3 Ways to Look Younger

3 Ways to Look Younger

Everyone wants to have that "youthful glow". The question is: how can you achieve it?

Here are a few simple ways!

Technique One


Simply apply a briqhtening cream or highlighter to your under eye area, chin, cupid's bow (the arch of your lip), bridge and tip of your nose, and forehead to brighten up your face and give a more youthful appearance.

Technique Two

Winged Eyeliner

A classic cat-eye does not only look gorgeous, but it also helps to elongate the eye causing a younger appearance compared to basic eyeliner.

Technique Three

Nude Lips

Using a basic, nude lipstick color can help your lips to blend in with your skin, ridding your lips of any wrinkles and helping them to appear less thin.

I hope this helps you! Now go for it!

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  • Actually the last two just make the face look older...
    An almost insignificant eyeliner that doesn't surpass the lash end and a mild coral lipstick make the face more youthful...

    But the first one is true.

    • That works as well, but a wing that extends slightly from your eyelid will make you look younger.

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What Guys Said 3

  • any tips on how to make a guys face tighter. I feel like my cheeks are kinda saggy since 16 years old.

    As for your take, Yeah I agree with LittleSally about the nude lipstick color. I feel it makes her look for lack of a better term, dead. However I feel like adding a slight touch of pink in the lips makes the world of the difference in attractiveness.

    • This might sound kind of weird, but try facial exercises. The face is the same as any muscle. To tighten it, you need to work the muscle. Look up "facial exercises" and you will find many different ways.

    • yeah, I do jawline exercises on the subway for like 20 minutes a day lol. But its not helping me tighten my cheek muscles around my mouth :)

    • Use a moisturizer that has AHA in it.

  • Good take but I can't use makeup 😂 lol
    Any ways to remove acne scars 😶?

  • Wot people don't understand's genetics mostly... those health freaks who claim eat healthy to look younger... they just know shit...


What Girls Said 7

  • Ahhah I love it, "How to look younger" from someone mah oldest son's age.

    Sup girl, you wanna look... 9?


    • Haha I was waiting for someone to comment on that! Obviously this isn't meant for people my age lol

  • Aside from helpful critiques, all the griping about this post is so... eh.

    I like make up MyTakes.

    Keep making more!


  • 3 ways to look younger:
    -Drink lots of water
    -Eat healthy
    -Don't wear makeup

    • That's great for people who haven't aged, but for those who already have wrinkles and look older, drinking water and eating healthy will benefit their internal and mental health, not their facial features.

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    • Of course internal and mental health is more valuable than external beauty. It should be everyone's first priority, but assuming you have good health and you have simply aged as everyone does, then the tips in this myTake are useful. This isn't about internal/mental health, it's about physically looking younger for those who are interested in it. :)

  • There is a lot you can do besides makeup. You don't just have to cover up old...

  • I Turned vegan at 15...

    And now everyone still says I look 15 XD

    • Also I collect all the parts of the fruits and vegetables I don't eat (Watermelon rinds, banana peels, corn husks, avacado pits, orange peels etc..) blend them and once a week smear them on my face while I take a hot bath <3

  • Thanks for the tips! it will certainly help people with extreme gerascophobia like myself.

  • I am already 25. If I look younger than what I am already, then I could look like a teen. Er... I hope not.