Two Snags and an Iced Coffee

A take about a fad belongs in fashion and style right? Yeah. Whatever.

Right. So what this take is going to be about is a fad that people seem to both either partake or hate. I apparently do both as of today. Won't be doing it again but I digress.

What fad am I talking about? Why the one where people photograph their food of course. I mean what's the point? To make your friends hungry? Actually that's a good point. I might start doing it now (I'm joking I swear).

So what brought this up?

Today I became an adult. Not really. I'm not eighteen until Nov so I have a little while to go yet. Let me rephrase. Today, I cooked food like an adult. Again, not really. I think I used too much oil.

Whatever. I cooked snags (sausages) without supervision for the first time today. Don't laugh at me. I have the house to myself for a week (burn it down!) so I am cooking for myself for a week. Which is fine, I don't cook often enough so this is good for me.

Anyway, when I finished cooking and put my snags on bread then the bread on a plate then some sauce (ketchup) on the snag. I decided I would see what's so great about taking photos of your food. So I did.

Two Snags and an Iced Coffee

And I got absolutely nothing out of it (I mean it looks like a bleeding turd) So I changed the angle.

Nope. Not looking any better. And still not getting anything out of it (and still looks like a bleeding turd).

So I decided to add a drink to the mix. I poured myself an iced coffee and got this:

Now it just looks like two bleeding turds and a glass of diarrhoea. Lovely.

So that didn't work. I decided to try something else:

Oh wait. Never mind. I ate my lunch. Such a shame you know? I could have taken so many photos that my food would have gotten cold and inedible. Such a shame.

Oh well. Tasted good at least.

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  • Yeah... that doesn't look that appealing hahahaa