Best friend lied to me to avoid hanging out

Sunday my friend took the initiative to hit me up and hang out, I said sure right as soon as I get off work. She said okay.

About 45 min before I got off she canceled because she said she had car problems. I asked if she needed help and she denied it. Her father was going to go with her for car parts and help her.

However come to find out that she actually went to go hang out with a group of friends in a get together. It slipped in conversation from a mutual friend. Fine.

Strike 1

Another story

She said she was having family issues so she wouldn't have been able to hang out last night. She also said she would let me know if she'll be able to.

So okay, I understood.

Now my coworker said that she saw her having dinner with her coworker last night at a bar.

2nd strike

Clearly she's putting me behind everyone and covering it all up with lies.

No I refuse to confront her, but I would like some advice on how to handle this situation in a way where she can understand that she's one strike away from losing me
Best friend lied to me to avoid hanging out
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