Indian beauty standards for women


I am going to keep it concise and simple with suitable examples.

1. Skin

Peachy or creamy skin as opposed to darker or porcelain white skin is considered desirable.It should be free from blemishes, hair, and freckles.

Indian beauty standards for women

2. Hair

People love long, straight and shiny black or brown hair.

Indian beauty standards for women

3. Face shape

Women with round faces are considered more attractive.

Indian beauty standards for women

4. Eyebrows

Thick and dark eyebrows that have been shaped properly by threading are considered more beautiful than bushy eyebrows with extra hairs.

Indian beauty standards for women

5. Eyes

Big almond-shaped or round eyes are seen as beautiful.They are the most important feature on a woman's face according to many and shouldn't be smaller than a woman's lips.

Indian beauty standards for women

6. Nose

Many opinions exist about what is beautiful when it comes to noses but a common opinion is that narrow and sharp noses are pretty.Button noses are not liked.Noses should not have a curve.They should be straight.

Indian beauty standards for women
Indian beauty standards for women

7. Lips

Full red lips not much bigger than a woman's eyes are seen as attractive.

Indian beauty standards for women

8. Body

An hourglass shape is preferred with a healthy body weight.

Indian beauty standards for women
Indian beauty standards for women
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  • htmndg183
    As a desi, i agree this is the image embedded in most people. The variations in the media amongst the women who are often models, actresses tend to fit within this criteria. Rarely do the deviate from it.
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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Indian women are just stunning. I love olive skin tones like the 2nd picture and Priyanka.
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  • ohshee
    You know what I like about you is that you are you I like everything you said and I like everything that you didn't say that's the way you perceive it that's what you said you have very good taste I like your taste I would like to either add or subtract to that list but it's not a big deal basically what you just stated is every woman in this world in a roundabout way and I think that's beautiful
  • jasmine_0603
    That's interesting! I don't exactly fit into those standards, but I'm also not Indian. I've always found Indian women beautiful, though ❣️
  • IMuser
    I am thinking like: do i even think about all this when i consider a girl beautiful? 😂
  • Vghjgdfghhg
    That's an interesting MyTake, thank you for sharing. Being Middle Eastern myself, I fit and agree with most of these standards, except for the face shape (I personally find high cheekbones more attractive than super round, baby faces)
    • Grond21

      Middle eastern women are similar, but so different in interesting ways

  • Berethor
    Black or brown hair, not blonde and read hair, how could it be? :)
  • FilmGuy93
    It really is gorgeous though! Probably toxic for the average woman. I wish there was a healthier way to have beauty standards.
  • Grond21
    I don't agree with all of these standards in terms of my personal preference, but they do seem like they are commonly sought after
    • Babygirl_S

      That's interesting! Which ones do you find weird?

    • Grond21

      It's not that I find them weird exactly, it's just that they are not what I find most attractive. Not to say that they aren't attractive at all, it's just not at the top of my list.
      For the skin color, it's a nice town but I actually prefer darker. And for the hair while I love the black color I prefer wavy or even curly to straight. The eyebrows and lips I agree with, although there are women who have thin lips and are pretty. I like the eyes also, a lot. But more important than that is that they are a dark brown color. The nose I think is really pretty when it's straight, but I also think button noses are super cute. And I like an hourglass body shape a lot, or even a top-heavy one. But I think that's pretty rare among Indians

    • Babygirl_S

      A naturally hourglass shaped body is rare all over the world.

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  • Xoirwinkan
    Most of it also applies to white people, except for the nose part (and specific colours). As a white guy I find 1 and 5 the most attractive.
  • DownIndaDumpz
    Indian woman Nd black girls are my most favourite/sexiest kind of girls. For some reason
  • prosmind
    Indian women are more beautiful, attractive and naturally gifted in every respect.
  • Tstrbrainer
    True. Especially the second woman is really attractive
  • Jude_Wills
    Nice take
    Indian girls really beautiful but little dominant (not all but few)
  • EffaMan
    Indian women are so hot :)
  • TyLeeAndPink
    Indian women are so beautiful
  • bowenw
    Thank you for sharing this information.
  • noohair
    Darker skin is ok with me.