The Feminine Figure

A plus-size ad for women's jeans
A plus-size ad for women's jeans

Fighting the Fat Belief

Every day, there are words everywhere, concerning the body shape and movement of women. The media has elevated this idea of "fat acceptance" that any female woman should be comfortable in their own body– which is true. All women should not feel ashamed to walk around and live each day with the feel of other people's judgment about how they look; however, fat acceptance is not about staying in one's current state but looking to improve it.

As an athletic and curvy women myself, I do my best to stay healthy and in shape whenever possible. The idea of "fat acceptance" should focus on the idea of improving oneself and body shape while feeling good and proud of the way it is, rather than believing their feminine body is "good enough" for themselves and they don't need to pay any attention to taking care of it.

The media is not letting women know that they should have pride in their look AND have pride in how they are winning their battle with weight loss. Other people and bystanders want to help these women transform their bodies and relieve them of their "fatsuit" so they become healthier and more able to improve the health of all women around them. "Fat acceptance" is not a healthy message but rather an idea that doesn't address the entire issue about women's pride in their own figure.

We should help spread the message of using the appropriate methods towards good health and habits to help struggling women overcome their battle with the burden of weight and the curse of body fat.

The Feminine Figure
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  • D4nielv
    There are so incredibly few people here that understand that a lot of women simply have an unhealthy relationship with food. Saying things like "simply just eat veggies and eat carbs" does not only not work, but is also an incredibly harmful thing to say. It makes them feel like it shouldn't be as much of a struggle as it is and only further enforces their insecurities.
    And that's how a lot of people deal with their insecurities, with bad thoughts, with depression, with sadness. Got bullied at school, had an embarrassing moment or got made fun of? Come home and down a pack of Oreos to feel better about it. Is it a healthy and good thing to do? No, of course not, but it works so damn well. Your body has been genetically engineered by evolution to seek out anything that gives it energy to stockpile and rewards you emotionally for it and a lot of girls fall back on this reward when the rest of the world is letting them down.
    Whenever anyone is struggling to maintain a healthy diet, ALWAYS be supportive of them. Let them know they're doing well, let them know you're proud of their efforts and never let them feel like they're not doing enough. Because if they're not doing good enough for you and they don't have the mental strength to do it for themselves, then a filling snack would sure as hell give them the support they need instead. And nobody wants that.
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  • Justanothernerd2012
    People are allowed to be the way they want, I’m not gonna be a dick just because someone has unhealthy choices. That being said, if someone is obese/overweight due to poor lifestyle choices then I won’t act like it isn’t unhealthy.
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  • Daniela1982
    As a former fattie I can attest to the fact that being that big is totally unhealthy. A heart attack is the number 1 reason for death in women, even over any cancer. The heavier you are the greater the risk of death from many reasons and the greater the risk to develop other problems like diabetes. So if women think they should be proud of their weight or being fat should be accepted they are full of shit. They are just on a greased downhill slide to the end of their life and will produce heartache for all that loved them because they didn't care enough about themselves to get help with their weight problem. If all else fails there is always weight loss surgery that can reduce the size of their stomach and, more or less, force weight loss. It is hard to gain weight when your stomach is the size of your fist or smaller. Women can put $20,000 into getting boobs or other surgery to look better, but not to save their life. And believe me, being that fat will shorten your life considerably. The Feminine FigureThe Feminine Figure
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  • heyzeuspiece
    I agree with you 100%. Bigger women should not be ridiculed or feel uncomfortable, but they also should know that eating whatever you want when you want is an unhealthy choice that will lead to dire consequences. We should cheer them on as they try to change, it’s the right thing to do, people shouldn’t think “oh we don’t wanna see you look gross anymore, here’s a treadmill” or “Ew you shouldn’t wear that” but try to encourage health because in the end, that’s all that matters. Education and understanding is key.
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  • megaman242
    Being out of shape and having a bit of a soft belly is not a problem at all, that is average after all. But ones you get a belly that hangs over, you know the belly tongue if you like, now there is a problem, now you are staying to fuck around with your health. To tell someone dangerously fat to not loose weight is just the same as to say to a drug addict they should not stop taking drugs because they are fun, it's litterateury no difference. Addictions comes in many shapes and forms. Speaking of shapes, the bones in your body is the same size no matter your size. There are several health issues that comes with being really fat and it will in many cases kill you earlier then nessesery. Many really fat people IF they get to an old age can not walk, they need wheelchair to get around because their knees have been destroyed because of all their weight. NEVER tell someone dangerously fat they should not lose weight, you are then directly part of makeing their life miserable and short. Fuck this trend.
    • Badballie

