Two vividly odd dreams in one night, what do they mean?

Sorry, kind of long...

I had two dreams the night of Oct. 7th, 2012. The first dream involved me being at a get together with friends, or maybe a reunion of some sort, but I can see a lot of my friends, mostly from college (I’m guessing this takes place in the future because we all look a little older and successful) but as we are all talking about past memories (that I’m not sure if their true) I see a silhouette of a person making our drinks, I remember trying to figure out who it was but I couldn’t. But I see the person slip poison into one of the cups before bringing it out to the group. As the person handed us our drinks, you still couldn’t see who it was. I watched everyone raise their cup in a toast before taking a drink. Suddenly, I see myself collapse and within seconds the group goes into a panic. I watched as someone raced to the phone to call 911 and saw one of my guy friends lift me onto the sofa. I see some of my female friends become distraught at the situation…When the Ambulance came, I saw them put me on a stretcher and carry me into the vehicle.

As soon as I get to the hospital I wake up, not knowing if I lived or died, it was only 4am so I went back to sleep and dreamt of something completely different….

I was with a group of friends on a small secluded island for vacation, we all seemed to be having a good time when there is a knock on the door, I answer the door to see three girls, two of them I don’t recognize, and the other was an ex-best friend of mine, instead of arguing I just let them in but I ignored them. Things seemed to be going good but then we notice one of our friends missing, and when we went to investigate we find her dead. It seemed that one by one my friends were being wiped out by this ‘creature’ it almost looked like giant face huggers from the ‘Alien’ movies. There were a lot of them, dozens. I remember running to the Islands docks so I can get a boat and leave, the only ones left with me were my ex-best friend and the two girls that I didn't recognize. As we ran to the docks, an ‘alien’ came out of nowhere and stabbed my ex-best friend through the chest, instantly killing her.

In the end, me and the two girls I didn’t know were the only survivors….and that’s when I wake up.

I don't understand why I had dreams like this in one night, I'm very confused...
Two vividly odd dreams in one night, what do they mean?
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