Stop Putting On Make-Up: Instead, Eat Various Vegetables Every Day!

Do you hate putting on make-up everyday and removing them every night?

Do you have bad skin problems?

Well, that young woman in the picture above out of 35 students has gone through a 6-week research experiment, eating more vegetables and fruits every day. The NHS recommends 5 a day, but not many people are eating their vegetables in the UK.

If you eat your vegetables every day, then your skin will have a healthier glow in a matter of weeks! Say goodbye to makeup products! Make-up products waste money, because they are outrageously expensive. You have to spend hundreds of dollars on make-up products. Make-up products also waste time. You have to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror, until you become totally consumed by your own vanity. I believe this excessive vanity in young women is detrimental, because the value is placed on the woman's looks, not her accomplishments. Forget about vanity and beauty products! Try healthy living! Now, you can achieve that pretty glow naturally!

(I think carrots and orange-y sweet peppers are great sources for beta-carotene. Yes, you will literally turn orange, but if you vary your veggies, then the dosage wouldn't be as great.)

Aren't vegetables great?

- They make you look beautiful without any application of make-up!

- They are cheaper than make-up!

- They are easier to apply than make-up!

- They protect you later in life!

- They taste great!

- They make you smarter!

Now, you can have your own beauty kit at home, ladies and gentlemen! Eat a Harvest Salad for lunch every day for a month! Drink tap water on the side. It's free.

You need:

1. Spinach

2. Arugula

3. Tomatoes

4. Strawberries

5. Raspberries

6. Kale

7. Carrots

8. Sweet Peppers

9. Olive Oil


1. Wash the vegetables individually.

2. Remove the leaves of the carrots.

3. Remove the outer skin layer and ends of the carrots.

4. Cut the carrots in thin slices.

5. Remove the stems of the brightly colored sweet peppers, usually orange or red.

6. Dump everything in a large bowl.

7. Squeeze a tomato on top as dressing. The flesh will be eaten as well.

8. Add a tiny drop of olive oil for absorption of lipid-soluble vitamins.

9. Enjoy!

You are going to love the way you look in weeks!

Please join the #BeautifulAndHealthyClub and put an end to make-up products!


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  • Vegetables are gross. Make-up is easier and more pleasant for most people. They're also less time consuming and cheaper.


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  • From what I'm seeing vegetables make you darker... or yellower... o. O
    They don't give you thicker and fuller lashes. xD


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  • This is what Clinique bronzing gel is for

  • And if you find vegetables horrid in flavor?

    • More fruit? Also water!

    • I love how someone thumbed me down just for being honest about how vegetables taste nasty. There's a reason why most people prefer things that aren't veggies over things that are veggies.

    • I saw that too. I don't find them awful but they can taste kind of bland if you don't add things to them. For example try sauteeing asparagus in olive oil, same thing with spinach and onions... I love vegetables (cauliflower, spinach, etc.) if they're cooked well.

  • I've noticed that eating a lot of plants is generally good for your health. 😊

  • I don't wear make up anyways. And my skin us already perfect

  • Analyze the pictures.. Notice everything is in the exact same positions in both pictures. The literal only difference is the color. The pictures are fake..

  • Interesting photo selection. Is this from the study or a mash up of many faces?
    I think you have a great message. "Eat better" I totally agree! Some of the most clear skinned people I've ever seen really focus on eating balanced diets and also focus on eating clean products.

    • If you click on the pink link in the Take, you will find the pictures. Yes, they are definitely real people. Look at the changes! Behold, and admire! Eat healthy while you're still young! You'll going to regret it as you age!

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    • Dang, it's just so hard to kick out junk like processed foods.

    • It's not hard at all. A convenience store would have tall shelves at the center, glass at the back, and no healthy food at all. A supermarket would have tall shelves at the center, glass at the center, and veggies somewhere in the corner. They also place junk food where kids can see them and beg their parents. You have to know these deceptive techniques to get healthy food.

      I live in the Midwest, where there is Fresh Thyme. It claims to be an organic, local grocery store chain all across the Midwest. It's like a Farmer's Market, because local farmers send their crops there. I'd say it's better than Whole Foods Market, which is expensive stuff and has traditional supermarket layout. In Fresh Thyme, the vegetables and fruits are the centerpiece, because the business philosophy is that they are at the heart of healthy eating.

      Remember -- eat organic, local, seasonal produce! It's environmentally friendly, and you'll do your body good! And you can say goodbye to MAKEUP! :D