Style Does Not Die With Age

My great aunt just turned 90 years old and for as long as I've had the distinct pleasure of having her in my life, she has never shied away from being a stylish older woman. She revels in it. She is a woman who at 90 will still wear 4 inch heels to church, because she loves to make an entrance, but also knows, seconds later, she can sit and enjoy the service. She gets hair hair and nails done religiously, she always wears her signature perfume, and unless she's at home lounging, you will never see her in anything with a thick elastic waist band, or sagging around her shoulders, or her in a grandma shoe. She is my hero in all things style and I should be so lucky to grow as old as she is, in her health, and still maintaining a sense of style.

The sad thing about the fashion world is, it generally caters much more to the younger generation only. Once you hit 50, it is rare that you will ever see a model even in catalogs your own age or older which can make it tough to remain stylish because you're most likely not going to be in mini skirts, and super tight jeans, or whatever is super trendy for your everyday life as a more mature person, so a lot of these women and men are in a way, forced to create and promote their own beautiful style. They take matronly wear, and turn it into something fabulous, or add pieces to make certain items more age appropriate, and I love them for it. It reminds us all, you know, all of us that exist, that if we are lucky, we too will live to be older and if we believe now that fashion should not die at 50, then we must support this creativity and push to see more older people being presented in the mainstream.

A garment can make you feel more alive. We all know the feeling of putting on something where we throw our shoulders back and stand up straight because we know it's a head turner. Imagine at 50+, just when the world cruelly starts to ignore that you even exist anymore, being able to capture this feeling, to have someone's head turn and tell you that you look nice today or that's an amazing piece. NO matter your age, it's a nice thing to hear. There is nothing about your age that says you should just let it all go and be a sad hermit somewhere waiting to die. You can still express and should be able to express what you want with your fashion, and to showcase bits of your personality to the world.

There is a wonderful little film called "Advanced Style," which reminded me very much of my aunt. It highlights the hunger women beyond a certain age still have to look good and want to stand out. Being fashionable, certainly does leave your spirit the moment you reach a certain age if it's always been in your blood and you shouldn't let it.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Is it supposed to be ironic how the photos here show old people who must have dementia, because most of those outfits were definitely put together by someone with impaired reasoning?

    That question is objectively rhetorical, by the way, just as their outfits are objectively awful. There is like three outfits in here that I liked haha


What Girls Said 2

  • Aww your aunt sounds so cute lol. Plus I agree, just bc you'e getting older doesn't mean you have to dress like a prude. There's ways to do it and they did it right.

  • It didn't die because it was never there to begin with.


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