      Well said I applaud you for what you have said. My stepson married an obese woman, I am ashamed of her with us in public. She is unattractive uneducated and very opinionated. He has married her, in any dress she looks like the seems are going to burst, thick neck hanging jaw. We live very well through hard work when she comes to our home her eyes are like the lights on a one-armed bandit in a casino. If she were the last woman on earth, I would not go near she is repulsive. No erection is possible. She will not receive any inheritance from me and my wife. We will leave him money in a 30-year trust.

    • What I said is purely health related, but you are more into to the realms of personal attach and that's not so ok. But it makes me curious to your stepsons size, is he a big man?

  • Badballie
    obesity is SELF INFLICTED. It is so simple just eat protein and salad or green veg. Cut out all fast food and carbs. It is actually an addition so I would say those that cannot stop are in the same class as alcoholics. FA food anonymous, it helps many alcoholic. Everyone has an addiction, I am also a lover of good food chocs Lindt's etc. But i manage 3 weeks on protein and green veg, then on the weekend i treat myself within limits. Dish up smaller plates, have a glass of water before supper. have a smaller helping and don't touch anymore. It is better to throw it in the bin rather than eating it. Ladies I have helped many people keep there weight under control. It was so nice when I shed my 44 shirts to mediums, 42 trousers to 34. The people at work were very impressed, that's my motivation to feel and look good. BETTER than food. keep going, going and going.
    Have a routine only check the scale at the same time once a week. I lost from 110 Kgs to 76 Kgs in 17 weeks, you can all do it.
    • Pink2000

      It’s not always self inflicted...

    • You are ignorant. I had children and worked and took husband back and forth as well as kids. didn't have much time for it, but I did eat healthy. It took a divorce, walking all day every day and drinking nothi g but water and barely eating and I lost 100 lbs in 3 months. Not healthy at all. But I did it. And guess what gained half of it back. But I am eating right drinking water and I am losing again. Buf obesity is not self inflicted for all. If any. None of us want to be fat. Is that really the thought that we just look in the mirror and aren't Ashamed of the way we look? I promise u there r several of us who cry in the mirror, or dont look in it at all.

    • Pink2000

      @ashleyface09 I am one of them. I used to cry all the time because I was fat and I ended up losing weight the unhealthy way.

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  • Felinegirl
    I'm winning my battle with weight gain! I struggle to stay healthy because if I don't pay attention, I can get underweight. Right now I am proud to have gained 4 pounds in 2 months, I have a lot more energy and eating is becoming easier. I'm still very skinny and would like a bit more curves, but I'm improving which is what counts.
    • Oh and I do love my body. I'll love it even more when it's healthier and stronger, but I already feel attractive! I think that's the attitude you meant, right?

  • Luijo
    These are female figures, that up there is called obesity and not only women have this condition, people need to start taking control of their healthThe Feminine Figure
  • Thatsamazing
    "The media" gah. Whatever.

    The point is that we are all culpable. We all have a part to play in this disgusting myth that obesity is okay and attractive. "The media" are not wholly to blame here-- we all have Facebook pages don't we? We all have mouths with which to speak, don't we? We're all to blame. But yes your message is sound; belittling fat females for being fat usually isn't going to help them emotionally to encourage them... however, NOT doing that also isn't really doing much to help either, is it? If it was, obesity would be declining nationally now, no? There are no easy answers.
    I'm not a subscriber of being mean to people without cause-- however, I also refuse to lie about matters of physical attraction, and if a fat female asks online "am I attractive," my answer is "no," and if it's IRL, my answer is silence. Lying to fat females and telling them that they are attractive is not doing them or society any favors. But I also don't agree with actively telling them that if they don't ask for opinions.
    • But some women can be overweight and attractive, not obese but a woman with a few extra pounds that has an hourglass figure and decent waist to hip ratio can be attractive

    • @Thatsamazing 😂😂😂

  • Dali-chan
    I agree but the women in the photo look unhealthily obese.
    When I hear curvy fit girls I imagine this: The Feminine FigureThe Feminine Figure
    • Men like women who look like that don’t they?

