Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

Feel free to be as honest as possible (like I have to tell you that anyways). I like most of these and wear them all the time.

1. The obvious classic milk braids from "Lolita"
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

2. Double buns or space buns

Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

3. Braid loops or whatever you call em'

Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

4. Pigtails (braids or no braids)

Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

5. Half ups (my favorite)

Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)

Ok that's all and I'm sure I missed a few. Basically just braids and dainty shit, curls etc.

Love, lanadelrey25

Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • amysantiago
    I really like the space bun hairstyles they look so cute and High Ponytail hairstyle basically I add more length and volume to my hair using Indique Virgin Hair Extensions and these hairstyles look absolutely perfect. I always prefer to try a new hairstyle and I give the least attention to what others have to say. If that makes me look cute and it's look great with my outfit then I don't care about others.
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  • LovingLover
    Cute. I am curious which lolita you observed. Book, movie, which year?
    It was quite an interesting film.

    I use those hairstyle for sleep and would not meet strangers with them.. except whom I would like to tone down my appeal with such as my fi fi and that one crushing. Incoherent perhaps.
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    • Half up is best a mon avoi too and would wear out

    • I've only watched the 1997 or 96 whichever it was lol. But I plan on reading the book and watching the original stanley kubrick film as well

Most Helpful Guys

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing with us, well written and cute ass pictures you got lot of old men getting hot hahaha!! Jk jk jk jk !!
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  • SjE78
    actually they look cute i like them... ignore anyone with a closed mind
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  • Sapioit
    1. Short hair or short-looking hair most often doesn't look good on a girl, regardless of what feminists might tell you. Exceptions do apply, of course.

    2. Badly done hair looks uglier regardless of the length. The first image from the pigtails stands as proof of that.

    3. Half-ups or releasing the hair completely is most often enough to look great.
  • Little_Princesa
    Nymphet Hairstyles (or just girly)Woooow she has gorgeous hair.. How to have hair like that?
  • gandolph3
    just girly

    why did you change your profile pic, you are attractive
  • itsjustlew
    I love these and I want to try some of them, thank you so much love!
  • IronmanT
    I think they are all beautiful. I don't classify as anything but a style you like. I think they are just fun and flirty. That in itself is a turnon in my book.
  • Jjpayne
    I like halfups the best from what you have shown but it can be really cute if a girl puts her hair in buns while she is chilling
  • msc545
    Kind of horrible. Makes them all look like children - not good.
  • kemo56
    I like them all but I would agree that the the half ups is the best are the prettiest
    Half ups makes a girl look like a princess <3 Its probably my favorite as well.
  • crmoore
    I like the half-up the best, but the braid loop is pretty cute, too.
  • Rocco7070
    Where can I find me a nymphet? Not the plastic ones, the real 5,00 ones.
  • DWornock
    If a girl is pretty she is pretty regardless of her hairstyle unless it is too short.
  • FearlessGoat
    Ok note to self when i have a daughter never give her these hairstyles
  • GothRose2
    They're all too girly for my tastes, no thanks
  • menina
    #2 and #5 are definitely my favorites!
  • Guardian45
    1 Lolita, 5 Half-Ups, 6 AG ponytail
  • Just girly styles
    I love braids on girls. 💓💓
  • swettannie
    i love the pigtail and i love braid in general
  • bananathunder
    Double buns on top 🔥🔥🔥
  • andy530
    Love them!
  • jonBurchess
    I find classic milk braids hot for me
  • flashgrandad
    Prefer pigtails personally.
  • Nicholas1326
    I guess the half-up excent Grande's.
  • jjj101010
    They r all nice. Can’t pick between them