How to recover from being raised by narcissistic parents?


My life has been controlled by my parents and my grandmother well into my mid 20s. I feel like my whole youth has been wasted. I never had any of the experiences that normal young people have. I wasn't even allowed to go outside the house. I am just used by my parents to take care of my grandmother. I have no friends to learn any social skills from.

My father forced me to study engineering and I became an engineer. I work 50 hours a week in a job that I hate just because my father wouldn't allow any other career path. Finally my father has agreed to let me study linguistics, but 10 years of my life got wasted trying to be an engineer.

It's extremely upsetting for me to see other young people going out with friends, going to pubs, restaurants, going on road trips etc. I never did any of that.

My whole youth is lost and I don't think I can ever move past this sadness. Even if I get my freedom now I will live like a mentally stunted adult with no social skills and no idea how to act like an adult. I am so used to being told what to do, I can never stand up for myself.

How to recover from being raised by narcissistic parents?
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