  • Why do other people care so much?
    As if I see a fat person on the street, somehow that person has ruined my day or harmed me in some way.

    The real problem is that all these self entitled people out there keep acting like they give a damn.
    If said woman os happy in her skin, let her be.
    If she risk heart diesease, then let her risk it! Stop pretending like you give a damn when literally NOTHING they do affects your life in anyway!
  • sejla
    I believe that women should feel confident in themselves whatever size that they are. I, also, believe that people should know the maximum weight they should maintain for their height and body build and how really dangerous it is to go over that amount. I'm 58 and 120 pounds with joint pain. There are days I have a harder time moving my body. Any more weight and it would be very difficult.
  • Gottabsavagee
    Yeah it might not be healthy but everyone has a choice to either do something about it or not. Large amount of bigger people, are not fat because of eating too much, sometimes they are full of water, it’s a disease. They can’t do much about it, you know, unless medical treatments. Having people think it’s ugly to be that way, would totally destroy them. They are already self conscious, they aren’t happy with how they are but they accept it because it’s hard to change.
    • It is ugly to be that way. Like psoriasis. Or down syndrome. If you know somebody that's gotta kink for those things, they have an underlying mental disorder themselves.

    • Badballie

      There are water pills from your nearest doctor. My wife uses them at 62 to reduce water in her legs and still weighs the same as she did at 20.

  • David_Kek
    What you're calling "fat acceptance" is just called not being a dick.
    What everyone else is calling fat acceptance is to congratulant someone for killing themselves, and to redefine what they find attractive in the opposite sex using shame and accusations like misogyny.
  • updog45
    I agree, nobody needs to idolize fat people, either women or men. Such a weird thing to push acceptance for, as if there is no way to change it LOL I dont like hearing oh but my metabolism is slower than yours, meanwhile they down well over 6000 calories per day. Get off your fatazz and eat right!
  • FabianChang
    This is all in your head. "Feel comfortable" and "should not feel ashamed". Who are we to tell them how to feel? We can't. If they want to live in their world, let them. Until they find their "WHY", everything is unwanted noise to them.

    Let their body shut down, let them develop diabetes, and lose their ability stand up. Maybe they can find their WHY then.
  • October808
    My sister contracted Diabetes type 2 because she is obese. She lost half of her left foot to a diabetic infection. Total necrosis of her toes. She also developed ovarian and uterine cancer as well which thankfully she beat. She was a virgin, it didn't matter much. She did not live a healthy lifestyle. There is no positive side to being obese. You WILL pay in the end. Long story short my sister is now in physical therapy learning how to walk again and how to do things on her own. I've been her nurse for over a year. Get back to your BMI girls, you don't want a future full of regret.
    • Damn man. Sorry to hear that.

    • @Thatsamazing Thanks man. She got lucky that all they took was half of her left foot. Another day and she would have been dead from sepsis. She was on the brink of extinction.

    • @October808 glad she's okay

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  • The_White_Queen
    I agree. Being fat is unhealthy and fat acceptance is an enabler of unhealthy life choices. Can you imagine an organisation called heroin acceptances.
  • Reaperbot666
    I am fine with dating plus size ladies. so long as they have a good personality.

    to me curvy means your bust and/or hips are 6 or more inches wider them your waist line.
    • Badballie


    • @Badballie I have to eat little to nothing and workout 10+ hours a week. I don't like it but i do it to be fit and healthy. It sucks but it's needed and worth it. Anyone working out and eating right unless a few health conditions will not be heavy.

