Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

With my recent questions and looking at different girls pictures it made me want to revisit this Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in once again

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

I want to always restate that girls, no matter how much you think you look bad, many guys I would say 90 percent think you look better than you feel or better than how you perceive yourself.

There are guys that have strong standards that are pretty blatant about it but its not too many. Overall, guys like you and desire you more than you think.

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

That is just an example of a real picture. There are preferred weights and this is what I think I want to weight or what I should weight but odds are, you can be more confident than you give yourself credit for. I am not saying its not ok to go to a more healthier weight but don't drive yourself crazy trying to get down to an unreasonable weight just to make yourself feel better. Set yourself up for success. Pick a good weight and if you get below it great but aim for that weight and chose to be happy with it. Please don't look at all these fashion magazines

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Girls, there is a better way. Just make reasonable choices, please don't eat rabbit food and have your hobby being exercising in your spare time. Make reasonable goals and learn to enjoy your life.

I will claim this, having a extra few pounds and enjoying your life with what you have is more valuable than being miserable and trying to go towards a goal you might not be able to achieve. Set reasonable goals for yourself but don't torture yourself to get there. Please girls enjoy life, enjoy your life! You will be a much happier person if you spend less time focusing on your body and more time focusing the things that make life worth living.

Its also, all about prospective. Check out this milk ad about a girls future self talking to her past self. In this clip, I want you to think about what you think when you look in the mirror.

Imagine your future self lifting you up. Think Positive

Take a look at this video, does this sound familiar to you.

You are not alone, change your prospective, and live happier and healthier

Another thing I want to touch on again

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Girls can still be attractive without certain parts of the body standing out

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Is that posh spice...I mean... Victoria Beckham with a flat butt?
Is that posh spice...I mean... Victoria Beckham with a flat butt?

My advice, know your assets

If you have a flat chest or butt then focus on something else. Wear clothes that feature something that really looks good on you.

My advice, get an employee from a clothing store to help you and find someone you are comfortable with. It might take a couple of tries to find a store employee that can be honest and fun to work with. But it would help to get an honest opinion about what look looks best on you. And you don't want a girl that will sugar coat it for you either. You want someone that can be nice but really be honest about what makes your body pop and I would even go as far as to ask "what do you think is the best area of my body?" Make her choose. Force her to choose. That way you have an honest idea of what you want to do to really make your body pop. It is a little extreme in ways to suggest that. But my whole overall idea, it is good to be honest with yourself and another girl helping to point out something that you might not have thought about or noticed would be a good thing. That is my point here

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

I would say, that dressing for your body shape is a start and I really liked the girl and in this video and she seemed to put it together really nicely and it seems her videos would be fun to follow too.

But overall, just learn to be happy wherever you are at in your body journey

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

http://www.brainybetties.com/welcome is amazing!!!!!

This is trying to sell something but just read thorough it because there are some good words in there that don't cost anything :)

I used to be RIGHT where you are RIGHT now.


You can be a high achiever AND a perfectionist. But, they are 2 different things.


“I will finally be good enough when my body looks like that. I will finally be able to be happy then.”

“I’m sick today, but I need to get my workout in or I will feel guilty for falling further away from getting my ideal body.”

“The Halloween party at school is coming up. I better make sure I bring the most delicious, most creative cookies for the kids …I don’t want those other mom’s to think since I work full time, and am great at my job, that I not a good mom too.”

“At work, I just won the award for being the most awesome of all the awesome. But, yea that’s great, but not good enough. I will finally be able to be happy and celebrate when I win this other award…I will be good enough then.”

“I have to give this speech at work tomorrow. And my boss said it looks great, but I think it’s horrible! It’s now midnight, but I have to keep working on it. It’s just not good enough until it’s perfect….I don’t want my co-workers to think I’m not great at my job.”

“My body is tired and could use a nap. But, resting is for weak people, I need to make sure I’m being productive or I will feel lazy for not getting as much done as possible.”

And constantly jumping through hoops trying to prove your worthiness…
Hence why you’re exhausted…

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

So the answer is one you have to pay for but the symptoms and how you suffer from it are dead on. This webpage is speaking truth.

and to add to it, the answer is simple

positive thinking will always be better than faulty

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

That is just a simple start but speak positivity over yourself and go after reasonable goals. Learn to be healthy but it is far more important to be mentally healthy first and then physical health will follow.

