People Get Offended Way Too Easily

I was recently scrolling through a website I found called College Candy, where I found this article called: Dear Victoria’s Secret, Where Are The Models Who Aren’t A Size 2?

People Get Offended Way Too Easily

I found this kind of surprising.

I mean Victoria's Secret is a lingerie company founded in 1977 who use skinny, yes I said it, skinny, models to represent their brand.

It's their thing.

Just like, for example, Apple would not hire someone without knowledge of software or hardware, or Nike wouldn't hire a non-athletic model, Victoria's Secret would not hire a model that doesn't conform to their standards.

It's not wrong, it's just they've built up an image for their brand and what's wrong is other people who think this almost 40 year company will change just for them.

In fact, the stores sell up to DDD sized bras, which are pretty big. If someone is bigger than that, it becomes a specialty item, and Victoria's Secret shouldn't have to cater to every single persons needs, especially when a good chunk of women are within the size range that Victoria's Secret sells.

Refering back to the Apple example, it would be like a couple of people who don't like the colors of the iPhones, saying they only cater to people who like white, grey, black, and rose gold. It would be like asking Apple to make a brand new Olive Green iPhone just for them. In my opinion, of course.

What do you think?


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  • I think you're right. It's not VS's job to please everyone who might be butthurt about the models they choose to hire. They've been in business 40 years so they must be doing something right.


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  • You are comparing bra size and skinny models to intelligennce, hiring qualified employees and being good at your work. Okay then.

    • Intelligence is what qualifies a person to work at Apple, while a skinny body is what qualifies a woman to model for Victoria's Secret. I don't see a difference. They're both qualifications someone needs for a specific job.

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    • Ofcourse they interact with other women too. Annd girls have other influences too. But porn, magazines, tv, movies etc. They are all full of bullshit, photoshop, sexual pictures.

    • Yup.