you meet with this lady.

I have a lets say friend who we haven't seen in a year or so due to the pandemic. The last time we saw each other was in November of 2020 during an gym aerobics session she attended. After that we did not meet again, due to her personal and work commitments and also for the pandemic once again several months after that November of 2020, in addition of her living distant to where I live, was another reason why we never meet again.

So a few weeks ago I asked her lets meet again if by any chance she is going to be near in the town where I live (she has another house in a city that is closest to where I live) but she does not visit that house often. She told me back then that this week she is going to be coincidentally in her other house, so I told her "nice lets meet then" and she agreed. This lady ius 53 yr old had 2 grown up kids and divorced but she currently lives with a guy younger than her but she does not plan to marry this guy she lives with anytime. SHe lives with him sure and share things together but also each one has their own independent life, and sometimes this lady friend does not like to depend on the guy in different aspects: money, time, etc but they live together and share as a couple just a few things. Even if the guy must earn more money than her and he sometimes wants to treat or invite her and paying her things so she does not pay herself, she does not let her partner do it, she wants to pay on her own is kind of an odd partnership they both have even living together.

Anyway the lady and I spoke to meet again since she is going to be in her other house (by herself she is not bringing her partner with her) closer to where I am this week.
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suggested her to go to a a nice cafeteria in a town near where I live and she by car can't drive easily and come easily ( I dont have a car). When I suggested her about the cafeteria that I have in mind, she immediately said: I know the town where the cafeteria is, but it is expensive there". Like I said she is always checking things in order not to pay that much in anything.

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I mean it be just one time between us anyway and one time in that place and she starts to question about how much money she has to pay for what she is going to order.

Geez we are suppose to be nice friends and not even for that she does not want to pay a lot of money on herself (each one will pay our respective dishes) and be seated in a nice cafeteria
Will you mind paying a little more only because you are reuniting with a friend?
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