Leggings are not... Pants!!

Ok so usually people jump in defensive but let me be brutally honest.. Leggings do not look good as pants! Well we do have different opinions. Leggings are also not tights so don't get the two confused.

Just a few tips to wear leggings:

- Wear a top that covers all if not most of your bum. It's not a fantastic look otherwise.

- Use less tight fitting tops and instead sway towards a more free flowing top that can be paired with a belt if you're looking to show your figure off just a bit.

- Patterned leggings although can be quite cute are risky to wear. Darker leggings always are the safer option for all different body types

- Boots! Whether they are ankle or longer boots they are a fantastic choice.

- Don't wear leggings to formal occasions!! Although a nice blazer pairs well with leggings they are not fit for interviews, formal parties etc

Here's a picture that might help (not mine but thought might be useful) otherwise in the end it's best to dress how you feel comfortable and confident!

Leggings are not... Pants!!


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  • I think I would agree with you - My preference would be for the option "Maybe, Yes, Yes".
    The "No" doesn't freak me out but I just prefer the subtle look. The tips you give would lean towards the subtle look so gets the nod from me.


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  • I think leggings look horrible when they are literally so tight that you can see everything... I'd say the same thing about any type of pant that is too tight, so it's not really legging specific.

    I also hate when it's not used with a modest shirt. It looks really trashy when you wear a skimpy tight top and skimpy tight leggings. But, if trashy is your thing, by all means be you.

    I've always been more of a modest person. I don't like to have all my goods exposed for the world to see, that's just my preference, not everyone has to have it.

    With that said, there's a reason why a lot of schools are banning the usage of leggings as pants. It's just not deemed appropriate in society. You can fight it all you want, it doesn't make it any less of a fact. Society looks down on people that look trashy. Leggings as pants are deemed trashy at the moment, regardless of my personal opinion.

    I love leggings, and I wear them. They are extremely comfy. But I wear them in my actual size, and I swear them with an appropriate top. I am definitely pro leggings, but also pro class :P


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  • Shorts = Not pants
    Skirts = Not pants
    Capris = Not pants
    Dresses = Not pants

    What people want to wear: Not anyone else's concern.

    • I don't know why so many girls care about how each other dress lol.

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    • For me, leggings fit no different than most skinny jeans. If I were to try on a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of leggings, the only difference is the thickness of the material. As long as they aren't transparent, I see no difference. But hey, I'm just a plane ol' Jane.

  • The "no" picture isn't bad looking to me.

  • I agree with quite a lot. I dislike the sight of short tops with leggings, I always saw leggings as items to put under long tops, skirts, shorts or dresses. I don't think patterned leggings are risky, just pair them with a solid coloured top/dress and you're good to go. And yes, leggings should never be worn to formal occasions.

  • I love wearing leggings with the first way because I believe that panty showing its not a bad thing. I do it daily. Every day I wake up, I wear my last night panties and leggings. Sometimes I choose a long t-shirt but usually I don't care if someone see my panties and I wear a short t-shirt. I wear leggings for any occasion.

  • They are pants, if I wanna look sexy I'm gonna wear some damn leggings

  • I don't see why people shouldn't be allowed to wear leggings if they want to, leggings are comfortable.

  • I think it look absolutely fine! Most of the time they just look like skinny jeans from a distance and there a lot more comfy too!
    The only time I would say they look bad is if the outfit isn't one for leggings, if they are extremely patterned or if you don't have the legs. By that I mean there really fat or so skinny that they appear baggy
    But if you can carry them off I don't see why you shouldn't wear them