Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion


Some simple and easy tips to follow to help you choose the right outfit.

Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion

Sometimes when we feel like dressing up it can be difficult to choose the perfect outfit and by the time we do actually find something worth wearing the cupboard is a mess or there are clothes strewn everywhere. Here are some easy and simple tips to help you choose the right outfit.

Balance your proportions!

We all want to show off that great asset we have but sometimes it can be difficult because the clothes aren't matching. You have to even out the visual proportions. If you are top heavy then wear something loose at the bottom like a nice pair of flared jeans or a flowy skirt, avoid clothes that are too tight and vice versa. There is also a thing of distracting, if you don't want a certain area to be noticed then wear something forgettable around that area and draw attention to something else with bold or bright colours.

Ladies, the right bra will make you look slimmer, sagging creates the illusion of being hunched over and just makes you look uncomfortable, the right bra allows helps to elongate the silhouette which gives you that sense of confidence, better looking posture and does create a slimming effect so make sure you bra fits!

Learn to match your colours, have a look at the colour wheel and see which colours go well together. Don't try to match everything you wear, there should be no thoughts of " blue top and a blue jeans", colour is everything, stat learning to use it! Don't be afraid to play around with it.

Be careful about how much skin you show!

There can be a big difference between looking classy and trashy. If you want to show more cleavage then show less of something else, you don't need to show legs, arms, and breasts, leave your partner guessing about what is underneath!

Mix prints and patterns

This works well when the colours are similar and or the background shade is similar. Polka dots and stripes or something floral often go well together, but remember that the outfit can become too busy so you have to finish it off with something nude and solid. When going for stripes, keep in mind that horizontal stripes create the illusion of width so if you want to look a bit bigger, go for this. Vertical stripes create the illusion of length, so if you are looking for a slimmer lengthier look go with vertical lines.

Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!

This is meant to accentuate your features so be careful not too over accessories. Tops that put your collarbone on display pairs really well with choker necklaces. Turtle necks pair well with a medium length necklace. If your top is patterned avoid accessorizing that area too much, rather go for the ears and or hands.

Find your signature style

Find the one thing from fashion that fits you, for example, if you're a jacket fanatic that is you signature, learn to work well with your signature and figure out how to be pair it it well with various items in your closet!

Tips: black makes you look slimmer and white makes you look bigger. Be careful about wearing black on hot days as it attracts the light while white reflects it, try for lighter and brighter colours, like a blue or grey jeans.

Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion
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