My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

I wouldn't care if my man isn't handsome. I believe character, intelligence, personality, these traits matter more than anything else.

This quote of mine seems to give every guy on G@G a 600V electric shock. Even worse, they tend to ask me HORRIBLE QUESTIONS. What if he is hairy like a gorilla? What if he has this disorder and that deformation, bulging tumors like the Colorado River toad, nose of Pinocchio, loose skin like that of a naked mole rat, one-eyed like the Antichrist.... Seriously guys, shut the flying fuck up.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

It disappoints me so much. How much obsessed with looks do people in the world have to be so that when someone actually says that he or she isn't like that, everyone would accuse him or her of lying and even ask such ridiculous questions like their life depends on it? Like they won't be able to sleep unless I finally say that 'I wouldn't want my guy to look like THAT!' As if they feel insulted to come across someone saying something nice. As if they are gonna choke to death if I don't admit I'm lying and I'm just as shallow as the other girls.

That being said, let me clear out one misconception about me. I have eyes. I have big, round eyes and I can see with them. I see attractive and I see unattractive. I also appreciate it just as much as others, I also embrace it. Beauty is always pleasant to look at.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

With beauty comes the eye of the beholder. Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder. Different people have different appearances, and different people find different things attractive. I am no exception. I also have my own perspective on what I find attractive in a man and what I don't.

With the subjectivity comes the factors that affect how we see it. Beauty is widely influenced by evolution and hierarchy. Several cultures have several ideas of beauty, our Brown culture does too. I see all people here liking pale white skin, even Bollywood actors endorse fairness creams. Over here we find Central Asian, Caucasian and White people really beautiful. I do too, people there are gorgeous. Last December I traveled to Kashmir and when we got out of the airport my immediate reaction was, 'Why are people here so beautiful?!'

But that is not all that I find beautiful. I don't feel like one has to look a certain way to be attractive. The media didn't create you, so they have no right to tell you that you are worth nothing if you don't look like what they want you to look like. Instead of thinking that a guy has to be fair-skinned, tall and all, I strongly believe that people of all skin tones, height, and body types can look beautiful. There are attractive men in all races and they all look amazing in their own way.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

And with all the embracing of beauty comes my personal favorite features! I love green eyes. Regardless of skin tone I love clear skin. Also thick hair. And who doesn't love a good, masculine, statuesque physique with well-defined muscles? I personally don't like 6 feet tall and above, they feel too tall for me. I'm short lol. Also, I have some favorite male celebrities.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness


'But Cubster, I thought that you don't care about looks at all?' I gotchu right there fam, I'm getting in there right now.

So what's with the claim? Well, let's all face it, not everyone is attractive. Everyone isn't blessed with everything.

And you know what? IT'S OKAY. It's totally okay to not be the most handsome dude. Just how it is okay to not be a genius like Einstein, the richest man like Bill Gates, or the fastest athlete like Usain Bolt. Like, cmon, all these are also damn impressive traits to have. Everyone is equally valuable, because the world needs everyone of you for it to be a better place for mankind. What makes you better as a person is how you influence people around you, not how many people of the opposite gender drool over you, lol.

The traits that I mentioned are still ones that you have to work for. Of course, part of it comes from being gifted, but without putting your best effort to awaken your potential, you would never be your best version. Same goes for beauty. Some of it is determined by genetics, like eye color and bone structure, others depend on how healthy, fit and energetic you are. And also how you dress-up, but refining your own appearance is a different topic that I wouldn't discuss here.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

I just know that there is nothing wrong with looking unattractive, or even ugly if you wanna say so. Physical attractiveness is the first thing we see in a person, and people say something about primary sexual attraction which I don't give a fuck about, but it's not the only thing to appreciate in a person.

In fact, when looking for a long-term partner, his physical appearance would never be more important than several other things needed to maintain a healthy relationship. He has to have a good character, personality, wisdom, piety, discipline... I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with this dude, and my kids will call him dad. They will learn from his example not advices. I dare not be shallow.

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness

So what does my guy have to look like at least? My answer: healthy and normal. To me, healthy isn't about BMI or aesthetics, it's about how you feel and how you carry yourself. I don't mind if a guy is thin, he doesn't even have to the Super strong. Nor do I mind when he is on the chubby round side. As long as he is not like he can't lift a dictionary or can't take a step without panting, as long as he is active and is having a decent diet, I see nothing bothersome about it.

Nor do I see anything bothersome in a face unless he has something abnormal, out-of-place in there. The key is, look like a healthy decent human being and you're good. Believe me when I say this, many guys tell me they are ugly and stuff but they look just alright to me. Alright as in I find nothing bad in their looks. Don't worry too much about features that you have no control over. Seriously, the rest is up to people whether or not they choose to be shallow.

I just sound like I don't have very high standards in finding my match. Well, actually, no. I have way higher standards than most people. I want a beautiful soul, which is far more rare than a beautiful face or hot body. And it can't be refined artificially, it cannot be altered by surgery. The idea of a hot boyfriend does sound nice at times, but one important part of growing up is not just give in to all your worldly temptations.

I won't answer any question regarding this topic anymore, not even on this post because it literally mentioned everything that I thought I should say, with exception being you needing some clarification in case you don't understand a line or two so I could elaborate. This is the last time I am ever talking about it here for once and for all. I am not obligated to explain myself to you. I am ending up with only one man in my life anyway hopefully, and life is temporary, so cheers. Nothing to be so serious about it, just enjoy your life. Thanks for reading! And also, yeah I know my picture selection sucks. You don't have to point it out. :)

My Take on Beauty and Physical Attractiveness
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