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2

I hope this was a slightly fresher take than the last and that this reaches some new gaggers that just came on the scene. Hope it helps you guys :)

Being happy helps you to be healthy, thanks for reading

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2
Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in pt 2
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Most Helpful Girls


    Body positivity always focuses on things you can change - like gaining or losing weight.

    People have all kinds of scars and disfigurements that no argue is going to enhance or conceal.

    I knkw this is meant to be uplifting but I think trying to make people understand they are beautiful when they are already attractive just encourages narcissism. Some people really have no control over the hard they have been dealt and they can’t diet or exercise it away.

    What if someone tore off half your face. Or shedded the soon all along your legs... the natural skin you were in was robbed and what you are left with is alien, and like an enemy.

    People deal with these things and they have to get up in the morning as well. Obsessing over Not hating your body when no one else does isn’t hard. It’s just indulgent.

    If you’re healthy then that’s cool. If you feel heavy lose weight if you feel skinny gain weight. It’s not a big deal that stuff is controllable there is zero reason to be obsessing over things you can control.

    Maybe you have to walk more or can’t eat cheesecake. So what. And if that’s too important then maybe you’d rather be chubby. Ok. But constant obsession over stuff you can control as if you can’t, there’s no point to it.. it’s literally mental masturbation...

    I dint say this to insult you I know you jean well. But it’s petty. This isn’t the worst thing women deal with it just ends up being the lost focused on. Which is unhealthy and useless and Doesn’t give confidence bc anyone trying to love a body they don’t like knows they are just being lazy.

    Or they have a problem that can’t be fixed and won’t be accepted and they have to deal with that.

    Ignoring what you can change is just not taking yourself seriously

    And pretending the worst problem is pretty people feeling ugly is not taking them seriously.

    What is body body positivity for a burn victim having lost 76% of their skin.. people stay seay from it bc it’s too real

    Some people are going to feel conventionally ugly for ever bc they will be seen that way and alienated socially as a result. And they Have no control over.

    People who can fix it- just fix it 🤷‍♀️

  • Anonymous

    Omg this is the best post I have ever come across ! I loveee this positivity so much as I suffered years of depression from my scars and flaws after giving birth to both my babies. Thank you thank you !!! 🙌🏻

Most Helpful Guys

  • devilman666

    Why is this only targetted at women? We dont talk enough about how men can be insecure too but are less likely to open up about about it. We need to tell men that they should feel safe and comfortable and confident no matter how tall/short or fat/skinny he is.


    "Men face intense pressure to look a set way, and they can feel deeply insecure, and less of a man, if they don’t meet this ideal.
    The men we spoke to often feel they have to justify their feelings, believing their worries simply aren’t important enough to share."

    • JackSmy

      @devilman666 TOTALLY UN-COOL!! Come on, dude!! Just let women have some few moments of love and glory and praise!! It isn't about you, and it should be about them, more often!!
      Totally the WRONG place to post this, even though you 'may' have a point, just not here, not NOW!!
      He posted a CELEBRATION of women, and just post something that you love about women, and support this post, and show your love.
      Later, post your thing, on another link, and we can chat about that, then!

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    • @Jjpayne thank you. I think I will write one tomorrow, it is already midnight here and I am pretty tired. Luckily, I don't work tomorrow so I will have lots of free time. Sorry I got so upset by the way.

    • @JackSmy I guess the best way for me to explain myself here is with a question.

      Why is this post "all about women, and loving women, and how amazing they are", rather than being all about men and women, and loving men and women, and how amazing they both are"?

      Fait enough though. I am planning on writing a mytake on this matter tomorrow. If anyone comments on my mytake asking why women aren't included, I will copy + paste what you said, and change every instance of the word "women" to "men".

  • JackSmy

    You have said, so many things, in this post, that I have said to so many women, friends, and girlfriends. They don't ever believe me, but seem to believe the pressures of society, and all those horrible, unrealistic expectations!!
    The only friends of mine, that agreed, and knew, were the ones that were lesbians, and rejected all the fashion, social sht anyway!!
    Wanting to be equals, and I support that, but still, so focused on the social stigmas, of old... Irony, at it's Finest!! :)

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  • Nataliewin

    As long as you eat healthy and stay the f.. away from McDonald's and burger king poison garbage your fine. Fruit and vegetables rice and bread and distilled water from the distiller with carbon filters that I'm sure everyone has at home. Not too much or too less sun. And not too much protein. I love my body and myself in general

  • elite665

    Tbh most girls can become (good looking) just by toning the best parts of their body or losing/gaining weight and pretty much making yourself the most Ideal version you can

  • Iron_Man

    I am 100% thankful for the skin that I am in big time

  • Kurαȷ

    "Just make reasonable choices, please don't eat rabbit food and have your hobby being exercising in your spare time. Make reasonable goals and learn to enjoy your life."