  • frostwalrus
    All fat people should be rounded up and sent against their will into state-mandated fat camps where they're forced to return to a healthy body weight. When released, they're on parole.
  • Bananaman177
    The Feminine Figure
  • genericname85
    i disagree with what you first said. i think you should be ashamed if you're fat. cause that's the mechanism by which you decide to change. i mean it's not like you can't help being fat. i know that. i've lost weight before.
    • obviously being fat you're worthless as a human being or something. it just means you're unhealthy and you should work on that.

    • *doesn't mean

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I just think the media overall has gone "full retard" now. Don't believe anything the media peddles-- if it semlls like propaganda, it almost definitely is, and rarely ever benefits the people it claims to benefit.
  • Ripper_E
    The first step is acceptance. A lot of women do not want to accept that fact, calling themselves thick or "curvy". No you are fat. Doesn't make you a bad person, but unless you accept that you are fat and need to work towards a healthier life, you are living a lie. To be fat is NOT healthy, regardless of what all those women say. It will catapult so many health problems. No woman should have live with judgment. Their weight is their business, but they need to handle their business and quit making excuses.
  • hahahmm
    Why should men give a f? Women don’t care about any issues affecting men. Feminists tell us that women shaped like coke cans & hippos are “beautiful” but we don’t have to agree.
  • Kit13
    All of your comments are offensive. I am I am only 165 lbs and 5 "11. with thyroid problems and fat parents. Do you think I am trying. I am in basketball. Tried out for volleyball. Run with my brother. These all made me cry. It made me feel bad. I have a great and positive personality. By saying those things you are all downing people like me and myself. It is not right. Yes, bystanders get to helping yourself. We love you even if your not ideal. some Skinny people are just fakes. They think just because they are skinny they get most of the attention. They do. Boys fall all over them. Same for Boys. It isn't right. Don't do that. It makes me sad that you are saying all these bad things about people like me. I am 5 . Don't do that. Please.
    • sparke328

      First off, I'm not trying to attack any woman; I am making a point that refers to modern ideas right now. My mother agrees with this; she is 5' 6' and over 200 lbs struggling with weight loss as well. I love her for who she is and not what she looks like. She has been on keto for over 3 years and has lost over 30 pounds with it. She has run several marathons and has done an Ironman, but still, she struggles. The point I'm trying to make id that fat acceptance should be about taking pride in your body as you are on your mission and journey to lose weight. It's hard, I know. I'm 150 pounds and 5' 6". I am 3 pounds away from being overweight even though I regularly do soccer and eat well. I should be 120-130 pounds but I'm not, and that's what I have to control daily. I know I am loved. Boys, at least at my school, look more into what a girl's personality is. I know a guy who is 6' 5" and he admits that he used to be really chubby but his growth spurt made him leaner. Whenever he sees me, he always wants to say hi and talk to me. I have been in over a year-long relationship which a guy who was 30 pounds lighter than me. I am not criticizing your weight. I am criticizing the idea of how fat acceptance is not about trying to improve a women's condition but just accepting it for being unhealthy in their state with their weight. Thank you for responding through.

    • Badballie

      EXCUSES EXCUSES STOP STUFFING YOUR SELF WITH CARBS GET REAL you can soon lose a lot of weight and be far happier. Your fat mother is a very poor role model. Find another.

    • sparke328

      @Badballie wow you just really don't understand life, do you?

  • OfDeath
    The women in that photo look comically fat. Like nutty professor level of fatness.
    • Actually, I'd say tragically fat. They don't look human anymore. Tiny heads on gigantically inflated bodies. It's disturbing. I'm not into shaming, but I can't believe any of them thinks they look great or are healthy.

