No one in my family wants to talk to me?


I live with my parents while I study online and work part-time. I feel like there is a lack of connection between my mother mainly, I try and tell her about my day but she does not want to hear it. Similar with my step-father, I will try telling him what happened to me but he gets up and walks away. I never felt so isolated before, even in social situations, say we go out for a family dinner I try to talk but no one listens to me. It really brings down my self-esteem, and how I think of myself. Sometimes I want to just find a new family who do appreciate me.

I actually didn't talk to them when they got home for afew days to see if they would say anything, but they never did. Didn't even ask me about my day, just treat me like a room mate. I have been to other families where the parents are so supportive of my friends, it makes me a bit jealous, I wish I had something like that.

I do not know why they do not want to talk to me at all, it seems like I am not even there. Anyone else experience this?

No one in my family wants to talk to me?
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