Can We Just Appreciate Beauty?

Beautiful, handsome, this is what we used to care about, no not the looks but the heart and soul of the person. Everyone is beautiful\handsome in their own way. What am I talking about? Let's see.

Rant warning

I am really tired of today's beauty standards. We are getting over our heads, all the girls wants to look "Thick" or "Skinny", what are you thinking? do you care so much about your body that you forgot your mind and heart? I see girls looking like models, asking about how they look! are you blind?

And many times I see a really great girl with a heart of gold, insecure about themselves, WHY?

See the beauty <3
See the beauty <3

Guys! You didn't have a girlfriend, and never had a date, so what? You don't need to be mad about it, if you want to look good, look good for yourself, not for others. You know that looks won't matter much, stop trying to force yourself to buff or have a six pack. If you want it, do it for yourself!

Never hide your smile :)
Never hide your smile :)

I don't blame you for doing all of that, I blame our awful modern society where real beauty is not appreciated. Men are making comments about women, women are flaming and burning guys, why do you do that and make everyone feel insecure like you feel?

Time to calm down ....

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As you know, we all have our flaws and imperfections. People nowadays focus on those things and forget everything else that is great in a person. I know the eye sees what is there, but there is always.

More than meets the eye

I always look at any one, and even they don't look good or have a perfect body, I just take another look and see what beauty they have. It is always there but we just ignore it because of today's standard of beauty, it is true what they said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Can We Just Appreciate Beauty?

And I am always impressed how it is in every one one of us, humans are amazing and they would never cease to be.

Sure, you can always go after what you want, we all have preferences but that doesn't mean that you reject anyone out your set of preferences. For once, try to look at the short guy, or the overweight girl, look at the eyes, the smile and trust me you will find something awesome.


Enjoy it.

I hope you open your eyes and see the real beauty. :)

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  • I don't think it works that way.
    Let's be completely honest and straight - attractiveness is just about sex.
    You can not force yourself to lust someone sexually, and beauty isn't as subjective as people think. There are some beauty standards that most people find attractive. Sure, there will always be that minority that will find those paticular features attractive, but it is highly unlikly that you will meet them, and even less likely that you will find them attractive too.
    So your appearance is as important as character in case of searching relationships

    • To some extent it is true, but i have seen many examples that looks , doesn't matter
      And if looks were everything , i would have at least got me a date

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    • Yeah, she is a natural beaty, most people won't argue with that. If you put here Amy Schumer for example most people wouldn't find beauty in her, and your take is about finding beauty in everyone

    • She is fine Xd

Most Helpful Guys

  • Did you see FIFA actually requested TV Broadcaster of Russia World Cup to stop showing young beautiful ladies on TV in the moments the game was stopped because in their vision it was setting wrong expectations?
    Makes me laugh at all the brainwash. Wonder what's the ultimate purpose of all this.

    These are the steps that will take our society towards those alien movies of individuals with tight same coloured skin that nobody can tell apart because they have the same height, same eyes, no body hair and shiny skin with no genitals, as our children will be made in a 3D printer.

    Nazis tried creating one unique breed, now others try the same through other methods, less brutal, but just as dangerous for our future as a species.

    And you tell me these people orchestrating all this non-sense and having the position of power to impose things onto us, simply set their goal because that's how they woke up one morning. Neah, they are being told to do it by someone.

    In the meantime, I will (for as much as I will be allowed to do so) have my own standards of beauty and pick what I consider beautiful.

    • Fair enough
      But , you got to be nice, no one is ugly it only you who sees them that way

  • I totally get what your saying, and I agree with you 100%.
    Problem is, I've gone out with girls that would be considered a perfect 10. But, they believe they are a 4 because they compare themselves to other girls in their "class of looks." Didn't matter what I thought or said, she still remained insecure about her own body.
    The same is true over in the men's department. To be a "MAN" you need need big muscles, play sports, to go kill something, and drink lots of beer. You gotta be the action hero to live up to the "bro code."

    People need to chill and stop thinking something is wrong themselves because they don't live up to some fantasy lifestyle some marketer came up with in an office cubical.


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