Why so much makeup?

This myTake was inspired by a youtuber who I think makes a really good point.

Why do people complain about women who wear so much makeup DELIBERATELY go to these makeup and hair channels? There a thousands of channels for people who prefer no makeup or natural with no extensions or wigs or makeup yet they click on these channels, and instagrams of people who are known for their makeup and hair.

Those people make comments under beauty and makeup gurus saying things like "you look pretty without makeup" or they say "you do not need makeup"

No one needs makeup, obviously these women choose to wear makeup because its fun, and they have an artistic talent and they happen to get lucky to get paid to do what they want

Promise phan Blonde Bombsell look. Before:

Why so much makeup?


Promise Phan is a hair and makeup guru and is known for her transformations to different characters on youtube, yet people still tell her that she wears too much makeup. How is she supposed to transform into a fictional character or a person without makeup?

Men wear makeup too! its 2016 and society still acts like men do not wear makeup or get plastic surgery.

And this age old adage that men look better than women because they are natural needs to stop because not all men are natually beautiful. Lets just be honest here. And can we stop pretending that men do not treat their skin with beauty products such as face wash, botox, and rhinoplasty too? Plastic surgery has come a LONG way.

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  • i actually completely agree 100%. i BARELY wear makeup, and when i do, it isn't a full face, but i have never understood people who say that makeup is deceiving or it makes her look different.

    ehm... that's the point?

    and so what if she wants to wear it? let her wear it! there are guys out there who r ok with it anyway since like almost all these makeup gurus have bfs and whatnot. ill always advocate natural beauty but ill never go with the haters on makeup. believe it or not, makeup is actually considered an art form, like painting or writing. i've helped a few girls out with their makeup or created eccentric looks for artistic purposes. lots of fun. =]

  • I love make-up! I can't stand it! I am new to it all and I don't have enough money for an wywshadow pallet but I love it. I don't wear it everyday since I get lazy haha! But Yeah I don't think make-up is harmful. And i hate people who say they like naturally. You don't know what naturally is!