Note to women on body postivity

The fact that women are in all shapes and sizes and are uniquely designed in accordance to their genetics, but often they underappreciate themselves just too look in a certain way as it is portrayed in the social media. Apparently, that leads to self-loathing and comparison which gradually deteriorates their mental health.

There are some days where I do feel "ugly" and wished my body looked somewhat proportioned (I am a petite pear shaped) so most of the "fat" is distributed on my thighs and posterior which results in cellulite.
Based on my research, Cellulite is not a medical issue; it’s purely cosmetic, affecting 80-90% of woman. So its not fat, its actually a puckered appearance of skin, when fatty tissue pushes through the fibrous bands, called septae, that connect skin to muscle.
These bands pull down and tether the skin, and that’s what leads to the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Most women develop this after puberty, no matter how much (or how little) weight they carry or how toned their muscles are.
So, it can occur in adult women at any age, race or BMI

No one is perfect
No one is perfect

I'm neither overweight nor underweight, it's just the clouds of thoughts in my mind that soon steams in negativity that makes me feel I'm not enough. I reckon, many women could relate to this, that at times we look in the mirror and focus on our flaws instead of our beauty or the features which we are often complimented by people. One thing I have realized is when I nitpick too much on my insecurities I tend to give a lot of importance to my flaws that makes me neglect the good points of myself.

Ideally, the best form of self love is by taking care of your body. The key to that is by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. To make it simplier, identifying your body type and working out accordingly, which is my opinion is the best approach.

Note to women on body postivity

Having said that, it's pretty common to be insecure to a certain extent. However, if it goes out of hand when someone is not being able to control negative thoughts and tend to look for an insatiable amount of validation. Despite that, not believing people who tell them that they look fine and which in return impacts their productively. In that case, it's body imagine disorder - Body Dysmphic Disorder (BDD) which pretty common in today's day and age.

Note to women on body postivity

As human beings we are not perfect and we really can't be perfect. Flaws are inevitable. But when one gives a lot of emphasise on that, seeking for help is best option. It doesn't really makes you feel weaker or discriminated, in reality its actually a favour to yourself in order to live in contentment with your body.

In conclusion, no one is flawless each one of us have our own sets of insecurities it could be in the form of looks and personality, but the fact is this variation makes us distinctive. The world would be such a boring place if everyone had the “perfect” looks and personality. Hence, flaws makes us stand out from the crowd. And it is Beautiful.

Here's a message to everyone who is reading this :You are Amazing they way you are. Remember your flaws are BEAUTIFUL :)

Thank you for reading.

Note to women on body postivity
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  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I still don't understand why we even have body filters for our phones. Especially people post those to instagram, snapchat, tik tok, etc. I kind of believe they should stay away from those types of filters. Only things I accept are those one goofy ones, cause why not be a bit silly sometimes? Or the ones that add a small tint/color to the whole photo overall. My 3DS even has several things for picture taking, but most of those are just silly and fun (noises for click, tints, sparkles, bubbles, hearts, etc.).
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Most Helpful Guy

  • thedevilsrip
    I mean hell any way I look at it if I like someone and think they're sexy as hell and they have a perfect body even if they think that maybe it's not what they want I just want women to realize how sexy they are sometimes change is needed especially with men but it's not wrong to change
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  • iambae
    The cure for this is 1 thing women can do on their own. Simply stop watching, tv, movies, music videos and get off social media. Once this is done they will start to feel positive about themselves.
  • Deku2009
    Absolutely true , it’s more on her personality then her body even if she has , big thighs, big butt , flat butt, small boobs, or big boobs. As long as long as I get along with her and she gets along with me , I won’t be picky on her body.
  • Citizenkirk
    I could never be confused with Fabio, though at a distance, maybe Mathieu Meconahay, if I were more diligent on my sit ups amd pushups, maybe. Given the amount of positive feedback I've received on my tushy and reproductive equipment by female friends and coworkers who have no incentive that I am aware of, too tell white lies upon seeing me bare. I believe that most regular, well adjusted Joe's and Jane's will like what they see when looking at you clothed or unclothed, and anyone who is too quick too point out flaws or shortcomings are probably not being honest or sincere.
  • SirRexington
    that picture said endomorph twice by the way. Just to let you know.

    One of the hypocritical things about body positivity is that 1: it's rarely for men. We are often yelled at for suggesting we have a spot in the light. It's claimed we are men yet again stealing it away from women... 2: these women are typically sex positive as well and claim that they "don't need no man" yet then turn around and get mad at men who don't find them attractive. 3: they aren't very body positive because women will get shamed for wearing more modest clothing or just like Adele, get triggered that a woman put time and effort into getting into shape.
  • Reaperbot666
    • personally I don't a strong preference when it comes to things like the a girls height, weight, skin color, ethnic group. or the size of her butt, hips, bust, waist, etc.
    • having an enjoyable personality and attitude matter the most.
    • because so long as she is 100% natural, generally healthy and likes how she looks in the mirror. I find a wide range of female forms attractive.
    • since people can always naturally make changes to their own body over time.
    • with some changes to their own diet and/or exercise routine. in order to reshape their body from the neckline down to some degree.
  • Jamie05rhs
    Great MyTake! I agree with everything you said. (And you look great, by the way!)
  • mrgspoter
    Yeah that's so true, healthy is key though
  • Dancing_Dude
    ? I give up!!!
  • Anonymous

    Women are better and aesthetic than men
    • Vero4567

      Well, I don't think so. Both genders are fine in their own way, it's a matter of how they perceive themselves. And men deal with insecurities as well.

    • Anonymous

      Men are uglier