How can I cope with my dad having left us?


My dad recently left me and my mother. I feel betrayed by him and all my trust i had in him. I am still shocked and cry a lot. Now everything will be different and i am am scared of the future.

si its hard for you when you dont know my family membrs personality and background stories. I try to keep it as short as possible still:

my grandmother, the mother of my father has died in February. Now my grandpa is all alone in our native country.
my mom found out how my dad quit his job and also his parking lot. There are also many other indications he might is planning leaving the country we live in. My would always be a little suspicious. So we always asked my dad if he is planning on leaving us, as we could see how he was packing all his stuff etc he would just lie about it and say no. We also asked him about the parking lot why he quit the contract. He would just lie about it and also about his job. So he told us he would visit his dad for two weeks and come back to us on this Monday. And on Friday last week my mom got a phone call my him taht he will never come back to us again. So we were both totally crying. now we found out he is also signed out of our appartment and adress. So he did so many things we just found out recently and we are like totally shocked how he played us. He also doesn't andwer the phone anymore. Now we have to be together. I always could count on him and now he totally betrayed my trust. I also worry about the money how we will live now..

i feel so unloved by him and betrayed. We always knew this would happen once as he would always plan on retire in our native country and he doesn't want to work anymore. But now that his mom dies this was a major push factor. I can't belive also HOW this happend like he totally played us and he just told my mom he had no ther choice cause we wouldn't have left him.

i worry so much right now about the future, i miss him and can't belive he played us like that.

How can I cope with my dad having left us?
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