    The average recommended calorie intake of a human is 2000 calories a day, the average calorie intake of an American is 3600 calories a day.
    The amount of overweight Americans has skyrocketed since the 60s, and at the current trend, in the next 50 years, the amount of people with healthy weight in the US will drop to 5% of the population.
    Obesity induced health conditions are the #1 reason of death.

    But yes, eating "rabbit food" is the problem, wow.

  • StingRayxoxo

    Good job, sir ❤

  • aestheticsxper

    She should be

  • LuvAsh


    • Jjpayne

      forgive me if im wrong but did you turn 17 recently?

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    • LuvAsh

      Lol i always forget about groundhogs day😂 but happy belated bday

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you! I hope you had fun on your birthday too

  • ggaannaa

    Thank you for this! I needed it

  • bhavy24

    Nice take

  • shimmeryns

    Lovin' the positivity in this! ❤️

  • Good take

  • CandacePerry

    I made my own my take about body positive.

  • anononon123

    Good take for women

  • Hawky_

    Well said 😊

  • Anonymous

    No one knows it better than I do, self-hatred I mean. I hate myself so much I constantly daydream about myself dying in gruesome ways. But I'm also a coward I can't ever self-terminate. I live because my body lives, just to stay away from pain. I don't even look in the mirror unless I really have to. I hate everything about myself and it will never change.

    • Jjpayne

      You have to speak life over yourself. You are beautiful! You are important! And you are valuable to many people! I will claim by the very action of sharing that, you have already helped people that feel and are going through the same thing. Going through similar struggles brings healing. Thank you for sharing and posting this! Remember you are beautiful, important and valuable to many people no matter what you might think

  • Anonymous

    Starving is not a solution to a fat belly. Eating healthfully and some exercise is. And an afro is not the only choice for a "mixed" girl. Use combs to pull your hair off your face, a headband, clips to make a pouffy ponytail. Visit a beauty shop for ideas and remember to use hair products that make dry hair shiny and soft. Everyone has to "own" who they are. A "fat" belly can be improved without punishing and hating yourself. A kinky head of hair still has styling options. Dress to look your best while feeding yourself properly. Style your hair so you have a few options. Taking care of yourself is the road to self love and acceptance. When you arrive there, love will come of its own accord, for yourself and from others.

  • Anonymous

    Well I have a fat belly that hangs down so I’ll never be happy with it, I’ll stick to starving to get rid of it because I know that guys won’t want to see or touch my body otherwise

    • Jjpayne

      starving is not the answer anyway. Those diets are not likely to work.
      This was recently said "Starving is not a solution to a fat belly. Eating healthfully and some exercise is"

  • Anonymous

    I will never be able to accept my hair. It's an afro and a lot of guys don't like mixed girls with an afro.

    • Jjpayne

      I know mixed girls that do have them. Just embrace it and others will like for you. You might even stand out with them as being the unique one with the afro

    • Jjpayne

      I mean Deadpool 2!!! Domino looks great in that afro!

  • Anonymous

    I can't accept my small boobs no matter how hard I try, I always just feel inadequate and not hot compared to women who are slim with large breasts. I always want to compete in some way, by making sure I have super toned abs, building more muscle in my butt, making sure my face looks better...

    • Jjpayne

      Focus on the other things and besides many models are flat chested. I would focus on playing with slim chest and it might even make other girls jealous if you wear something fun that girls with bigger breasts can't

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the positivity but I think it would be better if you kept it for yourself and especially not online.
    I know you well, and we talked about this before, you are a very nice person and I wish you the best in life, get yourself straight and get your life together, get off this website because it's one of the worst ways of self-improvement, focus on real life and spend less time on the phone, then maybe come back here to close some flaws and explore more people, also, you would have better ways to understand different kinds of people and you'll be able to encourage them even more.

    Best of luck

    Tough love~