  • Gedaria
    They may like the look, but to me it just comes across as not caring for your body. Been that size the stress it puts on the heart will be drastically shorting their lives...
  • stardust101
    What do you mean by “and more able to improve the health of all women around them?” That’s a lot of pressure! There comes a time in life where everyone is responsible for themselves. I’m a thin lady but I’m not thin to improve everyone else’s health around me, I’m thin because it’s my genetics. Listen, you can’t change anybody. If fat people want to lose weight then they will and most fat people have underlying emotional issues that perhaps is too deep for them to dig into? They need a support system and it isn’t always easy. Show some compassion, I’m sick of people making fun of fat people or shaming them because they make YOU uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure fat people know they’re unhealthy, but maybe they don’t want to lose weight.
    • Badballie

      OBESE IS OBESE, or check in the dictionary, self-inflicted, no one holds a gun to their heads and forces them to eat carbs.

  • Xoirwinkan
    Not only are fat people not nice to look at, they aren't doing their own health any favours.
    • empressK1

      I hope your opinion gets you far in life 🤷🏽‍♀️ it really won't but hey hope for the best right

    • @empressK1 None of what I said is untrue.

    • Gotta say, I don't understand why this reply has so many down votes

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  • Pandagurl_88
    It might sound clique but everyone needs to love themselves for how they are.
  • CheyenneBae
    While overweight women are, just as any other woman, beautiful, the picture you show isn’t of only ‘overweight’ or ‘fat’ women, these women are obese to the point where it could become a medical problem.
  • MzAsh
    I agree with you but some people really aren’t into losing weight whatsoever. And that’s their choice and we shouldn’t force them to live otherwise.
  • AngelBritney
    I think any women or man should think about their weight and inform themselves if their weight is healthy or not. That's what matters most.
  • apple24
    As a fat girl myself. I never want be that big. I am sorry. )-: I know I’ll never be skinny but I already have trouble walking imagine if I was 300-400lbs
  • GermanGuy87
    all three look fuckin awful but I'm sure they're really nice and high spirited ladies
  • Skadouchebag
    If you want to improve your body shape, then you aren't accepting of it. (for the record, it is good to be unaccepting of an unhealthy body shape)
  • Tanisha69
    Heart attacks and other health problems don't care about your body positivity. They'll kill you anyway.
  • leslieberry
    Finally someone who says it, yes I totally agree, specially when it’s good for their health
  • DanOh2018
    Some people are just fat, like some are tall or short, shouldn't really be an acceptance thing. That said some exercise is better than none.
  • Prettysammie
    Maybe just stop being assholes? Let women be fat, skinny, tall, short, busty or flat. Value them for who they are and not how “beautiful” they are.

    All these people saying it’s unhealthy, like you give a crap about some random strangers health. You’re just using that to be a self righteous dick. People weren’t commenting on my boobs because they were afraid Id have back problems or making fun of me for being short because they worried I couldn’t reach the top shelf.

    I’m a woman and my value shouldn’t be wrapped up in how pretty or fuckable someone else finds me.
    • Malik00

      Never say that unless you're willing to date an ugly overweight man, something tells me you wouldn't

    • @Malik00 There is a huge difference between being attracted to someone and being rude and abusive to someone.

  • bannacookies
    But being overweight is unhealthy.
    (And not very "Feminine" looking either.)
  • CubsterShura
    So... What's the point about feminine figure on this myTake? What a misleading title.
  • jamesnewman
    I'm one of those weirdos into bigger women whatever I don't give a shit, but most I've known and fucked have been hard working, soulful women.
  • Livinthedream665
    I totally agree. I have seen that image of what they say a woman should be really hurt some women in my life.
  • JesseJayNeak
    A few pounds will cause no harm, but a hundred pounds or more would be a problem
  • yourfavperson
    another day, another post ridiculing womens ability to make life choices
  • empressK1
  • snehilpa
    Until unless you are comfortable with it you would never think about losing weight.
  • SueAnon84
    Wow well said!
  • BeHappy1985
    Nah, shaming is awesome. Start running fatties!
    • Well shaming has always been a method of societal control over accepted norms.

  • Wowgirl30q
    Diabetes isn't cool or okay
    • Why don't they just work out and have a meal plan? I don't understand it's preventable problem.

  • MarkellaScorpio01
    I agree.
  • Anonymous
    Funny how often women talk about acceptance but universally hate bigger men... a 300lb woman will think a 240lb man with a belly is disgusting