Beauty Standards Around The World

East Asia

In countries like China, South-Korea and Japan having a pale complexion is valued. The norm came from the past where it was a sign of wealth. The rich ones often were inside and therefor didn't get the tan like the farmers who worked outside in the sun. The V-shape and the double eyelid is also seen as beautiful for many in East-Asia. Hair dyes and outfits that K-pop stars for example wears is also fashionable. Cuteness have also been valued.

Beauty Standards Around The World
Beauty Standards Around The World

Mursi tribe, Ethiopian tribe

In Mursi, a African tribe, piercings and necklaces are seen as beautiful. The lip plates are fashionable there and especially women wears them. Scarification is also a tradition there.

Beauty Standards Around The World
Beauty Standards Around The World


Norwegian beauty standards are quite similar to other Western countries' beauty standards. In Norway being slim, fit and tan is seen as beautiful. Both women and men takes sunbaths in sunbeds. Among women long hair is appreciated. It's also common for women to enchant their looks with makeup. Men however often sports short hair and a bit beard. Stubble is popular.

Beauty Standards Around The World

Beauty Standards Around The World


In India light skinned is also favored like East-Asia. However you don't need to look "white" in order to follow the beauty standard and the East-Asian beauty standard favor even paler skin than Indians. In India colorful clothing are popular. In weddings and other special occasions some women wears nose rings and henna. Men in India wears different facial hairs. Some sports a typically Indian mustache, but other rocks stubble instead.

Beauty Standards Around The World

Wedding clothing. ^

Beauty Standards Around The World

Karo tribe, Ethiopian tribe

In this tribe they paints their bodies and wears flowers to look good. They also wears necklaces made of colorful beads. Some popular hairstyles are dyed braided hair, short hair and shaved.

Beauty Standards Around The World
Beauty Standards Around The World


Mauritania have a beauty standard that is opposite of the Western ones. In Mauritania being big is seen as beautiful. Big symbols wealth and a kind husband who's able to afford enough food, therefor many women wants to be big. Some parents tries to fatten up their daughters in early age preparing them for marriage where they're forcing them to eat as much as possible.

Beauty Standards Around The World
Beauty Standards Around The World


In Iran women wears a hijab and a lot of clothes, so their faces gets more attention than rest of their bodies. Therefor many women focusing on their faces. Makeup and skin care is common to improve the looks. But some do also undergo cosmetic surgeries to fix their faces. Nose jobs are some of the most popular procedures and therefor wearing a bandage at your nose is a status symbol. You can wear them without undergoing surgeries as well. In newer times the dress codes in Iran have become lesser strict and women wears more colorful clothing. So today you don't have to wear only strictly one colored religious clothing. Iranian from both genders do also wear same clothing like Western people after the modernizing of the society.

Beauty Standards Around The World
Beauty Standards Around The World

Please tell me if you wants a part 2 of "Beauty standards around the world" and I would considering making one. Hopes you enjoyed MyTake.

Beauty Standards Around The World

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Beauty Standards Around The World
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wulfila

    For much of the industrialized world, it's hard to see what genuine beauty looks like, because photo editing is so pervasive. At least with pictures, I've reached a point where I pretty much ignore anything but candid or "raw" photos when deciding if someone (not seen in person) is attractive or not. :-/

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  • PrincessPie

    I'd love a part 2 please :) i really enjoyed reading that..
    its interesting to how much a culture can make your perception of beauty so different.

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    cool take

  • Turkish_Delight

    These informations show us that beauty is relative and different people have different tastes in terms of beauty. Here in Turkey, its something between Iran and Norway, but hijab is not that common in here compared to Iran and Arab world. People already get a natural tan since our country is hotter than Nordic countries like Norway, but some people are still getting sunbathing.

    • zagor

      The trouble with sunbathing is, someday they turn 35, and the effects of all that sun start to show up. Especially for fair-skinned, blonde or red-haired people. It's not pretty.

    • @zagor Well in here people are usually darker compared to North or Middle Europeans. So we are harmed less than whites. (Turks are originated from Mongoloid-Huns)

    • Popo21

      Where in turkey do you love?

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  • jul4a

    I liked this a lot!
    never knew about the lip plates. interesting.
    If you look at older beauty standards around the world I remember learning that the bigger a woman was in ancient italy and greece, the more fertile, healthy, and beautiful she was perceived as.

  • Lishka

    Poland: Guys like girls with slim butts, narrow hips (not kidding ;) red polish nail and long hair. For some weird reason trousers rather than skirts or dresses... High heels and profesionall makeup, not an overdone one, but some anyway ;) When it comes to girl's preferences... I'm one but I have mine varying from others... so I won't tell - there's no use ;)

  • Great article! I'm from Bangladesh and the standards are a tad bit different from Induans. Over here the only requirements for beauty are: skin, hair and eyes. Pale skin, looooong hair and big eyes are admired, otherwise there are no unrealistic standards like you need a polished body or shaved arms and legs. People here love unibrows. For men people just prefer broader and more angular features like thicker brows, more plump lips, textured hair etc. Unlike Indians we actually like tan in guys. In case of both men and women, we are fine with people being a bit skinny or chubby, but we don't accept anorexic skinny or morbidly obese bodies. We love sharp and clear features in men, and elegant and soft features in women. I like it here except the fuss about skin and hair people make it's too much.

    • @COCOCHANEL Gorgeous. She looks cute and youthful yet mature. I love her eyes.


      do you mean shape? she may have had eye surgery but definitely wears green contacts at all times

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  • madhatters4

    i experienced the southeast Asian desire for paler skin. i was teaching in thailand with about 8 other American post grads. it was so funny when we went to the beach. the American girls would bake in the sun while the Asian women would be almost fully clothed and staying out of the sun as much as possible.

    the Asian women couldn't understand why white americans wanted to get darker

  • Ariel1990

    I am european living in asia. Asians also like long legs, because they dont have , pointy noses, becuse their ones are flat. Everywhere u can buy whitening creams which is impossible in Europe.

  • vishna

    Great MyTake. Interesting how different cultures appreciate different things.

    • jackhua

      because we see too much Hollywood movies. so we think women with white skin and point nose is beauty.

    • @jackhua, I thinks tan and brown people looks good too.

  • clampfan101

    That Norway woman looks absolutely gorgeous! ❤️ I'd love to see her without makeup!

    And hot d***! The Indian woman looks like a queen in that outfit! omg!

  • Kit_Kat88

    I fit Asian beauty standards a little more than western

  • Sunflower19

    I really like this take! Part 2 please!! :)

  • Asian women are hot everywhere.

  • AngelLily

    You should make a part 2

  • cupidkisses

    Very nice one

  • iceEverestere

    Great mytake. Part 2 please.

  • Interesting

  • Anonymous

    Finland: there's 2 types of men: those who like dark latinas/south east Asians.
    and those who prefer real finnish girls: blonde, blue eyed, little bit chubby (with boobs) and cute face.

  • Anonymous

    looks like Asians are the only ones that have a normal beauty standard.

  • Anonymous

    Do indigenous tribes from latin America and compare them to the European ones or something like tht