Super Cute Makeup Looks For Special Occasions

You need to go to a wedding, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a formal gathering of any kind, but you're stumped on what kind of a makeup look you should go for?

Cute Makeup Looks For Special Occasions

Should it match your dress, should it be more natural, more bold?

Nah, don't match it with your dress, match it with your face. Haha

Make sure to match it with your coloring (skin color and veins color) and if you're wearing a bold colored outfit, make your makeup natural > can't go wrong there.

Here are some Youtube videos that might give you inspiration for that perfect makeup look you might be looking for:

Good luck and stayyyyyyyyy

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  • yayyy!!! nice simple and neutral makeup tutorial!!!
    i love Dita von teese!!! <3 (no homo lol)