He's all bark and no bite...what the heck, guys?

I have a friend who had a boyfriend living in her dorm room with her and he got violent with her one day to the point where she wanted him out and was afraid to be alone with him. He refused her break up (who knew you could do that!) and he refused to leave.

Well this past Sunday she texted me and said that she wanted him out. She had told a guy friend of hers about him and he said that if she ever wanted his help kicking the guy out he'd be there to help. So since we were going to kick him out, she asked if he'd help. And you know what he did? He backed out! He was afraid to confront this guy. And the ex boyfriend is all of 5'6, 140 lbs and the guy friend is 6'3, 260 lbs.

He said it wasn't his fight. Which is true, but he *did* offer to help her so...

Guys! Please explain this to me. Why on earth would you offer your kick out services to a girl (who you claim to genuinely care for) knowing that the ex boyfriend is half your size and that your female friend was afraid for her safety (the ex has choked her out and assaulted her physically and sexually)?

He offered to help her if and when she was ready to kick him out and did nothing but talk about how he'd be there for her and how he was pumped to kick him out, but when she actually went to him to ask him for help, he caved and backed out.

He left my friend and I to do it ourselves. And she's all of 5'0, and terrified of this guy and I'm all of 5'4. And I'm no muscular threat :p I'm 110 lbs of nothing.

What the heck, guys. Why would he offer to help and then change his mind and leave two very small girls to confront a very violent guy alone? Granted the guy isn't much bigger than me, but he still has me by 30 lbs.

I mean, we got him out so that's good, but he landed a few punches on us and left a few bruises in the process. He and I actually got into a bit of a fight in her room. But seeing as we managed to kick him out, I like to think I won :p

Had her guy friend been there, I doubt he'd even have tried to fight us. Just having him there - a bigger, muscular person - would have been enough, I think.

So...guys, explain this logic. If you were in his shoes would you have backed out? If so, why?
He's all bark and no bite...what the heck, guys?
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