How do I deal with being jealous of my sister?

Pretend that the blonde girl is my sister and that Im the brunette girl.
Pretend that the blonde girl is my sister and that I'm the brunette girl.
I'm jealous of my sister, very jealous. How could I not be? She's 5'4, she has natural long blond shiny healthy hair, she had big blue eyes, thick long eyelashes, she has a small upturned nose, big, plump and pink lips, she has a pretty face shape, she has pretty eyebrows, she has a pretty smile, a pretty voice, she's pale, she has a perfect side profile, she just has a beautiful face (VERY BEAUTIFUL), she has glasses, she has a big butt, perky, round, and full breasts, she has a small waist, thick thighs and so on. Her face is also baby-bandi like. She looks so innocent.
She is also a talented artist, she can sing, she is caring, sweet, good with children, kind, giving, positive, feminine and so much more. She's close to perfect. And the thing is, she is younger than me.

People love her, people smile at her, people talk to her, people compliment her, people help her, people give her things, boys immediately have a crush on her when they see her and so on.
Men literally take 4 looks at her if not more when they see her, they stare at her. Groups of guys even come up to her and flirt with her.

I'm just so jealous of her, I want to be her. I'm not even a quarter as good as her.

I don't know what to do because it ruins my relationship with her i avoid her because I can't stand the jealousy I feel when I'm around her.

What do I do? How do I deal with this jealousy?

Also for wondering what I look like, I have frizzy and dry dark brown hair, I'm skinny, (no breasts or glutes) I'm shorter than my YOUNGER sister, I am normal in skin tone, I have crooked teeth, an ugly smile, a big nose, I have small lips, small close set eyes, I have an overbite and an ugly side profile, I have a weird face shape, big ears, weird hairline and I have a long torso and I have glasses.
How do I deal with being jealous of my sister?
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