Do you ever talk too much and say things that shock people to silence and then this awkward air sorta appears?

So there's been many times I've spoken too much and then people don't know what to say, and for the most part I've learned not to do it and simply don't talk about myself. Since if I talk about myself or rather my past, people typically start avoiding me. Yet every so often I let things slip and create these silences.

So I was sitting at work and there was a conversation going on about looking at the brighter side of life. One colleague says to me that she loves my bubbly personality and my sense of style (the latter is a first for me), and I replied for many years my motto is every day is a new day, that no matter what stress you have on the previous day, try not to take it with you the next day.

I should have stopped there, that would have been normal, but nope my mouth kept running.

So I continued, there's always good and bad ways to take things. It's like my uncle's wedding for example, there's two ways I could take it. One I can view it as the day I wore a pretty bridesmaid dress, had my hair curled into ringlets, got a touch of blush and gloss, had a fun time playing with my aunt who's only a year older than me, went to a party and pretended to be a princess for the day.

Or I could view it as the day I nearly died, because during the after party it was getting too much for me and I wanted some air. As I walked out of the party my cousin (now has been diagnosed with various mental health disorders), followed me and told me I'm not allowed to leave, when I repeated that I was hot and wanted some air. She walked up to me grabbed my neck with both hands lifted me up in the air and held me there. My vision first went spotty and then completely black and just as that happened I heard this whack. Then I was dropped to the floor gasping for breath. When I came to and stopped being dizzy I realised dad had hit my cousin, causing her to drop me, and then we went outside for about 15 minutes and came back inside to a humongous argument.
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Of course after all this my two colleagues look at me in utter shock then at each other, open and close their mouths and eventually we all silently get back to work... It was very awkward.
Do you ever talk too much and say things that shock people to silence and then this awkward air sorta appears?
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